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Politico Lowballs Ryan Crowd, Hikes Obama’s

From the Politico:

Paul Ryan greeted as hometown hero

By GINGER GIBSON | Sunday August 12, 2012

WAUKESHA, Wis. — Paul Ryan wasn’t the vice presidential nominee Sunday night here — he was the hometown hero.

“Hi mom,” Ryan began his speech at a rally with Mitt Romney in Ryan’s home state of Wisconsin, after being warmly greeted by a crowd of hundreds.

First, the 7-term Wisconsin lawmaker suddenly thrust into the national limelight wiped tears from his eyes and appeared to collect himself after picking up the microphone…

Eventually the new VP contender launched into the same stump speech he has been giving all day, railing on President Barack Obama and promising a future where the middle class profits under a Romney presidency…

See the photo above. What the Politico calls "a crowd of hundreds" was called a crowd of 10,000 or more by every other media outlet.

But not content to stop there, the Politico goes on to spend most of the rest of the article rehearsing Romney’s history of so-called "gaffes."

Romney at times becomes visibly uncomfortable when trying to deliver an impromptu introduction or conclusion to his stump speeches. It’s produced some of his most well-known gaffes, like when he told a crowd in Detroit his wife drove a Cadillac in an attempt to make a connection with workers in the auto industry there

How was that a gaffe?

The campaign stopped on Sunday morning at a NASCAR Technical Institute in Mooresville, N.C.

Romney’s comments about NASCAR have not always been terribly diplomatic. In February at the Daytona 500, asked if he follows NASCAR, Romney remarked “I have some great friends that are NASCAR team owners.” The remark reinforced the idea that Romney is out-of-touch with the middle-class and can only relate to more wealthy people like himself…

Again, this was not a gaffe.

On the trail, Romney sometimes has trouble making connections to local business owners or dignitaries.

At a stop at the Stepto’s BBQ Shack in Evansville, Ind., last week, Romney thanked the owners who the restaurant is named after.

“I understand you’re a BBQ judge, is that right?” Romney asked owner Michael Stepto. “He’s on the circuit, he goes off doing test on other people’s BBQ, evaluating whether their up to standard or not. So we call you your honor, right?”

Stepto waved awkwardly from behind the counter as Romney continued.

“It’s good to be in your place of business, your honor,” he concluded to a smattering of polite laughter in the crowd.

Where is the gaffe there? There is none.

All of this is just part of the news media’s campaign to build up the lie that Romney can’t speak off prompter. Which is an effort we saw in spades during his gaffe-free trip abroad. — And never mind the irony.

By contrast, here is the Politico going to bat for their Obama campaign masters, by knocking down a report from the New York Time’s Jodi Kantor:

Obama camp: 1,000 attended ‘half-full’ fundraiser

By JENNIFER EPSTEIN | Sunday August 12, 2012

CHICAGO — Republicans quickly jumped on a report that President Obama’s largest fundraiser here Sunday was only “half full,” but the crowd for the event was larger than the Obama campaign had initially anticipated.

“At Obama fundraiser in Chicago. Admission only $51, but room is half full,” New York Times reporter Jodi Kantor wrote on Twitter.

The Romney campaign seized on Kantor’s estimate, as spokesman Ryan Williams tweeted, “Thrill is gone.” The Drudge Report also piled on, linking to Kantor’s tweet, which has been reposted by a few hundred others.

Aren’t those Republicans evil, the way they try to take advantage of every little thing?

(Kantor quickly followed up with additional tweets noting that only some tickets to the event cost $51 and that the campaign said the event was sold out.)

For the record, Jodi Kantor tweeted twice. First: “At Obama fundraiser in Chicago. Admission only $51, but room is half full.” And then later, Ms. Kantor added: “Just to clarify, tix *started* at $51. Obama campaign sez event was sold out, but room is about half full. Hmmm.”

Her second tweet does not sound anything like the way the Politico is trying to make it sound.

But the crowd for the afternoon fundraiser at the Bridgeport Art Center totaled 1,000, an Obama campaign official said – more than the 850-person estimate the campaign offered earlier in the weekend…

Apparently, Ms. Kantor did not get the memo. Let’s hope they don’t dock her pay.

And, to this reporter and several others in the White House press pool, the room seemed plenty full. There was empty space at the back of the large loft space during and immediately after the president’s remarks, but the crowd was densely packed to get close to the stage at the front of the room where Obama spoke.

Excellent work, Ms. Epstein. We are sure you can expect a little extra in your envelope this week from your DNC masters.

But the fact that the Politico devoted an entire article to this just shows that they realize how important such crowd numbers are. Which is exactly why they downplayed the Ryan numbers.

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3 Responses to “Politico Lowballs Ryan Crowd, Hikes Obama’s”

  1. untrainable says:

    … the room seemed plenty full. There was empty space at the back of the large loft space during and immediately after the president’s remarks. Sounds like a flock of chickens.

    Ever walk into an industrial sized chicken house? Every bird is allocated 1 square foot, but if you walk into the house, all the birds are jammed over into a corner (by their own choice), squished up on one another because that is flocking behavior. Whenever you put more than 100 democrats into a room they will exibit flocking behavior. They clap when they are told. They jeer when prompted. They swoon on cue. They don’t have minds of their own. They’re all loking to belong to the flock, so they all act as they see the others act. I find it funny that the head of the flock can’t get a crowd for a lousy $51/a head. And why $51? Why not $50? What’s the extra dollar for? And if they were sold out, where were the rest of the people who bought tickets? Was it a protest to say, “I’ll pay $51 to NOT listen to Obama speak.” ?

    • JohnMG says:

      Odumbo’s 51st birthday…….titillatingly symbolic, wouldn’t you say?

    • Right of the People says:

      A man is putting his father on the plane back to Africa after a visit and when they get to the counter they discover that they’re one dollar short of the ticket price. He tells his father to wait at the counter and goes out to see if he can get the dollar.

      He walks up to a man waiting in line.
      “Sir, I’m trying to send my father back to Africa and I need a dollar. Could you help?”
      The man digs into his pocket and pulls out a twenty.

      “Here you go, and have him take nineteen of his friends too.”

      I’d give them the money if it would shut the Ohole up.

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