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Politico Floats ‘Gay Rumor’ About Rick Perry

From an ever so subtle Politico:

Perry aides prepped for rumor rehash

By: Maggie Haberman
June 20, 2011

If Texas Gov. Rick Perry decides to run for president, his team is more than prepared for a re-airing of unsubstantiated rumors, circulated on and off for years in the Lone Star State, about his personal life.

The crusted-over rumors [sic] were in the ether among some attendees at a dinner hosted last week by the Manhattan County GOP, where Perry gave the keynote speech. The rumors, which have never been proven despite repeated review by media outlets, were addressed by the governor himself in a lengthy 2004 American-Statesman story that is sure to see new life if he runs.

You will notice that the Politico doesn’t bother to link to the original American-Statesman article.

The claims, which had made the rounds for months by the time the story was written, included rumors that Perry and his wife Anita had split, and that the governor was gay.

The state Democratic Party in Texas seized on the rumors seven years ago, the American-Statesman reported, prompting the governor to finally address them himself as an "obvious, orchestrated effort" launched by political foes. They spread for two months, were posted on various websites and were vetted by many national outlets, all of which turned up nothing.

That doesn’t matter with accusations from Democrats. It’s the ‘serious of the charge that counts.’

But Team Perry, asked about how it’s prepared to handle them when they emerge if he runs, said it remains "false and misleading."

"As you may know, Rick and Anita Perry first met in grade school, went on their first date together in 1966, have been lovingly married since 1982 and are parents to two grown children," said top Perry strategist Dave Carney. "This kind of nameless, faceless smear campaign is run against the Perry family in seemingly every campaign, with no basis, truth or success."

"Texas politics is a full contact support, live hand grenades and all; unfortunately there are always going to be some people who feel the need to spread false and misleading rumors to advance their own political agenda," he said

Perhaps Gov. Perry could start ‘tweeting’ some of his female followers to prove his heterosexual bona fides, so to speak. That should put him in good stead with the news media and the rest of the Democrat Party.

At the time, Perry said he was addressing the rumors because of the increasing problem of web-driven smears. "It is a cancer on the political process that is deadly," he told the American-Statesman back then.

But since then, viral rumors have taken hold as a permanent side show looking to break through into the mainstream of politics

Which is why we have such places as the Politico and the Huffington Post. To help this important process along.

Then-candidate Barack Obama faced a slew of them in the 2008 race, ranging from questions about his marriage to his religion.

The questions about his birthright [sic], which he brushed back with mockery earlier this year by releasing his Hawaiian birth certificate, swirled on the web for years, propelled by fringe bloggers, some of whom refused to believe the document was real.

Lest we forget, the Obama’s birth certificate rumors were also started and fomented by Democrats.

That’s just the way they do business.

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13 Responses to “Politico Floats ‘Gay Rumor’ About Rick Perry”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    They will always tell us who they fear.

    Any/all strong contenders for the presidency on the conservative side must be destroyed by any and all means possible.

    • retire05 says:

      Funny how those rumors just happened to surface at HuffPo yesterday.

      I have been tracking the web article on Rick for the last 10 days. Couple of things I found odd: there seems to be a standard set of talking points by “self-proclaimed” Texans (no proof that they are) who say that Rick Perry is the second coming of Lucifer. It seemed odd to me that these people all listed their criticisms in the same order as if they had received them in a talking points memo/email. It is almost as if these people are trying to spam anything positive about Rick. Now, why would that be? Simply put, Rusty is right; they will always tell us who they fear. Even some of my favorite conservative blogs are seeing these people show up who have never posted to that blog, EVAH, all claiming to be “conservatives and Texans.” If this is the case, our Census Bureau is as inept as Obama because our population has to be waaaay more than 25 million.

      Now, why have I been tracking the articles? Simple: I AM a Texan, a conservative, a Republican and a fan of Rick Perry.
      And I will tell you this much, anyone who claims Rick is gay doesn’t know him. Gays don’t pack heat and damn sure don’t shoot cayotes that go after their dogs.

      Besides, I thought being gay was a plus to all the metrosexual Democrats. Guess not. Guess it is really just a political ploy they use to hide their disgust for gays. What a bunch of hypocrits.

  2. dandean says:

    What? The Dems can’t handle a gay president? Not that there’s anything wrong with that…….

    • Mithrandir says:

      I know! This news is to depress Conservatives, the Dems have no values what-so-ever. It wouldn’t bother them if their candidate was gay, or a murderer like Kennedy, or a KKK member like Robert Byrd, as long as he could generate votes. It’s all about the votes.

  3. bobdog says:

    Without sleazy rumors from the Democrats, how would we know which candidate is considered a serious threat to the left? How would we really know who to vote for?

    A careful review of Obama’s entire election history will show you how it’s done if you’re a democrat. He never won anything in a fair fight. It’s the Chicago way, and it’s not just a sleazy rumor. It’s fact. Look it up.

  4. Liberals Demise says:

    Isn’t outing a strictly conservative ploy according to the left? What a tolerant lot.
    Democrat…..thy name is hypocrite!

    • fallingpianos says:

      Ann Coulter, in her inimitable style, put it really well:

      [L]iberals say: “We love gay people! Gay people are awesome! Being gay is awesome! Gay marriage is awesome! Gay cartoon characters are awesome! And if you don’t agree with us, we’ll punish you by telling everyone that you’re gay!”

  5. tranquil.night says:

    Remember that time the Make Believe Media attacked Andrew Breitbart, in all his journalistic malignance, for not checking his facts and even hiring someone to hack Anthony Weiner’s twitter? Me neither.

    Is the Politico a news wire or a gossip rag? Rhetorical question!

    Edit: LD and I seem to be tuned-in to similar frequencies lately :)

  6. beefeater says:

    They way to tell for sure is for one of the Twinks to glitter bomb Perry. If he burns and melts on contact he wasn’t queer.

  7. canary says:

    The liberals are furious about Governor Rick Perry’s move on creating jobs in his state to make light bulbs.

    I expected the news today would be Governor Rick Perry just passed law creating jobs in Texas by allowing them to manufacture and make their own light bulbs, instead of forcing people to buy expensive, dangerously, toxic, wire-less interfering light bulbs made in China.

    This action by Governor Rick Perry is a threat to even Republican politicians to include the global nut Mitt Romney who followed and will continue to follow the UN Agenda 21 ICLEI communism policies.

    Only way Mitt Romney knows how to make jobs is someone to count pools, count trees, and ration.

    Governor Rick Perry is moving hard to keep States rights.

    Texas schools ACT scores in Math have been highest in the country for 10 years.

    FYI ACT scores have slightly “decreased” in the last 3 years. What does that tell you about Obama’s Free Universal Class Education from birth to adulthood. It’s going with the globes education standards, just as going with global green.

    Understand how the schools are rated. It’s not the national state grading scale, because grades can be cooked. Higher grades = more federal stimulus money. Push those students to take AP to make the numbers for more federal stimulus money. Children across the country are being graded for mandatory community service. Being forced to sell suckers brings more federal stimulus money and higher grades, but selling suckers isn’t real educational.

    Now since, Rick Perry has spoken loudly about the border problem, he is a threat to Obama’s presidency.
    Problem with Obama is people are too afraid talk about him. He’s a scary guy. If that one rapper hadn’t fallen to the second time he was gunned down, he’d be a White House rapper visitor.

  8. Mithrandir says:

    Just like the Nazis:

    ~Put in the lie surrounded by truth.

    ~Whisper campaigns: spread the big lie from mouth to mouth.

    ~Use fake and secret sources, “According to some Republicans, who wish to remain anonymous, say…”
    “Sources inside the campaign say….”

    ~Invent outrage, then take action, like the purposely started fire in the Reichstag building.

    ~Make up glorious lies about the regime. Highlight small negative truths about opposition.

    ~Massage negative news about themselves, repeat it, until everyone believes it.

    ~Use the Big Lie to put the opposition on defense.

    ~Everything is TOO MUCH. “They have a Constitution fetish.” “They are rigid, not able to compromise, which is the bedrock of our civilization!”

    This isn’t a democracy, it is manipulation and evil. Truth or lie to them, it doesn’t matter, just get the vote.

  9. Not so fast says:

    This is so stupid for both sides. Why don’t they just say that Rick Perry was chairman for Al Gore for President in 1988 for the state of Texas. Instead of elevating Perry to the highest form of life now in these United States. A homosexual.

  10. proreason says:

    It has to be said.

    Obama is almost certainly homosexual or, at least, bi-sexual. There is no evidence whatsoever that he ever had a relationahip with a woman other than Thunderbutt. At least one person has explicitly claimed a gay relationship with him. The rumors of his homosexuality in Chicago and Washington are legion, with more explicit details than you want to know. He is an effiminate person in every respect. Look at his hands, as just one example. What are the odds that a woman has never come forward to enrich herself at his expense. Read any gab blog. The gaydars were being set off long before he became a national figure. He’s gay. Period.

    Yet, not a hint of this in the Make Believe Media.

    Perry is peripherally in the national spotlight for about three weeks, and rumors appear about his sexuality. In Texas, on a scale of 0 to 100, the rumors perculate at about 0 to .1. If Perry is gay, he’s the best actor since Rock Hudson.

    Why is that?

    rhetorical question, of course.

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