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Politico: Obama’s Showing ‘Resolve and Strength’

From the Weekly Standard:

Politico: Obama Shows ‘Resolve and Strength’ By Shutting Government

By DANIEL HALPER | Oct 1, 2013

Virginia-based trade publication Politico says that President Obama is winning by shutting down the government.

"President Barack Obama started September in an agonizing, extended display of how little sway he had in Congress. He ended the month with a display of resolve and strength that could redefine his presidency," say Politico writers Edward-Isaac Dovere and Reid J. Epstein. "All it took was a government shutdown."

[From the Politico:] This was less a White House strategy than simply staying in the corner the House GOP had painted them intoto the White House’s surprise, Obama was forced to do what he so rarely has as president: he said no, and he didn’t stop saying no.

Can anyone name a single instance where Obama has ever compromised with the Republicans? Even the sequester was really his idea.

To affirm the position that Obama’s showing strength by shutting down the government, Politico quotes Obama himself, White House spokesman Jay Carney, OMB deputy director Brian Deese, Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg, and Democratic strategist Jim Manley. All of the quotations in the story are in support of the president and all are from Democrats.

So, in other words, it’s a typical Politico story.

Indeed, one even uses Politico to tell the president to continue blaming Republicans. "Manley advised Obama to make sure people continue to see Boehner and the House Republicans as the problem and not rush into any more negotiations until public outrage forces them to bend," writes Politico.

Because, according to the news media, compromise is only good when the Republicans do it.

By contrast, no Republicans are quoted in the story. And not one person skeptical of the president’s strategy not to negotiate with Republicans is quoted in the story.

"Best DNC press release ever," says one longtime Washington reporter. "Brad Woodhouse [the former DNC spokesman] should take notes."

This isn’t much of an article, really. But it does demonstrate the Herculean efforts the news media are taking to try save Obama’s second term. They are now pretending the government shutdown shows what a tremendously resolute leader Obama is. Because everyone knows he just got played by Putin on Syria.

So now, even though Obama is blaming the Republicans for the shutdown, and even though it was was really brought about by Harry Reid and the Democrats in the Senate — despite all that, the Politico is trying to give Obama credit for standing up to the evil Republicans and shutting down the government.

Even though he really hasn’t had little if anything to do with it.

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One Response to “Politico: Obama’s Showing ‘Resolve and Strength’”

  1. mr_bill says:

    “Obama was forced to do what he so rarely has as president: he said no, and he didn’t stop saying no. ”

    When has nerobama ever said ‘yes’ to spending cuts (I mean real spending cuts, not just a temporary decrease in the rate of increase).

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