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Politico: Recall Has Made Walker A GOP Hero

From the Politico:

Has recall election made Scott Walker a GOP hero?

By: Robin Bravender
May 24, 2012

Democrats leapt at the chance to use Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker to send a message to all the budget-cutting, union-busting conservatives across the land: If you mess with Big Labor, there’s a heavy price to pay.

But if you shoot at the king, you’d better not miss. And with Walker suddenly looking as if he might survive the recall, it appears he’s only been grazed.

Isn’t this the kind of violent imagery the news media tells us we need to eschew? It sure looks like the Politico is disappointed that Walker hasn’t been killed. At least, metaphorically.

Now, instead of tacking Walker’s pelt to their door as a warning to any who would follow him, there’s a prospect the whole thing might backfire by elevating Walker into a tested-by-fire, conservative cult-hero and exposing the limits of the Democrats’ ability to exact revenge in the next statehouse where they’re wronged.

Can’t you just see the smoke coming from this reporter’s ears?

All the big GOP players now know Walker’s story by heart. Republican billionaires and megadonors are suddenly well-acquainted with him as well.

And if he wins in the June 5 recall against Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett (D) — which polls suggest he’s likely to do — his trajectory will very likely be even higher.

Not only will Walker be lionized by his GOP colleagues for embarrassing Big Labor and forcing the left to pour cash down the drain in a presidential election year, he’ll be credited with making the state more competitive for Mitt Romney

Which, of course, is the real crime here. For the news media, all roads lead to re-electing Obama.

National GOP donors have rushed to his defense, helping him rake in more than $25 million since January 2011 — with more than $13 million raised in just over three months earlier this year. That included $500,000 from Bob Perry — who helped fund the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth attacks against John Kerry in 2004 — and $250,000 from Sheldon Adelson, a GOP super donor who poured millions into the super PAC that backed Newt Gingrich’s presidential bid.

Outside groups have also formed a defensive line around Walker. Americans for Prosperity, a conservative group backed by the billionaire Koch brothers, spent more than $1.5 million on ads defending the governor in the first three months of 2012, according to the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign

You remember all the articles from the Politico detailing the money that has poured into Wisconsin from the unions and Democrat fat cats, don’t you? We don’t, either.

But here the Politico neatly ties Walker to the Swift Boaters, and Sheldon Adelson and even the uber evil Koch brothers. That is real professional journalism.

It’s hardly the outcome that labor organizers and progressive activists envisioned when they celebrated the collection of one million signatures last winter — nearly twice as many as they needed to force a Walker recall

Even though no one knows or even cares how many of those signatures were from Mickey Mouse and other fictitious beings.

Andy Stern, former president of the Service Employees International Union, said the left will likely have some regrets if Walker comes out on top next month — including remorse about how the primary contest played out between Barrett and the labor movement’s favored candidate, former Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk.

“That was a key distraction,” Stern said. “It not only drained resources, it also reframed the issue into a more traditional electoral issue and not one of whether the governor deserves to be recalled.” …

How wonderful. They are already selecting their scapegoats.

Stern said Walker has “every right to crow a little if he wins,” but said the labor movement shouldn’t worry about Walker becoming a powerful force in the national Republican Party. “Unless someone is looking for the crazy uncle in the attic, the guy you can trot out who’s like the red cape is to a bull.”

You will notice that nowhere in this article is it even suggested that Scott Walker might defeat the recall election because he is popular. And that he is popular for standing up to the union thugs.

So far Gov. Walker has saved Wisconsin at least $1 billion taxpayer dollars so far by ending collective bargaining with the public sector unions. And he did it without laying off any teachers or firemen or cops.

Which is really why the unions hate him. And why they think he is a dangerous example to the rest of the country. And why they are pig biting mad about it.

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6 Responses to “Politico: Recall Has Made Walker A GOP Hero”

  1. wirenut says:

    The gratification from stomping on liberal dreams—-priceless!
    On Wisconsin!

  2. untrainable says:

    Walker has saved Wisconsin at least $1 billion taxpayer dollars so far by ending collective bargaining with the public sector unions. And he did it without laying off any teachers or firemen or cops.

    Walker should pull a page from the Obama playbook and play up the number of jobs saved. In the playbook of the One it specifically states, “Saved jobs can be any number you like. The Goldy-Locks number. Not so big as not to be believed, but not so small as not to sound like a miracle.” How many jobs has Obie saved so far? 3 or 4 billion?

  3. BigOil says:

    Walker is showing us how it is done. Never fear the left. Is the Republican party paying attention?

  4. Anonymoose says:

    NO layoffs–exactly right! The unions are mad they’re not getting more perks, cushy retirements, and guaranteed employment no matter how bad they screw up, but a job is better than none. There’s no money–either work on what you can be paid or don’t work at all.

    In the great liberal enclaves like Detroit and California teachers are facing layoffs and cutbacks as the system collapses from lack of tax income and these deserved perks they refuse to give up. Too bad, you can’t vote yourself more money when there is none.

  5. Mithrandir says:

    As with any liberal article, they love to NAME NAMES, as a wink-wink, psst, these are your enemies you need to hunt down and attack. (and they ALWAYS need a dragon to slay don’t they)

    Rule # 723: There are no excuses for conservatives, there are innumerable excuses for liberals.

    Another tactic is to sorta-kinda tell the truth, but eliminate important facts depending on who it helps or hurts.
    Ex: “Outside of the killings, Washington has one of the Lowest crime rates in the country.”
    ― Mayor Marion Barry, Washington , DC

    It’s this kind of outright propaganda, you have to defend against in your daily life.

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