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Politico Gripes About ‘Cranky’ Sebelius Hearing

From the Politico:

Kathleen Sebelius takeaways [sic]: 1 cranky hearing

By DAVID NATHER | December 11, 2013

What’s the one thing worse than taking fire from Congress in a crowded hearing room? Taking fire from really cranky members of Congress in a half-empty hearing room.

And to think the news media used to believe in Congressional oversight. But, of course, they only believe in oversight for Republican administrations.

That’s what Kathleen Sebelius went through on Wednesday, as she parried Obamacare questions from a House subcommittee while much of Washington had moved on to other things.

Yes, why can’t we move on? Everyone knows Obama-Care now works perfectly.

But in the hearing room, the Obamacare tensions were as high as ever, with Republicans and Democrats snapping at each other and one GOP lawmaker griping that trying to get answers out of the Health and Human Services secretary was like talking to North Korea.

Republicans did manage to put Sebelius on the spot, in her third visit to Capitol Hill since the bungled website launch, about how many people would actually have coverage in January and the possibility of more canceled policies. But some Republicans also drifted into overreach, and Democrats fought back with a renewed passion now that the website is improving.

Remember how the Politico used to complain about Democrat ‘overreach’ whenever they would question Bush officials about the Iraq War or Katrina? We don’t either.

Here are the main takeaways [sic] from Sebelius’s two-hour testimony before the House Energy and Commerce health subcommittee: One cranky hearing

Here is our takeaway from the writing at Politico: they have no knowledge of English grammar.

Sebelius is getting sick of these hearings, and so are some of the lawmakers themselves…

Translation: the news media is tired of this story. Especially since it isn’t helping their masters at the DNC.

That much became clear at several points in the proceedings, as Sebelius came as close as she ever does to telling a couple of Republicans to shove it — and a Republican and a Democrat got into a shouting match over the frequent interruptions to her answers…

Good times! Still, try to imagine if a Bush official had come close to telling a Democrat to shove it. The Politico would not have been so amused.

At one point, Sebelius showed her impatience as Ed Whitfield (R-Ky.) pressed her on how many pages of regulations had been issued on the health care law. “I just told you I don’t know,” Sebelius said, as he refused to drop the subject. She said she would “get you that number.” …

After all, why should Ms. Sebelius know how many pages of regulation have been added to the Obama-Care law? She is just in charge of enforcing them.

Later, Sebelius nearly lost her cool again as John Shimkus (R-Ill.) pushed her for a list of all the health plans in the Obamacare health exchanges that cover abortion. “Sir, it is on the website,” she said, noting that all health plans have to disclose what benefits they cover…

And never mind that the Obama-Care plans do cover abortion, despite Sebelius and Obama’s solemn pledges to the contrary. (Where are you now, Bart Stupak?)

This piece goes on for another forty (40) paragraphs! But the Politico wanted to include all the juicy back and forth exchanges for the sheer drama of it all. Which they highlight with subheads like:

Part I: Republicans draw blood

Part II: Republicans overreach

Sebelius clings to the message

Not taking the bait on doctors

Democrats are more willing to push back

What drama! But it’s all in a day’s work at Soap Opera Digest the Politico.

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