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Politico: Ryan Plan Puts Senior Vote In Play

From an ever so subtle Politico:

Ryan plan puts elderly vote in play

By: Glenn Thrush and Abby Phillip
April 27, 2011

Democrats still smarting from their 2010 mid-term defeat see Republican Rep. Paul Ryan’s controversial plan to overhaul Medicare as political aspirin, a cure for just about everything that ails them.

But for Barack Obama it’s more like Geritol — a targeted treatment for his chronic aches and pains with older voters…

What ageism!

Over-65 voters have given Obama the lowest marks of any age cohort in every weekly Gallup presidential approval survey taken since Obama took office. Last week, only 36 percent of seniors approved of his performance, seven points less than Obama’s overall approval rating and 12 points lower than his positive rating among 18-to-24 year-olds.

But Ryan’s plan, embraced by most Republicans, gives Obama a big opportunity in 2012 to regain lost ground in key battleground states and narrow the generation gap. “It finally gives us an argument to make with seniors… It’s a godsend,” said a Democratic operative allied with Obama who sees the issue as a way to make up lost ground with seniors in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Iowa and Florida…

And what is the Democrat argument? That we shouldn’t do anything and just let Medicare run out of money so that nobody gets it? Yes, that is very convincing.

Ryan’s proposal, passed hastily by House Republicans to cement their budget cutting bona fides, would replace the widely popular public health care plan for seniors with private vouchers. The plan wouldn’t impact anyone currently over 55, but Ryan and other Republicans have faced raucous protests back in their home districts this week

No political bias there. And never mind that some variation of Ryan’s plan has been in the works for a very long time. Oh, and never mind that these so-called "raucous protests," if they even exist, are the work of Democrat operatives and their union goons.

For Democrats burned by home district health care protests two summers ago – and torched by the GOP over Medicare last fall – the turnabout is delightful.

No matter how contrived and non-existent.

The Democratic wipeout in the midterms owed much to Republican claims that Obama’s health reform law would slash $500 billion from Medicare over the next decade.

"Claims" which just happen to be true. Unlike the vague clams being made against the Ryan plan. And the money Mr. Obama ‘saved’ by these cuts is not going to be used to save Medicare, but to buy the Democrats more union votes.

Obama’s own framework for Medicare reform has been vague, with guarantees of continued care and savings from efficiencies and streamlined care

You see, if we are just more efficient everything will take care of itself. Yes, that is quite a responsible "framework."

Obama, for his part, is hoping that the backlash will force the GOP to accept a “grand compromise” that includes a much less radical entitlement reform and revenue-enhancing changes to the tax code

Mr. Obama’s "grand compromise" amounts to keeping Medicare exactly as it is – and raising taxes. Unfortunately, there is not enough money in the world to keep Medicare funded the way it is currently structured.

Moreover, whatever revenue that might be raised with new taxes would just go to other Democrat social justice programs. Just as it always does.

Obama himself has been reluctant to stage senior-specific events. He has no plans at the moment to explicitly target them, preferring instead all-age events that stress the importance of entitlement issues for a range of generations, administration officials say…

Oh, Mr. Obama is targeting seniors, all right. Granted, not in the way the Politico means. But Obama-care is all about targeting seniors.

Indeed, it would not be much of a stretch to believe that Mr. Obama actually hates old people. Have you ever seen him campaign around them? Of course, it is quite understandable, since many old people still retain a view of the world that Mr. Obama wants everyone to forget as quickly as possible.

Nevertheless, that won’t stop our news media from pretending that ‘grassroots’ seniors are up in arms against the GOP plan. After all, the rent-a-mobs have already been hired.

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3 Responses to “Politico: Ryan Plan Puts Senior Vote In Play”

  1. Right of the People says:

    “Oh, Mr. Obama is targeting seniors, all right. Granted, not in the way the Politico means. But Obama-care is all about targeting seniors.”

    Obie wants to make them Soylent Green since they don’t vote for him and therefore are useless. However if they’re in the cemetery, his old buddy Rahm can get out the vote for him Chicago style. Remember the Democrat motto: Vote early and often.

  2. tranquil.night says:

    Democrat operatives, union goons, and rent-a-mobs, AKA the ‘grassroots.’

    This completes the hat-trick.

    For those of you who’ve read Steve in the past 24 hours, you’ve just witnessed the creation and evolution of a completely fraudlent political narrative that will now become conventional wisdom among Republican leadership in Washington. It already was, this is just the obligatory report by the Left to stir that particular cage in their minds – Bush’s Social Security reform effort – back into open paranoia, among the populous of course (where it’ll be less than effective) but particularly the Republicans in Congress.

    They are on a 24/7 lie offensive from all fronts.

  3. proreason says:

    A Rush caller had a great idea.

    Republicans should repeal the part of ObamyScare that redicrected $500B from Medicare to ObamyScare. Win win. Either Obamy would have to veto it or let it stand.

    The flaw in the plan, of course, is that the bill would never pass the senate. But I still like the idea to publicize something that a lot of seniors may not know.

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