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Politico: Don’t Blame Obama For Ukraine Invasion

From the Politico:

The politics of blaming Obama on Ukraine

By EDWARD-ISAAC DOVERE | March 5, 2014

Russian President Vladimir Putin is the one who moved troops into Crimea — but to Republicans, President Barack Obama is the one to blame.

Bear in mind that this is supposed to be a news report, not an editorial.

GOP lawmakers have been out in force pointing the finger at Obama for a lack of leadership… What politicians in the U.S. say in opposition — or don’t say in support — matters in Moscow, said Michael McFaul, who just returned from three years as Obama’s ambassador to Russia. “I do think it gives them comfort,” McFaul said.

Funny, but we don’t remember any such concerns from the Politico when President Bush was being attacked for his foreign policy. Even while American soldiers were being killed on the battlefield.

McFaul said what’s going on now reminded him of September, when Obama pushed for military strikes against Syria and was rebuffed by a sudden eruption of anti-interventionism, first by the GOP but joined by Democrats. People in Putin’s circle sneered to him about the president’s problems on the Hill, McFaul said…

Translation: Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is all the Republicans’ fault.

It’s not like American politicians have a history of having only one view of international affairs. For years under President George W. Bush, Republicans often returned to the argument that Democrats opposing his plans in Iraq and Afghanistan were comforting the enemy.

It was never reported that way in our one party news media.

To the frustration of this White House, though, the attacks on Obama’s commitment and resolve aren’t like anything Bush ever faced from Democrats —

Huh? Is this sarcasm?

Whatever happened to national unity in a crisis, a senior administration officials wondered Wednesday, arguing that the political divisions send a mixed message to Putin and other world leaders who are gauging the strength of the United States’ resolve on Ukraine…

This must be sarcasm.

“The fact that people are using this to politicize makes me very discouraged,” said Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.), a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. “It disrespects both the office of the president and the Ukrainian people if we’re in the middle of the crisis for people to be immediately taking political potshots instead of trying to solve the crisis.” …

Lest we forget, Mr. Kaine was the head of the Democratic National Committee from 2009 to 2011. And we all remember how the DNC refused to politicize Bush’s foreign policy during that time.

Retired Gen. Wesley Clark — the former NATO supreme allied commander and short-lived Democratic presidential candidate — said it’s problematic to simplify the Ukraine debate for partisan attacks…

But Iraq was a completely different story.

Beyond that, McFaul said, the whole idea that Putin sees Obama as weak is just wrong…

“[Putin] believes that President Obama — the United States — is seeking to foment revolution around the world against regimes that are unfriendly to the United States,” McFaul said. “He thinks that he was defeated by President Obama in Ukraine. That’s not an assessment that Obama is weak. That’s an assessment that we are actually a threat to his interests.”

You see? Obama’s problem is Putin fears him too much.

There is a saying that ‘journalism is the first draft of history.’ But nowadays ‘journalism’ is the first revision of history. As the Politico demonstrates here. They are already telling us to disbelieve our lying eyes. To forget what we have just witnessed live.

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5 Responses to “Politico: Don’t Blame Obama For Ukraine Invasion”

  1. canary says:

    Did the US ambassodor to Russia, Michael McFaul fail to notice what was going on around him.

    How could the President of the U.S. not know what was happening in Russia and Ukraine and give a warning.

    Because he’s always to busy playing and meeting with the rich.

    Has Obama taken his excutive pen and cut off exports to Russia?

  2. sampson3121 says:

    playing? meeting with the rich?

    all politician meet and hang with the rich!
    maybe if he didn’t have the republican party attacking him so much , he could do his job.
    never in the history of the united states of america, has a president had to put up with such hatred, and yes racism as well.
    Putin knew that he could get away with this because he knew the republicans would attack Obama. hes laughing at the US and i think it’s kinda funny as well.
    so while you sit there hating a guy that from day one was told, by this same republican party…we will block everything he tries to do…we want him to fail !

    bail out worked, Bin Laden is dead, in a few yrs Obama care will have grown and will help millions. Remember Bush and Chechnya ? guess Bush was playing with the rich at the time eh?

    • canary says:

      Sampson3121 you are so ignorant.

      Never in the history has a Democratic president been attacked less, because the media and people have to tip toe around him so the race card isn’t played.

      Obama is a meglomaniac marcisstic bigot who think his way is the only way.

      How did the bailout work, when we are now more than 13 trillion dollars in debt and more people on welfare
      than ever in US history.

      Sampson3121 “hes laughing at the US and i think it’s kinda funny as well.”

      Putin isn’t laughing at the US. He’s laughing at the arrogant Obama and his groupies that support him.

    • canary says:

      Those that found Osama Bin Laden were hired under Bush. They had to go deep undercover and Clinton and Biden had to convince Obama to capture Osama Bin Laden.

      Since first election Obama has lied on the number of Al-Qaeda and Taliban, and after OBL was killed, Obama lied that Al-Qaeda was defeated and on the run, and Al-Qaeda took advantage of this and have spread and grown in number while Obama did nothing because he had complained so much about two unnecesary wars he voted for that
      he let Islamic extremists and terrorists grow more than ever before.

      Obama has praised and worshipped muslims so much that he abbetted the Muslim Brotherhood with Al-Qaeda ties to take over Egypt.

      Obama covered up what was happening in Libya as the Republicans warned and warned him Al-Qaida was growing

      He had to lie in order to be re-elected.

      Obama’s embracing the religion of Islam as he grew up and Marixm, and his hatred for White people and America as seen by the company he grew up with and White and American hating church he belonged to for 20 years when he ran for President makes Obama the hater. He refused to distance himself from his church full led by and full of former Muslims who hate America.

      And the media nor politicians addressed these issues, because they were afraid they’d be called racists.

      He has no integrity, does not act in a respectful manner, and he lied repeatedly about health care, and the idiots he hired only know how to spy on the people, but not run a website.

      Incompetent liars. Taking of his American Flag pin during the first election should have been enough for people to see his hatred for America except for the spoils he is plundering for as long as he can party with and not do his job.

  3. canary says:

    Obama and the 1st lady are poor roll models for the youth of America because they are very public that they are friends with rappers that encourage violence, beating and raping women, and lyrics that brag about all their money and how powerful they are. Females rappers that make explicit sexual half naked videos with no outcry from the feminists
    that women should not use their bodies to make money.

    When he hires stars, many of the same caliber, men who cheat on their wives, do a lot of nudity, to push his agenda, he teaching our youth, that this is what Obama believes are successful role models that our youth should imitate
    and believe these young minds need to become in order to be successful and leaders of this country.

    When Obama at his age has a young girl come sing for sisters of soul concert; a girl that cusses like a sailor, makes rap with Chris Brown who beat his women up, and considers Maddona her idol. Maddona who did a video where she drops a grenade in Bushes lap, but is such a hypocrite she doesn’t make a video dropping a drone in Obama’s lap.

    He does not have to have party’s for these disgusting American haters, and sex exhibitionists in order to get them donate money.

    Obama never shows Christians values in his party life which is like turning the White House into Sunset Blvd
    and speak easies.

    Obama is a poor role model in the way he considers sports athletes and entertainers.

    All this time with stars and celebrities is telling our youth to watch mindless, wasteful garbage. It’s as if Obama never grew up and acts his age. He talks like a comedian. He tries to be cool and hip.

    He wants our youth to have the same kind of fun he has so they are dumb, have warped dreams, and consider
    idolizing rich stars who will do anything shocking to make money and be famous.

    He does not want them knowing what’s going on in the world. He’s promoting anything goes when it comes to sex, gays, orgies, cheating, and not promoting the importance of abstaining from sex, but going from one partner to the next. He’s not teaching safe sex.

    His lifesytle is different than other Presidents because he makes his parties at filthy rappers homes.

    He is a poor role model for Black children. The Obama’s eat what they want yet point fingers at youth calling them obese and trying to put them on diets they aren’t on themselves.

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