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Politico: Obama Is Pretending To Be A By-Stander

From an easily confused Politico:

Barack Obama’s passive voice

By EDWARD-ISAAC DOVERE | October 22, 2013

Once again, Barack Obama risks looking like a bystander to his own presidency.

Here’s what he did to kick off the week: assemble a crowd in the Rose Garden to hear him repeat how “frustrated” he was about the many problems that plagued the launch of the Affordable Care Act’s website, promise that a “tech surge” was already on its way to set those problems right and implore people to bear with him until they see what the program can do.

Here’s what he didn’t do: explain why those problems weren’t addressed before the Oct. 1 launch, why he didn’t seem to be aware of them before they went very public, or who would be suffering the consequences for any of it. He didn’t apologize. He announced, in broad terms, who would be coming in to help. But he didn’t say anything about who would be shown the exits.

Still, on the bright side, he didn’t try to blame George Bush.

His “nobody’s madder than me” Monday echoed the kinds of statements he’s repeatedly made about problems over the last few months — “Americans are right to be angry about it, and I am angry about it” (the IRS scandal), “It’s not as if I don’t have a personal interest” (the NSA scandal), “This is not a world we should accept” (Bashar Assad’s use of chemical weapons).

Someone at the Politico still remembers those ancient scandals?

He puts himself forward as a man frustrated with what’s happened on his watch, promising change, insisting that nothing of the sort could ever happen again.

That is, Obama is pretending that his right hand doesn’t know what his left hand is doing. And Obama is left handed.

There’s a level of semantic distance there, though, that often gets interpreted as an inherent refusal to take responsibility. Obama is, after all, the president. He has more than a little say in what happens within his own administration.

The hell you say.

And on this issue, at least, there’s no question the president has been very involved. Leading up to the launch of the website and the rest of the Obamacare rollout, the president was receiving regular briefings, even dropping in to occasional meetings that weren’t on his schedule. Part of the president’s frustration appears to stem directly from that involvement — the question of why wasn’t he given more accurate or expansive information, or a full sense of the problems once they started to appear

Huh? Why imagine that he’s frustrated when he doesn’t show it? A frustrated person would find out ‘whose ass to kick.’ (To quote Obama during the BP spill.)

Chalk it up to a difficult job that keeps him busy, or a personality that’s fundamentally more interested in inspiring change than the technicalities of making change happen, but the launch of Obamacare has already become the kind of “self-inflicted wound” that Obama’s always warning against

Unless he wants Obama-Care to fail. So that he can impose single payer. Which both he and Kathleen Sebelius have repeatedly announced they prefer, and by a wide margin.

And despite his pre-launch immersion, Obama himself appears to have been blindsided by the problems, then told — at least at first, when his attention was more pressingly focused on ending the government shutdown and negotiating away from breaching the debt limit — that he could discount them as just “glitches.” …

You see? Obama was blind-sided because he was too busy negotiating the CR and the debt ceiling. Both of which he completely refused to negotiate.

And that’s what differentiates the Obamacare situation from the other bumps in the president’s year. On the IRS scandal, he was angry about something that he didn’t have control over — and the controversy lay in the charge that the administration had been overly involved in the independent agency.

BS. Obama had complete control over what happened at the IRS. In fact, he was practically demanding what the IRS did to the Tea Party in every one of his speeches at the time.

On the NSA scandal, Obama was deeply involved in the debate beyond public view, but had no direct control over what Edward Snowden had access to, or what the former contractor decided to do with that access.

Snowden was not the scandal. The scandal was how much Obama increased surveillance on Americans in his tenure.

On Syria, the president had his plans forcibly changed by developments in Congress and internationally.

You see? Obama didn’t draw any unenforceable ‘red lines.’ He wasn’t to blame at all.

On each, Obama followed a pattern that’s become predictable through his presidency — whether on continuing issues like these, or events like the Gulf oil spill or his disastrous first debate with Mitt Romney: he remained visibly unfocused until the point of massive public embarrassment; then, suddenly, channeled a seemingly detached outrage; and finally — but only when the problem became all too apparent — acted forcefully to deal with it.

So how did Obama deal forcibly with the IRS scandal? The NSA scandal? With Syria? Or even the BP oil spill and Mitt Romney?

“The cycle of problems and politics is very much like the stages of grief, and denial is the one where people get stuck — he actually has always been good at moving past denial,” the former administration official said…

Really? All this sounds like Mr. Obama might be mentally unstable to us. Maybe if he would sign up for Obama-Care he could get that fixed.

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4 Responses to “Politico: Obama Is Pretending To Be A By-Stander”

  1. Noyzmakr says:

    “Chalk it up to a difficult job that keeps him busy, or a personality that’s fundamentally more interested in inspiring change than the technicalities of making change happen….”

    I’d say that president Ears is “fundamentally more interested” in only a few things. NCAA basketball championship brackets, cheeseburgers, calling ‘anyone because they will take his call’, and rubbing elbows with Hollywood whores and heroin addicts.

  2. Enthalpy says:

    Few see him for what he is; he’s an artificial construction. “The reality of the object has nothing to do with the construct.” Barack Obama has never been what he appears to be.

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