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Politico Corrects ‘Fear-Mongers’ Like Limbaugh

From the Politico:

Gun grab? Limited options for President Obama

By KEVIN ROBILLARD | January 10, 2013

Rush Limbaugh says that President Barack Obama is coming for your guns, but the White House’s authority to regulate firearms is about as strong as a pea shooter.

“Make no mistake: They are planning a gun grab,” Limbaugh declared Wednesday on his radio show.

Limbaugh’s warning, which came in the wake of Vice President Joe Biden hinting at “executive action” Obama could take on gun control, was just one part of a flurry of fear-mongering from the right about unilateral actions Obama might take as part of an effort to stop gun violence.

"Fear-mongering"? Aren’t Andrew Cuomo and others talking about banning so-called assault rifles? (Which, in fact, are already banned in several states, including New York.)

How is that not a "gun grab"? Are they not guns? Or our we not supposed to worry because only some guns are being grabbed. (‘First, they came for the assault rifles, but since I didn’t own an assault rifle…’)

But the three gun-control options talked about the most in the wake of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School — closing the gun show loophole, banning assault weapons, and outlawing extended magazines — would all require congressional approval. This leaves Obama with modest options, mostly involving policy changes at the ATF and the Justice Department.

One would have thought passing the so-called DREAM Act required Congressional approval. But Obama bypassed Congress by ordering that the immigration laws no longer will be enforced against illegal children 30 years and younger.

One would have though rescinding the (Congressionally legislated) Defense Of Marriage Act (DOMA) would have required Congressional approval. But Obama bypassed Congress by ordering that the law not be enforced, and by not defending the law in court.

Obama now has a long history of bypassing Congress. He even has a name for it. He calls it his "We Can’t Wait" campaign. And, naturally, we can’t wait for Congress to pass more gun control laws. Children are dying.

“The president is going to act,” Biden told reporters on Wednesday, without getting into specifics. “Executive orders, executive action, can be taken. We haven’t decided what this is yet, but we’re compiling it all with the help of the attorney general and all the rest of the Cabinet members.”

Obama could direct the Justice Department to start prosecuting people who lie on their background checks when trying to purchase a weapon. In 2009, the FBI reported 71,000 cases. The DOJ only prosecuted 77 of them…

Mark Glaze, the director of the Michael Bloomberg-backed Mayors Against Illegal Guns, said Obama could help the ATF better do its job by nominating a director for the agency — which has been without a permanent leader for 6 years — and by proposing an increase in the agency’s budget. However, a permanent director and new funds would both require congressional approval.

Mayors Against Illegal Guns also suggested the creation of an internet trafficking unit at ATF to track gun sales over the internet and requiring all other federal agencies to report mental health and substance abuse records to the national background check database, according to USA Today.

Sure, this is all Biden was talking about. There is nothing to worry about. The Second Amendment will never be infringed. Thanks for setting us straight, Politico.

But, really, the reporters at the Politico should try to keep up with the news. From the archives of the New York Times:

Shift on Executive Power Lets Obama Bypass Rivals

By CHARLIE SAVAGE | April 22, 2012

WASHINGTON — One Saturday last fall, President Obama interrupted a White House strategy meeting to raise an issue not on the agenda. He declared, aides recalled, that the administration needed to more aggressively use executive power to govern in the face of Congressional obstructionism.

“We had been attempting to highlight the inability of Congress to do anything,” recalled William M. Daley, who was the White House chief of staff at the time. “The president expressed frustration, saying we have got to scour everything and push the envelope in finding things we can do on our own.”

For Mr. Obama, that meeting was a turning point…

[I]ncreasingly in recent months, the administration has been seeking ways to act without Congress. Branding its unilateral efforts “We Can’t Wait,” a slogan that aides said Mr. Obama coined at that strategy meeting, the White House has rolled out dozens of new policies — on creating jobs for veterans, preventing drug shortages, raising fuel economy standards, curbing domestic violence and more.

Each time, Mr. Obama has emphasized the fact that he is bypassing lawmakers. When he announced a cut in refinancing fees for federally insured mortgages last month, for example, he said: “If Congress refuses to act, I’ve said that I’ll continue to do everything in my power to act without them.”

Aides say many more such moves are coming. Not just a short-term shift in governing style and a re-election strategy, Mr. Obama’s increasingly assertive use of executive action could foreshadow pitched battles over the separation of powers in his second term, should he win and Republicans consolidate their power in Congress…

“Obama’s not saying he has the right to defy a Congressional statute,” said Richard H. Pildes, a New York University law professor. “But if the legislative path is blocked and he otherwise has the legal authority to issue an executive order on an issue, they are clearly much more willing to do that now than two years ago.” …

And, don’t worry, Obama will find whatever "legal authority" he needs to do whatever he wants.

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3 Responses to “Politico Corrects ‘Fear-Mongers’ Like Limbaugh”

  1. River0 says:

    This is so insulting to our intelligence. Only the moronic or brain dead can’t see that federal power expansion – which started in the early 1900’s – has now turned into a speeding avalanche. Obummer has taken over immigration, taxation, control of speech and religion, regulation of every conceivable kind, health control, and monetary manipulation.

    Liberals are shockingly dishonest. Remember when Obummer was caught on tape telling Joe the plumber that he wanted income “redistribution”? The Demonicrats denied it, got the media to destroy Joe, and mocked everyone who protested. Now it’s clearly government policy.

    We’re witnessing an epic crime, the destruction of the United States. Obummer promised “transformation”.

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Many people have commented on our government’s ineptitude and apparent lack of ability to identify the obvious. Many pundits from FOX to Gwen (effing) Eifel on PBS have all had “panels” of “experts” blathering about this or that.

    But it’s remarkably simple.

    Admittedly, it takes a healthy dose of cynicism to identify it.

    He is bent on destruction. Any/everything he does, he calculates how it will harm the US in the short and long run. He is having his tantrum and waiting for the day when the rest of the world heralds him for the utter dismantling he committed on a naive and all-too-ready-to-agree America.

    Like the angry child who knows he’ll be sent to Juvie, he’s doing as much damage as possible, while putting on an act that no one really knows what to make of.

    Mark my words. The year 2116 will see him leaving office after having gutted the financial, legal and business houses of this nation. He’s not particularly bright but he’s a flim-flam artist. A con, a shyster. His inability to be honest with anyone is rooted in his hatred of self, because in order to be honest with others, one has to be willing to be honest to oneself. He is a mental case who (normally) would be a two-bit huckster either selling rust-buckets for cars or running a shell-game in Manhattan, being shooed away from this corner and that every other day.

    What’s remarkable is that 1) the media think he’s such a pure marxist. He’s not, really. And I don’t think he is. He has no idea what marxism is. He just knows he’s pissed off. And he targets his anger either locally or broadly but ALWAYS at those who have integrity, character and good moral standing.

    2) He’s inept in that he can’t seem to consistently lie. He tells incongruous stories all the time; His whole life in print is one pure (or is it puerile?) fabrication. Mr “blank slate” takes advantage of all the dupes, left and right alike and plays them. It’s the old “sucker” game.

    But his bottom-line goal is to drain the money, as quickly and as wastefully as possible. That’s why all the “green” program funding. He knows that’s a giant sucking sound. And, if there’s any intelligence at all, using tax dollars to buy more footsoldiers on welfare who (I believe) the only reason they’d get off their collective ass is to beat the crap out of those who would refuse them their free ride.

    Now he has the “perfect opportunity” to advance gun control. And, he doesn’t and never has cared who he gouges with that. End runs around our own government? And the media says “Bravo!”? Well, millions are dupes. Believing that the government has the answers. Might as well ban cars, hammers, bad weather and puppies for all that’s worth. I will be happy to disobey an unconstitutional action against my guns.

    And this…..this proposed “executive action” is EXACTLY what the founders put that amendment in there for. Someone from the government taking your ability to defend yourself from said government.

    Took 236 years to go from one tyrannical government to the latest version. King George 2.0. Looks and smells the same to me but it’s also got that puftah-fairy stench to it from the elitist “intellectuals” who over-think pretty much everything.

    —-From my cold, dead hands.

    I don’t want to be controlled, hounded by the government, made to buy something I don’t want, need or ask for. I don’t want their “help”.

    Problem is, a strong segment of the population has been drinking from the polluted fountain fed by GovCo. for too long. “I want my cheese”, they whine. And now we have all the mechanism in place. Defeatists for republican “leadership” who, like those who thought Hilter and Stalin were bad ideas, let them have their way, hoping the crocodile will eat them last.

    It’s sickening. I’ve watched it for decades now how seemingly intelligent people cannot connect dots and make a judgement. All my life I’ve been chastised by others for identifying X and Y only to have those same people return to me to say, “You were right.” when it was too late and they had already done their damage.

    Why? The mechanism they call cynicism, which I call pragmatism and survival instinct. They also call it “negativity” which used to be a natural state for men above a certain age who learned that Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny were fabrications, but that it was the sentiment that was important, not the actual existence of a representative to fill your stocking. It’s coupled with maturity, some experience, pain, and recovery from that pain to never get suckered again.

    It’s reality. My reality. Not theirs. Theirs is couched in lies, stagings, plays, word-games, photo-ops, mastery of bullshit. My grandad would’ve taken them all by the ear and whooped ’em in the woodshed one at a time or all at once. They would walk away in pain, if they could walk.

    I have low tolerance for shitty people. As such, others seem to think I’m unwilling to get along with others but I quickly surmise who I want to talk to and who I don’t. It is I who separates myself from undesirables. They think they have “shunned” me but it’s quite the opposite. I won’t play their game…and it riles them that I go about my own business, happily and they don’t live in my head rent-free.

    So I don’t listen to any of them. If they start mandating bullshit laws without the proper employment of our government system, then I guess I’d technically be an outlaw. But I will go to sleep with a clear conscience and not owing the government a goddamned thing. That will infuriate them..but I recommenced two movies, “Logan’s Run” and “Soylent Green” Because of one man’s choice to defy the government in both pictures as well as a great number of Twilight Zone episodes.

    We’re on a very fine edge here.

  3. yadayada says:

    thing is, I don’t think that obummer is angry so much as he (and all those around him) is a greedy opportunist. the time is perfectly ripe for those in the current regime to reap loads of power and treasure from the producers of this nation. the lefties and those in their camp saw in obummer golden egg layer and backed him heavily. they even managed to cut a deal with the clintons who used to be their golden team.
    the sycophantic media are their shills in the audience who cheerlead obummers every eye twitch as God inspired. they do this because it coincides with their own beliefs, and because they profit heavily from it.
    every flood /fire /school shooting (plus subsequent hand wringing & finger pointing) is talked about for months on the “news” shows. because it’s high drama it sells to the stoopid. maury and oprah can tell you how much drama pays.
    and be honest, it’s not low information- that would imply that they can’t get needed knowledge. they choose to ignore fact. that’s not low info- that’s just plain efffing stoopid!
    “news” media are designed as a continual distraction from real issues. how many stoopids know that the obummer regime simply decided to stop enforcing several properly enacted laws of this country that he took an oath to uphold? how would they react if it happened on a more local level? do any of the stoopids know that more than half the TARP and bailout $$ went directly to friends of and donors to obummer? do they care?
    “give ’em a phone. they’ll shut up
    at $1 million a pop for ads on some shows, it’s easy to see how nbc (msnbc) can afford to pay nit wit talking heads who lie about what’s happening in the govt. the diane sawyers and brian williams get their cut straight from your pocket through the products you purchase. noone can possibly believe a bud or coke should cost $1.50, but the company spends $$BILLIONS$$ on advertising each year. that $$ must come from and go to somewhere. but apprently the stoopids don’t know they are paying someone to distract/ lie to them.

    lib politicians see a path to power and treasure and charge it! they simply do not care about the destruction that follows, it won’t affect them. take $$ from a group to get elected, pay the group back with special privileges & contracts, then they pay you to get reelected, and around the horn again. unions, gays, race groups, etc. all on the table. regardless of consequence. hell, even pit the groups against each other- give speeches to different groups with conflicting stances on the issues, and tell each you support their ideas. take their $$ and walk away smiling. if someone notices the dichotomy, some talking head will equivocate for you later. he’ll be called a genius by his peers and walk away with a bigger paycheck, too.
    it’s not really even political ideology- that is only the bus going in their direction. the electorate is getting lazier and stoopidder and liberalism is the banner and rally cry for the lazy and stoopid.

    satan’s tools are effective. it only reqires you to make your flesh comfortable. the way of the flesh is easy- laziness.

    adhering to God’s word is sometimes difficult. it requires study, thought, dilligence and effort,.
    my Pastor said today, “The further you stray from God’s word, the easier it becomes to believe the lie.”
    our country has been straying from God’s word for quite some time. more than half now believe the lie.
    half voted for obummer. the book of Judges is all about what happens to a nation that strays from God’s word.


    ‘nuf said

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