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Politico: GOP Elites Seek Consensus Candidate

From the Politico:

After Iowa caucuses, GOP elites seek ‘consensus’ candidate


A group of movement conservatives has called an emergency meeting in Texas next weekend to find a “consensus” Republican presidential hopeful, POLITICO has learned.

“You and your spouse are cordially invited to a private meeting with national conservative leaders of faith at the ranch of Paul and Nancy Pressler near Brenham, Texas, with the purpose of attempting to unite and to come to a consensus on which Republican presidential candidate or candidates to support, or which not to support,” read an invitation that is making its way into in-boxes Wednesday morning.

The meeting is being hosted by such prominent conservative figures as James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family; Don Wildmon, onetime chairman of the American Family Association; and Gary Bauer, himself a former presidential candidate.

Many of the individuals on the host list attended a previous closed-door session with Rick Perry this summer. But Perry’s candidacy stalled out, though he’s pledged to take his campaign on to South Carolina despite a disappointing fifth-place finish in Iowa.

Movement conservatives are concerned that a vote split between Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum among base voters could enable Mitt Romney to grab the GOP nomination. A source who shared the invitation said the meeting was about how to avoid such a possibility.

But Bauer said the meeting was entirely aimed at finding consensus behind one Republican and not part of any Stop Mitt movement.

“There’s only one person I’m interested in stopping and that’s Barack Obama,” said Bauer.

He said if there are any signs that the meeting will be focused on an effort to defeat Romney, he’ll withdraw from being involved.

Bauer, who has not backed any candidate, said that the Texas gathering was an extension of an effort that began with the 2008 campaign in which conservatives sought to interview the candidates and come up with an endorsement.

Many of the same individuals, dubbed as “The Arlington Group” four years ago, have been meeting this year, but it has been more informal.

Other hosts have weighed in on the race. Wildmon, for example, is backing Gingrich and the Presslers are Perry backers…

Obviously, the Politico’s idea of who the ‘Republican elite’ are is different from ours. Most of the ‘movement conservatives’ we know seem to oppose Mitt Romney’s nomination, at least at this point.

Despite Gary Bauer’s demurrals to the contrary, this seems like a last ditch effort to try to find an alternative to Mr. Romney.

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4 Responses to “Politico: GOP Elites Seek Consensus Candidate”

  1. nascarnation says:

    I’ve felt for the last year that Obama loses ANY two way matchup. But I’ve also felt that Romney is probably the only R candidate that guarantees a 3rd party challenger from the right in most red states leading to a Clintonian plurality win for Baraq.

    The folks mentioned above may feel the same way I do and see the danger in a Romney nomination.

  2. Laree says:

    Imus Guest this morning, Jake Tapper ABC News “The Democrats Want Mitt Romney To Be The Republican Nominee”

    Mr Vanilla apparently the Democrat’s favorite flavor.

    28,000 Independents participated out of 122,255 republican caucus goers, that puts republican participation in their own caucus under 100,000.00 Ron Paul came in 3rd with 21% his 3rd place win was made up of 44% Independents. The GOP really has a big problem with their base.
    They can’t see the big picture they need an excited base to vote in the General, and Ron Paul’s voters are committed, they will write Paul’s name in -in the general.

    Mitt Romney’s strategy of last man standing – surviving the primary by dividing the conservative base is hurting the GOP’s voter enthusiasm quotient. Barack Obama isn’t going to have a problem ginning up his base against the evil 1% that Mitt Romney will be representing. Talk about made to order political punching bag. Yes I can see why the Democrats want Romney to be the nominee.


  3. GetBackJack says:

    I got your consensus right here, biatches

    (rude getsure)

    I will vote for and campaign for ANY Republican who can beat Obama like a rented mule.

  4. Melly says:

    The Arlington Group is a secretive, high-influential coalition of like-minded interest groups that includes just about every major Religious Right organization in the country. In many ways, winning over the members of the Arlington Group is a key step in securing the nomination and just about every GOP hopeful during the last election sought its support – including Huckabee, who declared that “if they were to get behind me, it would be a huge surge for me.”

    But Huckabee couldn’t win it over and declared them fractured and irrelevant because it failed to “coalesce behind that one candidate” who best represented its goals and mission – him.

    More on the Arlington Group here: http://politics.pagannewswirecollective.com/2010/11/11/mapping-the-religious-right-the-arlington-group/

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