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Police Arrest ‘Occupy Oakland’ Protesters

From an incensed San Francisco Chronicle:

Cops arrest Occupy Oakland protesters

Demian Bulwa [sic], Henry K. Lee, Chronicle Staff Writers
Tuesday, October 25, 2011

OAKLAND — Oakland police arrested dozens of people at a plaza outside City Hall and at a second, smaller camp nearby early this morning, two weeks after the protesters launched their efforts as part of the Occupy Wall Street movement against corporate greed and economic inequality.

At about 4:57 a.m., officers began making arrests and removing tents and makeshift shelters at the Occupy Oakland protest at Frank Ogawa Plaza near 14th Street and Broadway. By 5:05 a.m., the bulk of the arrests had been completed, and arrestees were led away in plastic handcuffs…

So the arrests took less than ten minutes? That must have been some crowd of protesters. (Maybe most of them had snuck off home during the night, as seems to be their wont.)

At 6:15 a.m., police then arrested at least six protesters at a smaller encampment at Snow Park at 19th and Harrison streets near Lake Merritt. One man went limp, but those arrests also happened quickly and without incident amid cries of protest by onlookers yelling, "Cops! Pigs! Murderers!"

Gee, just like Oakland’s glory days, when it was the birthplace of the Black Panther movement.

It appeared that most of the arrests outside City Hall took place without incident. But one man was shown on television actively resisting by kicking his legs and yelling. Two officers calmly escorted him away. An officer fired a non-lethal projectile from a shotgun at a protester who had lobbed a bottle, authorities said.

If these things has happened at a Tea Party demonstration would the news media describe them as "without incident"?

Protesters said the police action did not mean that Occupy Oakland was over. Some said they would return to the plaza. At 6:40 a.m., however, police began erecting metal barricades around the plaza…


The police action there began at 4:45 a.m. and involved hundreds of officers from at least 10 law-enforcement agencies, including the California Highway Patrol, the Alameda County sheriff’s office and various East Bay police departments. Squads of officers had assembled at the Oakland Coliseum before traveling in convoys downtown.

Who is going to pay for all of this manpower and overtime?

Officers in riot helmets began arriving in force and formed a line in the street adjacent to the plaza while motorcycle officers shut down the street. Some protesters began shouting, "Cops, go home!" Protesters pulled a Dumpster into the middle of the intersection, and officers quickly pushed it to the side of the road.

At 4:40 a.m., an officer used a public-address system to warn protesters that they would be making arrests if they did not leave the plaza.

"Attention all persons in Frank Ogawa Plaza. It has been determined you are illegally blocking Frank Ogawa Plaza and are the subject to arrest," said the officer, who ordered protesters to remove their belongings, secure their dogs and exit toward Telegraph Avenue. "Those remaining in the park will be arrested," he said…

In fact, the protesters were given an ultimatum (a notice to vacate) by the Oakland police back on October 20th.

At 4:50 a.m., some loud bangs were heard after officers lobbed "flash-bang" grenades, and smoke rose into the air. After a protester apparently released a smoke bomb, officers began putting on gas masks. A police helicopter flew overhead with its spotlight on…

Officials initially waived city laws that ban camping and allowed the occupation of the plaza. But since Thursday, the city has issued of series of orders for protesters to vacate the area, citing concerns about fire hazards, sanitation issues, graffiti, drug use and violence.

What a testimony to these idealistic protesters.

Officials said protesters had plugged power cords into city utility poles and had denied access to emergency responders who needed to get into the plaza. The city was also alarmed by the activists’ decision to try to police themselves with a volunteer security team.

Protesters had vowed to resist eviction and protect an encampment of about 150 tents, where pathways made of wooden pallets connected a kitchen, a garden, a medical station and an area for children to play.

It sounds like heaven – hippy heaven.

For more than an hour before the police moved in, several hundred people appeared ready to defend the camp, placing Dumpsters, boards, pallets and even metal police-style barricades around the plaza as blockades.

After the mass arrests, protesters vowed to return.

Again, these "mass arrests" were done in less than ten minutes.

Gabe Meyers, a protester who had been camping at the plaza but was not arrested this morning, said, "People are going to keep coming back. What are they going to do, send cops in every night and waste taxpayer dollars?"

Meyers added, "The cops are the 99 percent, but they’re doing the work of the 1 percent. Wall Street is proud of them every time they clear out an encampment."

You will be shocked to learn that Mr. Meyers appears to be a fairly famous fulltime professional ‘anarchist’ protester. Funny how the Chronicle doesn’t bother to mention that.

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3 Responses to “Police Arrest ‘Occupy Oakland’ Protesters”

  1. DW says:

    Here are some photos of the encampment and commentary by somebody calling him(or her)self “Zombie” at PJ Media.

    Of particular interest (I thought) is a photo of a security type wearing a beret with (what the author says is) a Black Panthers button on it.


    • JohnMG says:

      Arrests? Oakland? By the Oakland Pollice?

      Half of them are as queer as their SF counterparts, and just as looney to boot. Kindred spirits, as it were, who don’t even like each other. I consider it a badge of honor they wouldn’t like me.

      One thing these protests all seem to have in common, regardless where they gather, is that, a) they unlawfully occupy public property in defiance of established laws and ordinances, b) they soon create and live in squalor, and, c) they leave these conditions for others to rectify. They are quite like the vermin their deletria invites. Such human garbage deserves to ferment in their own juices, held captive by a huge, impenetrable fence, and deprived of the capitalistic niceties which they protest, but which they are loathe to abandon.

    • sticks says:

      Good post DW, I see a nice friendly mix of Muslims, Black Panthers, Homosexuals, Anarchists, Marxists and lawless people of all stripes most of them useful idiots untill the revolution is accomplished then they will be dealt with. Either they will be given bread and circuses, or they will come under the iron boot depending who has power (just ask the Brown Shirts)

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