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Politico: GOP Reaching Out To Dems On Amnesty

From the Politico:

GOP reaching out to Dems on immigration


The House Republican leadership is reaching out to top House Democrats to assess their support for a piecemeal approach to immigration reform, according to sources involved in the discussions.

If this is true, it’s bad news. After all, when has the GOP ever benefited from reaching out to Democrats? Ever?

The House’s immigration gameplan is to pass individual bills rather than take the comprehensive approach advocated by the Senate. Speaker John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) team isn’t trying to cut a deal with Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), these aides caution. But deeply-divided Republicans want to get a read on what members of the minority party would back when immigration reform comes to the floor…

Rest assured the Democrats will do everything they can to make the Republicans look bad on this issue. So why give them the chance?

In strategy sessions and planning meetings, Republicans have said that support for immigration reform is soft among GOP lawmakers — and leadership is skeptical that there is backing for anything more drastic than border security and E-verify.

Moving legislation before the August recess is now almost completely out of the question — lawmakers are going to have to spend the month at home, with immigration lingering.

Translation: They might hear from their constituents when they go. And neither the Politico or the rest of the Democrat Party want that.

These contacts are in the early stages, but the discussions are aimed at running up big bipartisan majorities for a series of GOP-authored bills, that could counter the bipartisan Senate bill. In short, Democrats would smooth the prospects for passage…

Why bother? Since Harry Reid would never even a bi-partisan House bill reach the floor of the Senate.

Boehner called the immigration debate “important,” and said Republicans need a plan. Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) said Republicans should present an alternative to the Senate’s plan — just like the party did during the economic stimulus debate in 2009…

Why? So their bill and the Senate’s bill can be ‘reconciled’ in some secret conference? Just say no. In fact, just say ‘hell no!’ (Which was also our advice regarding Obama-Care. Which looks even more prescient in hindsight.)

More than Cantor and perhaps even Boehner, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) is someone who is catching Republicans’ eyes. The 2012 vice presidential nominee and House Budget Committee chair, who has been quietly meeting for months on immigration reform, took to the microphone at Wednesday’s meeting, saying that the GOP needs to tackle immigration — and now. Immigrants, he said, are important to the country’s economic vitality…

Right. And they’re also more fertile.

The issue might be urgent, but it won’t be smooth. House Republicans face logistical peril by entering into negotiations armed with small bills after Democrats passed a big, aggressive reform package.

Yes, massive bills are always better. Just look at Obama-Care.

The debate will also get lumped in with a busy fall, at a time when Congress will be jousting over government funding and the debt limit…

So why not just drop this altogether and move on? There is no immigration crisis. Meanwhile, the real business of the nation is suffering while Congress is tied up with this nonsense.

So, if immigration reform actually happens — far from a certainty — it seems increasingly likely to be tossed into a year-end rush, in a way mirroring the 2012 fiscal cliff panic, the 2010 extension of Bush tax rates and other panicked legislating that Washington has become so accustomed to. But immigration reform will be more challenging: there is no deadline…

But how the Politico wishes there was. They need to find some way to stampede the Republicans into ramming this through.

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6 Responses to “Politico: GOP Reaching Out To Dems On Amnesty”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Reaching out? As in …

    Glenn Ford as Republican voter base. Rita Hayworth is the Republican Party


  2. Noyzmakr says:

    I’m beginning to suspect that the congressional staff is running the whole show and leading their ignorant members around by the nose.

    Why do anything but stand on the stump and insist that the executive and judicial branches enforce existing laws? That’s it. Nothing more.

    But that wouldn’t leave the staff anything to get their greedy little hands on and wouldn’t allow members to pork up legislation to keep them in power.

    It’s beginning to dawn on me, I’m a little slow, that members don’t care what the legislation is as long as they can add in amendments and pork to ensure their power and place.

    They don’t care about anything or anyone else. If it helps keep them entrenched and allows for the enrichment of themselves and their friends then “to hell with the country”. Bastards!

    God forgive me for what I’m thinking.

  3. yadayada says:

    “…members don’t care what the legislation is as long as they can add in amendments and pork to ensure their power and place.”

    winner, winner, winner !! give that man a ceegar.

    that is exactly what it’s all about. amendments = pork a small well written effective bill will never be passed by these people, because you can’t hide pork in it. every single page (over say 100) indicates a kick back of some sort; i.e. waiver, exemption, new bridge, extra $$ for cruise ship (or casino) employees, etc.
    I remember when the obamacare bill was first introduced. it was 700 pages. now it’s 3000 and still being written.

    pelosi may have been eerily prescient when she begged us to pass it before we knew what was in it.
    “please pass this monstrosity before we add 2000 more pages of insipid pork to it. by then even we won’t be able to figure it out!”

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