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Officer Investigated For Slur Against Rep Ellison

From those defenders of the faith at the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

Cop accused of slur against Rep. Ellison

A veteran Minneapolis lieutenant denies implying that the Fifth District DFLer is a terrorist, but the chief already has apologized.

By David Chanen and Terry Collins, Star Tribune

March 01, 2007 – 9:43 PM

A Minneapolis police lieutenant faces an internal investigation into recent comments that fellow officers say implied that U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison is a terrorist.

The comments allegedly were made during a required police ethics training class this week by Lt. Bob Kroll, according to Mayor R.T. Rybak. In a highly unusual move, Chief Tim Dolan sent an e-mail to all employees saying the comments were unacceptable and unflattering to the department. Dolan also issued a public apology to Ellison, a Democrat from Minneapolis and the first Muslim elected to Congress.

Kroll, an officer with Minneapolis for 18 years and vice president of the Police Federation, denied Thursday that he called Ellison a terrorist or that he even mentioned him by name during the class. Kroll will remain on duty during the internal investigation.

He said he’d be “a little smarter than that” — than to make such comments with his boss and the deputy chief of professional standards in the room.

Rybak said the comments are “shockingly ignorant” if it’s true Kroll made them…

The exact comments that Kroll made while participating in the class were not spelled out by Dolan or Rybak. But two officers present at Tuesday’s ethics training class, who spoke on condition that they not be named, said Kroll made a remark about “being at war with Islamic terrorists” and that “one was elected to Congress.” When an officer angered by the comment asked if he was calling Ellison a terrorist, Kroll said, “He’s Islamic and we are at war with the Islamic,” the two officers said.

In his e-mail, Dolan also wrote that Kroll questioned the ethics of any city that would hire a city coordinator convicted of a misdemeanor crime. Kroll said he made a statement about Rybak’s appointments but never mentioned a specific position. City Coordinator Steven Bosacker, who had a misdemeanor conviction of indecent conduct in 2000, declined to comment.

Said Kroll: “I think the chief has been given an inaccurate account. When the investigation is over, I’ll be cleared of any wrongdoing.”

Rybak said he was pleased that Dolan denounced the comments and demanded that the Police Federation “step up” and do the same.

“The Federation can’t be silent at a critical time, because these ignorant comments do not reflect the values of this city,” Rybak said.

Sgt. John Delmonico, president of the Police Federation, said the allegations are serious and it would be unacceptable for anyone, let alone a federation board member, to say them. He called Dolan’s department-wide e-mail unprecedented, because the matter is under investigation.

In the e-mail, Dolan said it was appropriate that classmates challenged Kroll’s comments. “As a department, we must keep ourselves accountable while adhering to high standards of respect in matters of diversity,” he wrote. “The comment not only offends a U.S. representative duly elected by the citizens of Minnesota, but more importantly, it offends our own officers of Muslim faith.” …

Soon it will be against the law to refer to Minister Farrakhan or even Osama Bin Laden in anything but the most reverential tones. 

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