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Politico: Polling In VA May Have Shaped Outcome

From a blameless Politico:

When polls go bad

By JAMES HOHMANN | November 6, 2013

Multiple public polls put Terry McAuliffe ahead by double digits in the closing weeks of the Virginia governor’s race. But when the results were tallied, he won by a mere 2.5 points… Already, many operatives are asking why the numbers were so skewed — and whether they helped shape the outcome.

Notice how the Politico doesn’t accept any of the blame. Despite their trumpeting these skewed polls and running articles like ‘Cuccinelli fights stench of doom,’ just three days ago.

Republican Ken Cuccinelli’s chief strategist said Wednesday that the polls were worse than wrong: He believes they badly hobbled his candidate’s viability and made a late comeback more difficult.

“Public polling is essentially a suppression tool used to demoralize our voters and dry up money, especially the latter,” Chris LaCivita told POLITICO…

Not to mention that they also destroy any chance at getting donations. Which is their other purpose.

But our side has been saying all of this for years. And, of course, we have been roundly mocked for it.

But McAuliffe pollster Geoff Garin said he never believed the public polling. His numbers always showed it would be a close race. His final poll, finished last Thursday, had McAuliffe up three points, 45 percent to 42 percent, with Libertarian Robert Sarvis pulling 5 percent…

The Washington Post’s final survey — published eight days before the election — put McAuliffe up 12 points, propelled by a 24-point lead among women. Network exit polls showed McAuliffe only carried women by 9 points Tuesday, the same margin as Obama last year.

Four statewide polls of “likely voters” released in the final week showed McAuliffe ahead by 7 points: Quinnipiac, Rasmussen, Christopher Newport University and Public Policy Polling…

The Post’s pollsters said Cuccinelli performed better among Republicans and independents than they expected.

“The toxic environment for Republicans in the wake of the partial government shutdown opens the possibility that poll respondents were reluctant to voice support for Cuccinelli in surveys for fear of being seen as supporting a party under intense public criticism,” Peyton Craighill and Scott Clement wrote in a blog post…

Still, to be fair to the news media, maybe a lot of conservatives are afraid to tell pollsters whom they support because they are afraid they will get targeted by the IRS. Being crazy paranoids.

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  1. GetBackJack says:

    Maybe we should have left Poland in the hands of Communist Russia …

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