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Plan To Fund Pre-K Via Smokers Tax Isn’t Viable

From the Daily Caller:

Obama’s plan to fund pre-K will run itself out of money

By Robby Soave | August 26, 2013

President Barack Obama, astutely aware that people like kids and don’t like smokers, wants to fund his universal preschool programs through increased tobacco taxes. The only problem? People don’t smoke enough to keep the program running.

The president’s preferred policy — which he has touted in numerous speeches this year — would support existing early education in the 50 states as well as establishing news ones modeled after the federal Head Start program. The policy costs about $80 billion over the next 10 years, and would theoretically be paid for via a 98 percent increase on tobacco taxes.

But after the first ten years, tobacco taxes will no longer generate enough revenue to pay universal pre-K’s annual $8 billion price tag, experts estimate.

Not to mention the fact that the heavy penalties for smoking built into Obama-Care will force even more of these hero smokers to have to give up trying the help the children.

The issue is that U.S. smoking rates have steadily declined over the last 50 years–making tobacco taxes an unsustainable funding source for the president’s pet programs, according to Scott Drenkard, a research fellow at the Tax Foundation’s Center for State Tax Policy.

“Outside the ten year window, its predicted the revenue source will be much smaller than what the spending needs to be to keep this program running,” said Drenkard in an interview with The Daily Caller News Foundation. “In a general sense, this is a budget trick.”

It’s really more of a ‘bait and switch’ trick.

So far, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives has balked at raising taxes to pay for universal pre-K programs, which have not generally been shown to yield academic and social gains for enrolled students in the long run…

That’s only because we haven’t spent enough on them yet.

But even if the president did get his way, there wouldn’t be enough money to pay for the program in the none-too-distant future.

When that happens, the states would have to shoulder the burden, or cut the programs — and cutting programs is a hard sell once they are up and running, said Drenkard.

“It will have a constituency and you can’t think of a more sympathetic constituency in this case than pre-K students,” he said. “You are taking the position that cigarettes are bad and children are good.” …

It’s almost as if Obama doesn’t really care if his universal pre-school program runs out of money. He knows that once it gets going it will have constituency who will demand that it is funded some other way.

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7 Responses to “Plan To Fund Pre-K Via Smokers Tax Isn’t Viable”

  1. captstubby says:

    this September 4 will mark the seven year anniversary of my quitting cigarettes.

    i started when i was out of school,

    and should have known better,but its what you did back then.
    over 30 years of Lucky Strikes (non filter).

    very few ever try ed to bum more than one.

    besides the logical reason for quiting, the Cigarette Nazis made it almost mandatory.
    no patchs or gum,
    just will power.
    well almost.
    if it wasn’t for the Wild Turkey…

    • JohnMG says:

      October, 1977, I put down the Camels (me too, no filters, pack-and-a-half a day) cold turkey, on a bet. When I think how much I’ve saved since then I only wish I’d done one other thing–kept taking that money and put it in a savings account. My retirement would be a lot more secure now than it currently is.

      As for Obama’s plan? No thanks! The indoctro-Nazis do enough damage as is without handing over those young minds at pre-school age, not to mention having another established program which just HAS to be funded because it’s for the children, dontcha know.

  2. captstubby says:

    JohnMG , now that’s a role model , not earth shattering, just a man testing himself and overcoming it.
    cigarettes are the only “addiction” that the liberals consider EVIL.
    all the others, coke, booze, prescription meds etc.
    are “victims” to the dependency.
    one thing though,
    you should have kept buying them and sell them at today’s prices.
    now that would be an investment.
    i miss the cigars.
    peace brother.

  3. xdannyh says:

    I’m pretty fuzzy on this, but I thought there was some kind of restriction on targeted taxes on products or people for a special purpose, as opposed to general theft (opps I guess I should say taxes) that would go to the general good. If not we are in for a rude awakening via income re-distribution by this method. If you buy into taxing one man’s evil habits it won’t belong before you’ll end up paying the piper for whatever habit you have or don’t have, kinda like obummer care. Oh Oh The light bulb just switched on…. So I guess we’re already there.

  4. Noyzmakr says:

    “…..which have not generally been shown to yield academic and social gains for enrolled students in the long run….”

    Not to worry. Nerobama doesn’t want to educate them. He wants to indoctrinate them. We can’t have that pesky 40% thinking for themselves now.

    On the smoking frontier: after Nerobama won in 2008 and Bev Perdue became Govenor of NC that same year they both raised taxes on cigarettes. A carton of smokes went up $12 overnight. I started rolling my own. Mostly non-filtered.

    I quit cold turkey November 7, 2012, right after the election, after 36 years at 2 packs a day and when I drank, which was nearly everday, 3.5 packs a day. Five months earlier I had quit drinking after 36 years, cold turkey with no AA or any such support. Just me, the LORD and sheer will.

    I lost 40 lbs when I quit drinking and gained 50 lbs when I quit smoking….(sigh) Saving lots of money though. ;-)

    • captstubby says:

      an interesting profile is emerging from this little support group we have gathered here.

      diverse backgrounds and life experiences shape our life,

      but the results of shared values and ethics would not surprise anyone.

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