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Police Reopen Gore Sex Assault Inquiry

From The Oregonian:

Portland police will investigate accusations that Al Gore groped woman

Maxine Bernstein, The Oregonian

Published: Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Portland police said Wednesday that they will reopen and investigate a massage therapist’s allegations that former Vice President Al Gore sexually assaulted her at a downtown hotel in October 2006.

The new stance came as therapist Molly Hagerty went public, telling the National Enquirer in its latest edition that she’s demanding a full police investigation of her complaint…

Police said last week that they considered the case closed unless new evidence surfaced. Police said earlier Wednesday that Hagerty had not contacted them, and they did not explain their decision later in the day to reopen the case…

A Gore family spokeswoman disputed Hagerty’s allegations.

"Further investigation into this matter will only benefit Mr. Gore," Kalee Kreider said. "The Gores cannot comment on every defamatory, misleading and inaccurate story generated by tabloids. Mr. Gore unequivocally and emphatically denied this accusation when he first learned of its existence three years ago. He stands by that denial."

Funny how we have never heard about this unequivocal and emphatic denial from three years ago until today.

Hagerty is photographed in the latest edition of the Enquirer, holding the black pants she wore that night. She’s quoted as saying she paid for a DNA analysis of a stain on the pants, which she said was inconclusive. The tabloid article also quoted one of Hagerty’s close friends, Greg Boatman, who said Hagerty contacted him hours after the alleged assault, describing details…

[Hagerty] told investigators that Gore groped her, kissed her and made unwanted sexual advances during a late-night massage session in a suite at the upscale Hotel Lucia. She said she told two friends and kept the clothes she wore that night, including her black pants with stains on them. But police didn’t contact any of the woman’s friends, obtain the potential evidence or interview anyone at the hotel, records show

The district attorney’s office said Wednesday that it had no further comment but stands by its statement last week. Multnomah County District Attorney Michael Schrunk said then: "If the complainant and the Portland Police Bureau wish to pursue the possibility of a criminal prosecution, additional investigation by the Bureau will be necessary and will be discussed with the Portland Police Bureau."

So it sounds like Ms. Hagerty is pushing for a criminal prosecution.

Ironically, Mr. Gore might end up wishing that he had not ‘covered his assets’ by putting them into trusts.

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9 Responses to “Police Reopen Gore Sex Assault Inquiry”

  1. Petronius says:

    I don’t mean to pry, but when Just-call-me-Al was groping Ms. Hagerty in his hotel room around midnight, did he whisper sweetnothings in her ear, like “Heal the planet” and “Hug a tree”?

    Just wondering.

  2. Mithrandir says:

    Again, this is totally unbelievable:

    1. a woman
    2. a massage therapist
    3. powerful man
    4. rich powerful man
    5. women generally known to make up lies about men to get ahead
    6. waited 3 years to act
    7. everything was behind closed doors
    8. no witnesses
    9. tells mere gossip that is most likely unprovable

    D’oh! I actually feel sorry for Gore on this one. First the enviro-nut email lie-scandal, now this! Who does he think he is? –Bill Clinton or Jessie Jackson?

  3. AcornsRNutz says:

    Again I cite that cinematic gem “Men in Black” where the tabloids were the only source of real news on earth. The enquirer (who doesn’t run the three headed goat stories, thats weekly world news) broke how many stories that later turned out to be true? They have the balls to touch stuff the MSM won’t. Granted they are trash media, but my father (who has been the lone conservative in the television news business for over 30 years) personally is very good friends with an enquirer reporter who informed him that all leads the enquirer runs must be double verified. There is no such requirement when the NYT runs some BS about “a whitehouse source”. This is not to say its always accurate, but at least two people are claiming what they say. This is because of the nature of what tabloids do, so as to avoid prosecution for libel. In any event, this whole thing is good for no more than a laugh, but I believe the enquirer this time. The fact that “legit” rags are picking this up indicates the story has some legs, and that doesn’t bode well for gore, no matter what these fools claim.

  4. proreason says:

    Want proof that journalism is a cesspool of corruption?

    You know in your heart as an absolute fact that the National Enquirer is many times more believable and reliable than the Slimes.

    If the Slimes reported this story, you would immediately wonder whether it is completely fabricated or not, and why they have suddenly gone after the Toad.

    With the Enquirere reporting it, all you really wonder about is if the woman is blackmailing the Toad or whether her accusations are accurate. You don’t question the basic facts of the story.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      I just get my news from MAD magazine nowadays. Seems to be the most accurate and a whole lot more fun.

  5. canary says:

    1. It’s the absolute norm women & children sexually offended don’t tell. Humiliation, Threats (physical or losing a job) etc. The scars can last a life-time

    However, Kreider probably found Gore’s actions laughable. What woman that thinks she’s being sexually assaulted tells the predator you’re acting like a “poodle”, and doesn’t even leave the room. I imagine it’s not the first time in her line of work, that she doesn’t deal with it.

    The question is how many more women did tiger Gore perform risky favor with.
    The testing may not be inclusive until they swab Gore for DNA. But, no doubt Kreider thought saving the trophy pants might come in handy.

    I’m glad this is making the news. :) It shows Gore does not use protection.

    I’d really like witnesses to come forward, that Gore spends time in “hot” steam rooms, or if he’s using fertilizer on his beach house, where sea birds will eat it, and it’s ‘run off’ into the ocean. Copy of his electric bill, etc.

  6. Chuckk says:

    I’m sure Gore will blame global warming for making him hot to trot.

  7. proreason says:

    Check out HillBuzz’s cut on the Al Toad scandal:

    Among other things they say Tipper filed for divorce because she knew the Enquirer was going to take the Toad down.

    They also have an interesting theory that for the Enquirer’s audience, the magazine is an indulgence and an indulgence that will be indulged less if the criminals get their crap and tax way (since gasoline will “skyrocket”), and they have timed the publication to kill crap and tax. Now that’s a conspiracy theory for you. I would be proud.


  8. Reality Bytes says:

    Al Gore wasn’t the inspiration for “Love Story” – HE’S THE INSPIRATION FOR ANIMAL HOUSE’S NEDERMEYER!! Look! You Tell Me They’re Not From the Same Person



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