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Politico: GOP Claims Pentagon Is Crying ‘Wolf’

From a white knuckled Politico:

House GOP: Pentagon crying ‘wolf’ on sequester

By AUSTIN WRIGHT | February 14, 2013

The military’s last-ditch push to stop sequestration is being met with increasing resistance on Capitol Hill, with even some of the Pentagon’s strongest supporters criticizing the latest public relations campaign as too little, too late.

The bottom line: At this point, there’s little hope the dire testimony of the nation’s top military commanders will be enough to persuade Republicans and Democrats to set aside their differences and pass a bipartisan deal to avert the across-the-board spending cuts before they begin taking effect on March 1.

The sequester sure is making strange bedfellows. For the first time in our lifetime the mainstream news media is up in arms about cuts to defense spending. Even though there are no real cuts even in the defense budget. There will just be a slight reduction in the increase in spending over the next ten years.

Of course, the media is only concerned that the rate of spending in social welfare and entitlements might be slowed as well. And they are willing to pretend to care about the DOD long enough to stop that. But where were these kind of articles about the gutting of the Pentagon when Obama was cutting its budget by $500 billion, and he was calling for still deeper cuts?

By the way, when has testimony from "the nation’s top military commanders" ever been treated so respectfully by the Politico or any of the rest of the mainstream media? Also, notice how suddenly a deal to avert the sequester would be a sign of ‘bi-partisanship.’ Even though the sequester itself was a bi-partisan deal.

For that matter, members of Congress might not even be able to pass a defense budget for the current fiscal year. And their inaction could end up freezing spending at 2012 levels, leaving the military with multibillion-dollar shortfalls in its operations and maintenance accounts…

And never mind that Congress has not been able to pass any kind of a budget for almost four years. But suddenly the Politico is concerned about them passing a defense budget.

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) told POLITICO… [that] “One of the reasons that sequestration is not being frowned upon by a lot of my colleagues is because they’ve seen all of the wasteful spending… They say, ‘You can waste all this money and then all the sudden, even though it’s been a slow-moving train wreck, Ash Carter and the service chiefs are on Capitol Hill screaming fire.’”

Notice that, despite its headline, no where in this article does the Politico ever quote any Republican as saying the Pentagon is ‘crying wolf.’

Hunter pointed to the Navy’s Great Green Fleet, a strike group fueled largely by alternative energy, and the Army’s Distributed Common Ground System, an intelligence network that’s been marred by controversy, as examples of programs that should be cut or canceled.

And those are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Obama’s costly experiments in green energy and social engineering at the Pentagon.

At the Pentagon, spokesman George Little responded forcefully, saying the military has “been clear and forthright” about how sequestration “would create devastating absurdities for our nation’s defense.”

“What the secretary and other senior civilian and military leaders of this department have laid out in recent weeks are the real — and truly damaging — effects that sequestration would bring,” Little said…

Over the past week, the Pentagon’s press shop has churned out no fewer than 10 news releases outlining the perils of the automatic cuts…

And never mind that, just like with the rest of these so called cuts, all we are talking about is a 2% reduction in the rate of spending increases over the next ten years. There are no cuts.

Meanwhile, Carter has pleaded with Congress in hearings in the House and Senate to stop the cuts, saying sequestration is “already having lasting and irreversible effects.” …

Funny how we never heard anything like this from Obama’s Pentagon about the previous $500 billion in defense cuts. Or even when Obama has called for still more cuts.

Despite the warnings, some Republicans have responded with skepticism, and different wings of the party remain deeply conflicted about whether to allow the looming cuts to take effect. Sen. Rand Paul, for one, embraced sequestration on Tuesday night in his tea party rebuttal to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address.

“The president does a big ‘woe is me’ over the $1.2 trillion sequester that he endorsed and signed into law,” the Kentucky Republican said. “Some Republicans are joining him. Few people understand that the sequester doesn’t even cut any spending — it just slows the rate of growth.” …

Exactly. At least one Congressman is paying attention.

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