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Post Office Wants To End Saturday Delivery

From an approving Associated Press:

Postal Service’s Emerging Model: Never on Saturday

March 2, 2010

WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. Postal Service is increasing the pressure for dropping Saturday home delivery as it seeks to fend off massive financial losses.

Postmaster General John Potter, who has a speech set for later Tuesday on the future of his agency, will also raise the likelihood of higher postage rates.

The agency was $297 million in the red in period from October through December, usually its best season because of holiday mailings.

The post office’s problems stem from a sharp decline in the number of items mailed, resulting from the recession and the movement of things like bills and bill-paying to electronic communications.

Last year the agency handled 177 billion items, down from 213 billion in 2006 — and there is little likelihood of an increase in the future.

The Postal Service has previously proposed eliminating delivery six days a week, but got a cold reception in Congress. The renewed effort comes with a series of consultant reports supporting that idea, as well as changes in the work force and the number of offices…

What a cute headline.

Funny how the article doesn’t mention whether now with only a five day work week will any employees be let go or have their salaries reduced?

If not, exactly where are the savings?

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14 Responses to “Post Office Wants To End Saturday Delivery”

  1. curvyred says:

    I think it is a good idea, however as you have pointed out, if they do not reduce staffing and cut costs in addition to no Saturday service, where is the savings?

    • Rusty Shackleford says:


      Other than cost of fuel and maintenance on vehicles, if everyone is still on salary, then…well….do even the hourly rate employees keep their pay or do they take a hit?

      One of the biggest costs in any outfit is pay. So, I wonder if the APWU has worked a deal or if they are going to keep their pay and entitlements as they are. I suspect so. Therefore, little to no savings. Then, there will be a small paradigm shift while people get used to not sending mail on weekends, often the time when they get all their bills in mail. Also, FedEx and UPS will pick up the slack, I’m sure. It’ll be good for them.

      Nature detests a vacuum.

    • canary says:

      Rusty I saw on FOX the postal service says they’ll save 3.2 billion a year, which is a bit of a joke. That won’t even cover the hefty bonus’s managers get.

  2. proreason says:

    Every beaurocracy’s priority list:

    1. Their jobs
    2. Their vacations
    3. Their benefits
    4. Their salaries
    5. Expanding their empires
    6. Spending every dime that is allocated
    7. Covering their butts for screw-ups
    8. Getting more funding
    9. Justfying the funding they already get
    10. The customer

  3. Chuckk says:

    The Post Office is a relic from the 1700s. It is unnecessary and should be shut down completely. I lived a year in China. There is almost no mail there. Everything seems to work well. Packages are delivered by private carriers.

    That said, I wonder how much less the payroll will be after Saturday service is eliminated. Can you say $0.00?

    • TwilightZoned says:

      “Packages are delivered by private carriers.”

      Why not shut down the PO and use private carriers? Postal workers who meet private carriers standards would be hired and/or retrained. Those that don’t…get re-educated or trained. That’s what the rest of us poor jobless slobs do. The PO has become another failed welfare program IMHO.

    • JohnMG says:

      Actually, once all the early retirement incentives were offered, and the severance packages funded, the first year or so would still require a postal rate hike and truncated service. So it would still be a losing proposition.

      Here is a perfect example of a quasi-governmental entity that is serviced by a union, and which has manipulated the market through monopoly.

      Does anyone wonder why our government is trying so hard to regulate the internet. The fix is already creeping in to every aspect of the cell-phone industry. Take a look at your cell phone bill and see just how many seemingly innocuous little taxes are levied there. Now, imagine a tax for every e-mail sent from a pc, or for every on-line business transaction, not to mention pay-on-line activities.

      Any thinking person will keep the bastards at arm’s length. Once the first instance of sur-charging is codified into law, nothing will stem the tide. It seems only a matter of time.

      We are totally screwed!

  4. noonespecial says:

    If you are going to cut a day from delivering the mail, why not cut out Monday? It seems that most Federal Holidays are on Monday and there is no mail then anyways.

  5. Liberals Demise says:

    Been to a post office lately?
    Every face (6 windows-2 workers) behind that counter is unsmiling.

    Hence………………….. “Going Postal”
    It’s ugly and not for the faint of heart.

    • jobeth says:

      That’s true 99% of the time. Somehow my little post office didn’t read that part of the postal handbook.

      They are actually pleasant. Hard to believe.

      I even commented on it one day, on how courteous they are. They nearly all smile and greet you as you walk up to their station.

      She told me they enjoyed working at that post office.

      Perhaps I shouldn’t mention which P.O. it is though…I’m sure HQ would race down there stop that nonsense in a flash.

  6. Mister C says:

    Eliminate subsidized “junk mail” (the postal service’s homage to telemarketing), and we could pay them for only three days a week without any loss of service.

  7. canary says:

    It’s the same threatening propaganda for decades the USPS uses before they go up on postage. The USPS is a quasi federal agency under the executive branch, and Obama has the final say and has already said he won’t cut the
    6 day week. President Bush already did a lot of reform to help to the postal service out, but I noticed the minute Obama started his bail-outs, the USPS & unions jumped on the band wagon.
    The postal service may dwindle down, but there still must be a exclusive safe way to deliver mail, as the idea of allowing any private agency or business to
    have access to you mail box, would lead to theft, and with muslim terrorists, pedafiles, block to block organizers like ACORN nuts, on the rise, I want to know whose walking on my porch or sticking their hand in my box. I figure some neighborhoods are lucky to even get mail with the gang problems. I don’t know why they don’t let the mail men carry guns in dangerous neighborhoods.

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