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Politico: O-Care Mandate Won’t Hurt Anyone

From the Obama reelection flacks at the Politico:

Health care reform: Individual mandate will not affect most Americans

By J. LESTER FEDER | 3/26/12

The fight over the individual mandate has been so loud that people may think it will hit nearly everyone, whether they can afford health insurance or not.

But what’s usually overlooked is that the health reform law has so many exemptions that millions of Americans are likely to be off the hook, including a wide range of middle-class Americans. Most Americans already have coverage that satisfies the mandate.

Then why do we need Obama-Care and its $1.7 trillion dollar price tag?

And for the rest, the law would create rich subsidies that would help pay for coverage, even for families earning more than $90,000 a year.

Aren’t these "subsidies" supposed to be paid for by the mandate fines?

In fact, the mandate would be most likely to hit about 25 million people when it takes effect in 2014 — many of whom are younger, healthier people who were taking the chance of going without health insurance even though they might have been able to afford it — according to MIT economist Jonathan Gruber

Jonathan Gruber has been the Democrat Party’s ‘go to guy’ on the government take-over healthcare for decades. Gruber, who is an economist and not a healthcare expert, was the main architect of Obama-Care, and an advisor to Romney-Care. And his projections have been wrong at practically every turn.

Besides, aren’t these 25 million ‘young’ people going to mind being fined for not having healthcare when they probably don’t need it?

And never mind that according to the Census, 50.7 million people were uninsured in 2010. And even the CBO says that up to 20 million people more could lose their current employer-supplied coverage in the upcoming years, thanks to Obama-Care.

The mandate has become a powerful political symbol of the Affordable Care Act — Exhibit A of what the law’s critics call government overreach. And the Supreme Court will decide whether Congress overstepped its constitutional powers. But the volume of the debate is out of proportion to the number of people who would actually be affected.

Really? How kind of the Politico to report this as a fact in a supposed news article.

“I think this is a point that the law’s supporters haven’t emphasized enough: The mandate really applies to a select set of people,” said Gruber, who consulted on both the national law and Mitt Romney’s health care overhaul in Massachusetts, which has its own mandate

Thank goodness the Politico found such an objective expert to give us his authoritative opinion.

The poorest Americans are technically exempt from the mandate. But under the law’s Medicaid expansion, which also begins in 2014, they would get essentially free coverage anyway — because the program would cover people with incomes up to 133 percent of the federal poverty level. That would be about $30,000 for a family of four if the law were in effect this year.

Those with incomes between 133 percent and 400 percent of poverty — between around $30,000 and $92,000 for a family of four this year — will have to get insurance, but the law provides substantial subsidies to help make it more affordable.

And it’s all free! The mandate — which hardly anyone will have to pay — will fund it.

There are also exemptions for certain religious groups that object to medical insurance, Native American tribes and undocumented immigrants who are also ineligible for premium subsidies.

Remember, we were told that the reason we need mandates is because too many freeloaders are using our healthcare system. But illegal aliens are going to be exempt from the mandate, even though they will still get treated at any ’emergency room.’

The mandate was designed to ensure that people didn’t avoid paying into the health insurance system when they were healthy. The Obama administration and insurers fear that if the mandate is taken away but the requirement that insurers cover everyone who asks for it stays in place, premiums will skyrocket because only sicker, more costly people will enroll in coverage.

You see the mandate is going keep premiums from skyrocketing, even though it won’t affect hardly anyone.

Some experts question whether the mandate is actually strong enough to have more than a modest effect on enrollment because the federal penalty won’t be that costly — at least compared with the cost of health coverage. When it’s fully phased in, the penalty will be $2,085 or 2.5 percent of family income, whichever is greater

Does anyone in their right mind believe that this penalty won’t go through the roof when it is the only source of revenue to pay for the Democrats’ constituents who are going to be getting ‘free’ healthcare?

Anyway, the bottom line is that the real problem with the mandate is not how many people will be affected or how much it will cost. The problem is that it is completely unconstitutional. The federal government should not be in the business of telling us what we have to buy.

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3 Responses to “Politico: O-Care Mandate Won’t Hurt Anyone”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    At first blush….

    “Besides, aren’t these 25 million ‘young’ people going to mind being fined for not having healthcare when they probably don’t need it? ”

    25 million x $2,085 = $52.1 Billion. That’s assuming everyone who’s supposed to get healthcare insurance who doesn’t. And they get fined. Will they pay it? My guess is that half might, the other half, no way. They’ll get a surprise when they file a tax-return though. Then, they won’t file tax returns either.

    See, one has to understand that this whole thing is foisted on people who have no interest in having the government dictate their affairs. The excuse that “people who go to the ER who ‘aren’t paying their fair share” is a straw man argument, stated to make a BS case out of a crappy position, that being they want control over people.

    And nothing ever said about illegal immigrants who go to the ER for sniffles and all the way up to broken bones and cancer. And NEVER PAY A DIME, to insurance or otherwise.

    Yet, let’s take that $52.1B and halve it, just for the sake of argument. $26B in “income” generated by fines/penalty/tax, whatever it’s supposed to be called, which has no legs to stand on anyhow. It comes nowhere near the 1.7 TRILLION price tag of this horsesh*t piece of “legislation”.

    Nancy-pants STILL hasn’t read it but thinks she knows all about it, no doubt.

    So….I’ll have health insurance but…with the government squeezing the private insurance companies (which by itself has GOT to be covered under some law somewhere) there’s no telling how much longer that will last. My company, which pays part of my healthcare premium, may just elect to dump that on the basis of it being cheaper to pay the fine than to pay my healthcare tab, even though my work contract legally binds them to do so.

    A lot of things are in play here and what’s sickening most of all is the pure socialism of it. Being forced to do it. What kind of a nation have we become? A socialist one with a MINORITY of socialists who think they can get their way. As usual, as in all socialist countries, the people who voted this craptacular garbage on us are IMMUNE from it. However, where will they go to get a top specialist when they need a multi-million dollar procedure done just to stay alive? All the doctors will have gone out of business and only half-qualified nose-picker physicians will do anything.

    ProReason said it as well some months ago that any/all medical research, funded by private interests will stop. We will become the Soviet Union in medical capability. The United States has been a shining example of free-market capitalism but under the false claim that our medical system is somehow “unfair”, the national socialists saw an opportunity to grab power.

    Fruit-loop lefties think that the mandate is a “great thing”. Right-wingers like me know it’s a trap door.

    But while the SCOTUS is looking at the mandate today, one thing that’s being ignored is the thousands of pages of other crap in this “law” that encompasses every wet dream the national socialists have had since the 60’s and before. I hope and pray that it is struck down in its entirety. I fear it will, like so many other things, be partially adopted so that it’s a bastardization of a bad idea that will still be allowed to grow legs.

  2. Enthalpy says:

    As the foundation of the totalitarian transformation of the United States of America,O-Care will hurt everyone! Make no mistake, it does represent the camel’s nose under the tent.

  3. tranquil.night says:

    “Net izvestij v Pravde, i net pravdy v Izvestiya”

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