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Politico Sobs: Democrats’ Brutal Weekend

From a tear stained Politico:

The Democrats’ brutal weekend

By: James Hohmann
October 17, 2010

More bad polls. More bad fundraising numbers. More dreary talk on the Sunday shows.

It added up to a brutal weekend for Democrats, as the consensus among election analysts, already bearish on the party’s prospects, took a turn for the worse over the past 48 hours.

In the eyes of the experts, the House Democratic majority most likely won’t survive Nov. 2, with political handicappers expanding their predictions to envision the possibility of a Democratic wipeout.

Analyst Stu Rothenberg pegs the number of competitive seats at 100. Charlie Cook says it’s 97. Virtually all of those seats are held by Democrats.

Rothenberg is predicting a likely Republican gain of 40 to 50 seats, with 60 seats possible. Republicans need a net pickup of 39 seats to take the House.

One House Democrat, reflecting widespread conversations with his colleagues, guessed Sunday that his party will lose 50 seats. Many, he said, are calling with urgent pleas for more contributions.

The Senate may stay in Democratic hands — but only by the narrowest of margins, so slim that it will make a handful of moderates from both parties the only people who will decide whether anything gets done

Meaning, that once again there will still be enough "moderates" RINOS on the GOP’s side of the aisle to ram through more liberal Democrat legislation — or prevent any rollbacks.

In the House, at least 40 House Democrats were outraised by GOP opponents. In the Senate, the Republican candidate had the third-quarter fundraising edge in all but three of the top 20 races, according to a POLITICO review of campaign finance data

Even if we were to believe these figures, and we don’t, the Democrats still have a huge advantage in resources thanks to their bureaucrat, union and welfare foot soldiers.

Some of these groups have turned their attention to even second- and third-tier GOP candidates hoping to catch some Democrats by surprise — or at least lure some Democratic dollars away from more winnable races…

Obama was stumping in Columbus, Ohio, Sunday, but even he is struggling to close the enthusiasm gap. A poll released Sunday by The Associated Press and Knowledge Networks showed many voters who supported Obama in 2008 on track to stay home or support Republicans. One quarter of those who cast ballots for Obama are planning to or thinking about voting Republican this year, according to the poll

Which just makes us wonder what are the other three quarters thinking? Are they willing to watch our country be destroyed rather than admit that they made a mistake two years ago?

Still, how demoralizing all this must be for the Politico. They clearly thought the polls would tighten in the final two weeks, just like they always do. They still don’t realize quite how different this year is.

By the way, according to Bill Kristol at the Weekly Standard, even Dennis Kucinich could be in trouble. Of course he could always get that job at the UN greeting space aliens.

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15 Responses to “Politico Sobs: Democrats’ Brutal Weekend”

  1. proreason says:

    If some of their own are saying 50 seats, then 100 really is possible.

    If a surprise poll shows Munchkinovich in trouble, then how many other surprises are still not discovered?

    Only a tsunami of rejection will make a dent in the assault on freedom.

    The victory has to be so overwhelming that even the hollow-cheeked state press must break down and admit it.

    The remaining Dimocrats must have their bowels moved. Only that will cause enough of them to abandon their dreams of becoming lifetime commissars and rediscover that they are Americans. If enough do, and it is possible with a large enough victory, than the veto power of darthobama can be countered.

    • untrainable says:

      Pro, Dick Morris was predicting 100 seats in the senate a couple of weeks ago. I find it difficult to predict a number that high, but I agree it’s better than we thought even a couple of weeks ago.

      But no tsunami of rejection will be enough to make a dent in Obama’s little power fantasy. The degree of self absorption, which he demonstrates more each day, will totally preclude any realization about the real reason that dems lost the house. Over the last 2 years we’ve heard that the problems are because of Bush. Then we heard that it was evil Wall Street bankers (then they got a bailout). Then it was evil insurance dealers. Then it was the real estate bankers and their evil “predatory lending”. Then it was evil republicans telling lies about what he’s doing. And over the weekend it finally came down to the stupid electorate. We are scared and stupid and that’s why the numbers are so low. No matter what happens in the elections, Obama is not going to back off on his socialist takeover of America. Once the elections are over, we need to keep our BOOT on his THROAT to at least keep him from making any more “change”. The best we’ll be able to get is two years of gridlock.

    • proreason says:

      “no tsunami of rejection will be enough to make a dent in Obama’s little power fantasy”

      yes….which is why I say bowels must be moved to the level to override the veto pen, or better yet, to impeach him.

      I know it’s not likely, but in December 2008, who would have thought that an overwhelming victory in 2010 was possible..

      If 100 seats change hands in the house, Republicans will have a 64.4% majority. 2/3 required to overturn a veto……only 10 bowel challenged Blue Dogs.

      If the Senate is 52-48 Repubs, 15 bowel challenged dimwit Senators will be needed to overturn a veto.

      It isn’t likely……but if the pressure remains. If people continue protesting, if the fury doesn’t abate, if the petitions continue, If the Republicans are agressive, some surprising things may happen.

      Imagine if the Republicans immediately repeal Obamycare, and the moron vetoes it, and the House overturns the veto. There will be tremendous pressure on the Senate to do the same. It still probably would not happen, but what if they then reapal the Stick-it-to-us, and the same process is followed. And then a bill is introduced to return Student Loans to the private sector, and then and then and then. Imagine if polling then show every Dimwit Senator underwater for re-election. Imagine if strong candidates announce for every single Senate seat. Imagine if the rallies begin to attract 2 or 3 million people. The pressure on the senate might become to great to resist.

      This is the outcome we should demand.

    • tranquil.night says:


      Those photos on Drudge totally sent my mind there too.


      I have faith that all the internal indicators are pointing in the direction Dick Morris saw. The anger and anxiety over this regime never abated, from the townhalls last summer, to ramming ObamaCare down, to now – the Tea Party didn’t just tear itself apart or fizzle but is a rapidly evolving, ever increasingly sophisticated mechanism of the united rugged individuals that make this country work.

      I like to dream that the destruction of the Corruptocrat party is possible and likely with the boy-king in charge on the one-way course he’s taken it. The worry is if the country can ‘absorb’ some of the time-bombs it’s sitting around. Surely if things get bad enough, the political realignment will only be further solidified and the lessons even more painfully etched into history.

      But laying down the facts pragmatically and agressively should make getting those bowel-impacted moderates and blue dogs to compromise with us not extremely difficult. They’re already sheltering with us on extending the tax cuts. It’s just a matter of further isolating Obama like he sought to do, relentlessly pushing the margins of discussion back to sanity and truth, doing so by exposing the criminal intent and action behind everything with the regime’s prints on it.

      The Country Class isn’t holding back, and they’re expecting the same from this new cycle of battle-tested representatives. The narrative is in our control as long as we’re united in understanding and cause.

    • proreason says:

      Step 2 should be the immediate repeal of all elements of the Obama agenda. There should be no compromising or shaving around the edges. It is too disastrous to be salvageable. If the Bush tax cuts are allowed to expire by the thugs in 2010, then they should also be immediately passed in January 2011. Let the Moron go on record to veto them.

      Chances are, this will be the legislative game for 2011. We should demand that the Republicans convert the bowel challenged to overcome the veto. If not, the Republicans should pass the repeals again and again. Force the Moron to veto them 20 times.

      The second element of 2011 should be a communication plan that is put in place and hammered home throughout the year.
      – Private enterprise is what creates jobs. Like the past 230 years.
      – Private enterprise only grows when taxes are reasonable and regulations necessary. Like the past 230 years.
      – Taxes, Spending and Senseless Regulation ruins economies. Like 2009 and 2010, Carter and the Depression.
      – Such policies are anti-business and anti-American. There is no need to throw away two centuries of success because one Moron lies that 8 years changed the very basis of life. That is unmitigated nonsense.
      – But capitalism is resilient and there might be a rebound in jobs or the GDP. If so, it will be IN SPITE OF the Obama agena.
      – If jobs rebound, business leaders must hammer that they are hiring because of optimism now that Republicans are taking control.
      – If the stock market does well, the Republicans must take credit for it and explain why.
      – If inflation increases, the Republicans must explain why Obama’s policies are making it happen.
      – Obama cannot be allowed to take credit for anything.
      – Obama must be relentlessly hammered as a European Socialist who doesn’t even see what Europe sees.

      Step 3 is the campaign to dethrone the Moron.
      – Every possible Republican candidate is night and day better than Obama
      – This will be the rebirth of the United States
      – The President will only be the leader of a movement. He or she isn’t expected to be perfect. But he or she is expected to complete the reversal of the Obama course and sign the repeal of the Obama agenda.

      Step 4 is the national debate and restructuring of Big Government and Entitlements.
      – This time it WILL be a debate
      – It’s a national security issue as well as a social issue.
      – Paul Ryan’s plan should be the starting point.
      – The starting point should be a debate about principles. i.e.: guided by the Constitution, free market principles, government role to decrease rather than increase, retire the debt within x years, balanced budgets, no changes to seniors already collecting the money they paid into the system for decades, no new retirement or welfare payments to be considered until the debt is reduced to zero, government compensation to be no more than comparable private industry, no new government departments for 2 decades at least, government workers to never again be as high a % of the country as now, etc.
      – No talking down to the public. The restructuring process will take at least ten years. No new benefits. Etc.
      – Senior citizens retiring in the future are likely to receive Social Security and Medicare payments later in life than they do today. The reasons must be explained.
      – The legislation needs to be short, based on clear principles, and written in language that any citizen can understand.
      – No legislation to be shoved down the throat of a majority.
      – The process must be second primary goal of the years 2012 to 2016. (the first being the repeal of Obama’s crimes)

      Step 5:
      – Constitutional amendments to prevent the rise of the criminals again.

    • Petronius says:

      Great agenda, pro. Provided that the US economy and monetary system don’t implode before we complete Step 3.

      Because if helter skelter comes down, Nerobama will make himself dictator for life.

  2. hushpuppy says:


    Those photos on Drudge totally sent my mind there too.

    That photo of darthobama reminded me of a look I saw years ago watching an episode of Star Trek. It was called Charlie X. When he wanted to ‘get even’ with something or someone, he’d get ‘The Look’ :


    I’m trying to remember how long ago it was when Rush made a comment along the lines of it wouldn’t surprise him if Obama was cracking up.

    There’s a duality to him that I find unsettling: the wispy ‘barely there’ girly, effeminate side (like the picture of him and Sharpton that Steve posted) and the pure arrogant one that we’re seeing more of: the head tilted back look that dictators have (like Hitler, Il Duce and Gadaffy) which includes the ‘evil eye’ look that shows his ‘other side’.

    Unstable? I wonder what kind of outbursts the WH has been privy to.

  3. proreason says:


    I think he’s insane.

    How can you be sane and willfully resist the demands of 60-70% of your country.

    As Lincoln said, it’s government of the people, by the people, for the people.

    To forcibly overrule the overwhelming voice of the people is surely a marker of insanity.

    Has there ever been another president who did so for an entire agenda? no way. not even close

    • hushpuppy says:

      More and more he’s starting to remind me of a willful little 3 year old brat who needed to get his ass paddled instead of being coddled by idiot ‘white folk’ pretending to be happy and oh! so liberal…

      …there’s a saying: “Stupid liberal white women will prove how democratic they are by only sleeping with black men.”

      While this sounds very ‘liberating’, they only thing they are doing is rebelling against their parents while simultaneously despising their own race. Thus by having children by black men, they convince themselves to be superior to other white women with white children.

      And with so many black men fecundating so many willing white women without commitment of marriage, they are bringing to birth an entire generation of children distanced from both blacks and whites being simultaneously both and neither. This, in turn, will engender some kind of racial animosity. It has to.

      Therefore these poor innocent children don’t have a good chance in overcoming all the animus from both sides.

      Add to the mixture of so many black men to have umpteen children by umpteen willing black women without the commitment of marriage, this also impacts children as they either don’t know who their father is, where their father is – including jail, gang members or dead, or being told by their mommies that their daddy is a bad person.

      What kind of stability do these children have? Next to none – so when they grow up they become even more unstable, with the only difference being a lifetime of willful behavior and acting out. Without a father figure in their lives to lend stability and teach what ‘family’ is, the kids have zero discipline and become walking egos. The crack in their person eventually widens until it breaks, but by then it’s too late for anyone in their cross hairs to escape the madness.

      Enter the dictator.

    • Adam Moreira says:

      @hushpuppy – if the parent in a one-parent household instills strict discipline (hard but by no means impossible), success is always possible.

      I hate the idea of crutches being used; with two parents, one parent, or other legal guardians in the house, a child can succeed, depending on the fitness of the parent(s). The cycle can be broken, even in a single-mom (or in rarer cases, a single-father) household. One does not necessarily need a father figure to be taught discipline.

      As for the idea of children distanced from both blacks and white being both and neither, it does not engender racial animosity if the parent(s) raise the child properly…but therein lies the problem: Too many parents and not enough “parents”, if you get my drift.

      Relevance to the original topic at hand: The under-18 upbringing of a person may indeed be relevant, going forward.

    • Petronius says:

      pro : “As Lincoln said, it’s government of the people, by the people, for the people.”

      It was Lincoln who said it, but it was the Confederates who fought and died for it.

      And I have no doubt that Nerobama would be equally willing to sacrifice 620,000 lives so that he, too, might boast, “Not on my watch.”

      Indeed, he’d also throw in the Chamber of Commerce, the Arizona state legislature, and the entire staff at Kopp’s Custard just for good measure.

    • canary says:

      tranquil nite. darthobama photo is how Obama looks in the morning. He admitted being grouchy, and Michelle telling him he was quote “mean”.

      I’ve heard to accounts that Bush was an early riser, and especially early & committed to making national security meetings. On the other hand Obama gets up late, and we know how long his General waited til he got a chance to meet with him for 20 entire minutes.

  4. hushpuppy says:

    Adam – your remarks are right on target: it depends upon the parent(s) and proper discipline. (including a spanking when needed)

    And you’re right about another thing: in that one doesn’t necessarily need a father figure to teach discipline. But~ a father is more than a figure who disciplines…

    …a father is the head of the house, the main/only breadwinner and a teacher: he teaches his daughter(s) what to look for in a husband just as a mother teaches her son(s) what to look for in a future wife.

    This isn’t done so much by words as by deeds: I’m a ‘daddy’s girl’ with grandchildren and grey hair. My dad (God bless him) was the best father anyone could ever hope for; and it’s this kind of interaction with children that teaches children what’s important: family

    It’s family that brings stability to a home, and it’s family that provides a healthy foundation for society.

    It’s not the artificial definition of ‘family’ that has been foisted upon us by social engineers, lesbians and women’s libs. It’s not the artificial definition of ‘family’ foisted upon us by EGALE or NAMBLA either with an assorted parade of misfits and weirdos in twos or threes ‘raising’ children…

    I have never seen any homosexual or lesbian acknowledge the role of the heterosexual family being the cornerstone and foundation of a healthy and prosperous society…but while they do their best to mock traditional families, they then go and pretend they can be a traditional family!

    Both men and women have tremendously important roles in raising happy, well-adjusted children inside the family. This cannot be duplicated in an artificial environment of same sex living arrangements; and it goes well beyond the role of discipline.

    I remember reading an article a few years back written by a family therapist who was clearly worried about the negative effects the new definition of ‘family’ (which includes same sex living arrangements) would inevitably have for the next generation… the generation of the kids who are growing up now in these experimental situations.

    I don’t care how loud or vicious or strident homosexuals and lesbians get trying to force their way of thinking upon society… the simple fact of the matter is there are two sexes – who cannot fully function with the same potential for the good of the family and society, who cannot provide the proper leadership, the proper teaching of men’s and women’s roles, who cannot function nor live – without the opposite sex providing the one thing they need: children – the basic need, desire and hope of the next generation to extend the family tree.

    So if you look at it from a Biblical point of view: God created two sexes and condemned homosexuality and lesbian behavior making it a capital offense. And if you look at it from an evolutionary standpoint, homosexuals and lesbians are an aberration and a built-in obsolescence designed to breed out the aberration. Where homosexuals and lesbians go right off the rails are to announce ‘God made them that way’. Since they’ve come to realize they can no longer announce they were born that way for obvious evolutionary reasons, they’re now trying to pin this aberration on God – which is also irrational as well as illogical because anyone can pick up a Bible and go from Genesis to Revelation and read where God condemns homosexuality and lesbianism.

    And furthermore – I don’t care how much butchery cosmetic surgery these people have, they are no more the opposite sex than before the procedures!

    They will never be completely normal, and they could never teach the basics of family and relationships no matter how much they pretend they could.

    Coco Rico – if you’re reading this, I welcome an open and brutally honest discussion with you. No name-calling, no put-downs, and please don’t get into referring to me as a ‘homophobe’. I’m not afraid of you. I just completely disagree with your ‘lifestyle’ choices.

    So- are you willing to have that kind of discussion? I’m all ‘ears’.

    • proreason says:

      From the perspective of survival of the fittest, the purpose of life is to continue. Not trying to get in any theological arguments here, just suggesting the most basic human need is self preservation; hence species preservation.

      How homosexuality advances the species is beyond me.

      ‘Scientists’ spend an extraordinary amount of time looking for gay animals in other species. They think they have found a handful in the last few decades. Yet various reports claim that up to 10% of the human species is ‘gay’. I don’t buy it. A fraction of 1% is more like it if you subtract the mass media’s propaganda machine. The other portion of the 9% that isn’t an outright lie, are taught.

      Maybe creative queers could argue that by taking weak links (themselves) out of the gene pool, the genome is strengthened. But if they argue that, they better not squirt for any fertility centers.

  5. canary says:

    I think there is a small minority of people who are physically born with an abnormality that can cause sexual
    identity problems. There are psychological issues that can lead physically normal individuals to lead homosexual lives such as an environment of abuse, perversion, & being taught wrong.
    Now, society is condoning, & encouraging people to become gay. Deceiving people to question their sexual identity. And it’s starting in the school. For example Obama’s choice teacher to head Education agenda, wanting schools for sexual deviant children to attend to fit in. A place where anything goes if it makes you feel good.
    Start with the media, the growth of reality shock shows, rock stars, to a point children are immune to the
    abnormality of it. Don’t fully grasp how yukky it is. Take Madonna & Britney Spears (an idol of young teens at the time) kissing on television. Madonna’s husband was not happy of the spit sharing, and Madonna bragging of telling her daughter it was just the big star giving the smaller star some of her power. So,
    I’d call that child abuse to teach her daughter that, and her daughter could take up the practice & not even know for goodness sakes you can needlessly catch a cold or disease.
    The pushing of homosexuality is more dangerous than just the possibility of catching a cold. When AIDS surfaced, the gays were furious & raged. I recall the picture of the man with his fist up, holding the sign “our power is with AIDS”. To intentionally spread AIDS to hookers & women to pressure the effort for a cure. Selfish. Immoral, dangerous, hideous. Why would someone who struggles with sexual identity want their child to go through it. Misery loves company I guess. It’s become a cancer.
    While the schools allow girls in elementary school to kiss, and punish any child that complains, or says yuk, their gay, but a boy can’t kiss a girl in kindergarten is insane. In the older grades as the schools give books full of profanity, sexuality such as the book the giver, immorality, if a teen calls another “fag” it’s worse than a teen beating another teen. And children today are so different that talk this way to their friends that aren’t even gay. “fag. your so lame, dude.”.
    Gay people are more apt to be beat up or killed by their gay partner or lover, than they are some hateful
    person. There was a time we’d think. I’m glad I’m not gay. I’d hate to be in his or her shoes. But, the real hate has come from the gay & bisexual community itself. I do not by anyone being born bisexual, and think it’s just the more the merrier.
    Take that politician who stood an announced he was resigning after a gay affair with his overpaid aid, while his wife stood next to him, holding their baby daughter. That was pure selfishness for him to have an affair while his wife was pregnant endangering her & their baby. It was a total lack of control, just as Bill Clinton couldn’t do without while dis-serving the country.
    The growing gay community is not more people being gay that what we believed, it’s the growth of selfishness & even sexual addiction, always trying to take sex to a higher level.
    As far as religion goes. We are all sinners & fall short. But, the most religion most liberals today are saying treat each other as you would want to be treated…well, it is selfish for gays to raise children, however they get a child. Children want to please their parents, and most likely the child is going to at least become bi-sexual.
    Perhaps, when mean children teased a child about their gay parents, or about their being gay, they can have a chance. I am definitely against teasing. It’s just I don’t believe you can count on gay parents to tell their child, the chances are slim you are gay. I hope you aren’t, or I hope you are not gay as your life will be more difficult; more drama, complexity, and strife. Teasing the child is wrong & mean and shouldn’t be done, but, lately I’ve been more of a realist when speaking of the issue.
    And television always makes the gay roles funny. They are lovable, or cute. Or they show a gay person discriminated against. Where’s the reality of the very dark side gays live, and share with non-gay people.
    Where’s the reality.

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