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Politico: Obama Wants Halo Effect With Pope Visit

From the Politico:

Obama seeks papal blessing


VATICAN CITY — President Barack Obama was once the biggest superstar on the international stage. On Thursday, he headed here to benefit from the popularity of his replacement: Pope Francis.

The visit was a rare chance for Obama to associate himself with a world leader whose cool factor far outweighs his own, and it comes at a critical time in his presidency. The White House is still recovering from what aides call a “lost year,” and the president’s job approval ratings at home are dipping to new lows…

The original Politico headline for this article was: ‘Obama wants halo effect.’ Which you would think The Messiah would be tired of by now.

But, in truth, the entire piece is written in a tone that is highly disrespectful of both the Pope and the Presidency. But this is what Obama has done with his antics.

Obama planned to use the closely watched meeting to show how aligned he is with the pope on income inequality, poverty and immigration — issues important to both the White House and Democrats as they try to paint Republicans as insensitive to the needs of Americans before the upcoming midterms.

“He needs the Francis bump,” said Chad Pecknold [sic], a theology professor at The Catholic University of America…

After all, there are no more Osama Bin Ladens to kill.

Obama didn’t plan to bring up the contraceptive mandate issue, a White House official said ahead of meeting, but the president would be willing to field any issues the pope brings up.

How gracious of him. Perhaps Obama can set the Pontiff straight on proper Church doctrine on that issue, too.

On income inequality in particular, Obama seems to see Francis as a kindred spirit — and important validator.

Unlike the right reverend Reverend Wright.

Launching his renewed income inequality push in December, Obama reminded people that the concerns he had were not unique to America but had been addressed by the pope “at eloquent length,” quoting Francis’s frustration that stock market dips were news but homeless people dying of exposure were not…

The homeless are only a non-story when a Democrat is in the White House.

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2 Responses to “Politico: Obama Wants Halo Effect With Pope Visit”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Saint Malachy’s end times Pope does the meet and greet with the anti-Christ.

  2. canary says:

    Obama’s gives Pope Seeds from White House & Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello Gardens

    Politico: President Obama has a gift for Pope Francis

    By Tal Kopan – Mar 27 2014

    Obama presented the Pope with a custom seed chest that included seeds for fruits and vegetables used in the White House garden, according to pool reports.

    “These I think are carrots,” the president said, holding a pouch, according to pool reports.

    “Each one has a different seed in it.

    The box is made from timber from the first cathedral to open in the United States, in Baltimore.”

    The chest is made from American leather and wood reclaimed from the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin May, a Baltimore, Md., cathedral that was the first major metropolitan cathedral built in the U.S. after the signing of the Constitution.

    Along with the seeds for the Vatican gardens, Thomas Jefferson’s home Monticello in Virginia will donate produce seeds to a charity of the Pope’s choice.

    “If you have a chance to come to the White House, we can show you our garden, as well,” Obama said.

    The Pope replied, in Italian, “Why not?”

    The Pope reportedly smiled and laughed frequently during the gift exchange.

    (Also on POLITICO: Obama seeks papal blessing)

    The Pope also presented Obama with two medallions, one of which was a symbol of the need for solidarity and peace between the two hemispheres. He also gave Obama a copy of Evangelii Gaudium, or “The Joy of the Gospel,”

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2014/03/obama-pope-francis-gift-105095.html#ixzz2xCklXMPf

    Pope Francis is probably wondering what was in the manila envelopes the former Pope recieved from Obama and Pelosi.

    And I’m sure Pope Francis gave him the Gospel as Obama never mentions Jesus Christ or Christians in a positive way.

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