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Terrorist’s Banker Dad Warned Authories

From allAfrica.com:

Umaru Mutallab’s Son Identified As Delta Airline Attempted Bomber

Yusuph Olaniyonu

26 December 2009

Lagos — The young man, who yesterday night attempted to ignite an explosive device aboard a Delta Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Detroit, Michigan in the United States has been identified as Abdul Farouk Umar Abdulmutallab, the 23-year-old son of Alhaji Umaru Mutallab, former First Bank chairman. Mutallab, a former minister and prominent banker recently retired from the bank’s board.

The older Mutallab, as at the time of filing this report, had just left his Katsina hometown for Abuja to speak with security agencies, family sources say. According to the family members, Mutallab has been uncomfortable with the boy’s extreme religious views and had six months ago reported his activities to United States’ Embassy, Abuja and Nigerian security agencies.

The older Mutallab was said to be devastated on hearing the news of Abdul Farouk’s attempted bombing arrest. A source close to him said he was surprised that after his reports to the US authorities, the young man was allowed to travel to the United States.

The family home of the Mutallabs in Central London, is currently being searched by men of the Metropolitan Police.

THISDAY checks reveal that the suspect, Abdulfarouk Umar Muttalab who is an engineering student at the University College, London had been noted for his extreme views on religion since his secondary school days at the British International School, Lome, Togo.

At the secondary school, he was known for preaching about Islam to his schoolmates and he was popularly called "Alfa", a local coinage for Islamic scholar. After his secondary school, the young man, family sources said went to University College London to study engineering and later relocated to Egypt, and then Dubai. While in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, he declared to his family members that he did not want to have anything to do with any of them again.

His father, Muttalab is a regular visitor to the US where he visits for medical check up and holidays. He is expected to issue a statement later today.

Muttalab is married to an Arab of Yemeni-descent. However, THISDAY could not confirm at the time of filing this report if the woman is the mother of the young man now receiving treatment in Ann Harbor Hospital, Detroit, for burns suffered while he was trying to detonate the explosive device in the plane…

Abdulmutallab, according to sources, flew into Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport on a KLM flight from Lagos and is not believed to be on any "no fly" list. This is despite his name appearing in a US database of people with suspect connections…

Once again, Mr. Muttalab’s background puts the lie to Mr. Obama’s and the rest of the left’s claims that terrorists become terrorists because of poverty and lack of opportunity.

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5 Responses to “Terrorist’s Banker Dad Warned Authories”

  1. Howard Roark says:

    Once again, Mr. Muttalab’s background puts the lie to Mr. Obama’s and the rest of the left’s claims that terrorists become terrorists because of poverty and lack of opportunity.

    So true, indeed. Only the dangerously uninformed will continue to view the millenium-old Jihadist mission as simply a modern byproduct of Western greed, excess, and ethnocentrism.

    That is, not only the dangerously uninformed (such as the 50% of Americans who never vote or read the news), but the informed, as well. At least the vapid audience of American Idol has the excuse of ignorance for their lack of care. For Barry and the rest of the apparatchik in our White House and college campuses, a combination of cowardice, hatred, and ambition explains their relentless drive to blind our eyes from the truth of what attacks us.

  2. jobeth says:

    I Wonder how fast Obalmy puts the clamp on info on this guy like he did on the Ft Hood shooting.

    How friendly does this WH have to be with muslims and terriorists before people wake up that he IS friendly with the muslim cause.


  3. Right of the People says:

    Obviously he didn’t get hugged enough as a kid. I think maybe we need to send a SEAL or Delta team to find this Inman in Yeman and make him disappear, two incidents in as many months is two too many.

  4. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Perhaps it’s due to the unrelenting abuse he got as a university student, or maybe he’s the victim of some as-yet undiagnosed trauma and doctors will have to work diligently to figure out its true cause.

    Or, maybe he just hates the West and westerners and is a product of the brainwashing that is so rife in the communities of his homeland.


  5. Chuckk says:

    If it wasn’t poverty that caused the attack, it must be the result of U.S. policies. Maybe another apology tour is in order.

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