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Politico: ‘Unclear If Hillary And Obama Actually Hugged’

From the Politico:

‘Hug summit’ for Obama, Clinton


The “hug summit” finally took place Wednesday night.

President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton mingled amiably at a party on the elite vacation enclave of Martha’s Vineyard, a day after the former secretary of state called the president to make clear she meant no ill will in a complex interview about foreign policy with The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg that was published over the weekend.

What was complex about that interview? Hillary knew she had to run to the left to try to beat Obama in 2008. And now she knows, since she has no Democrat opposition, she has to run to the right to try to beat any Republican nominee.

The two saw each other at a party thrown by longtime Clinton friend Vernon Jordan and his wife, Ann, on Martha’s Vineyard, where Clinton held a book-signing for her memoir “Hard Choices,” and where Obama and his family are vacationing.

Hillary has her book signings. Obama has his fundraisers. Even when they should be vacationing. They are such slaves to duty.

According to a read-out from White House officials, the party was a birthday celebration for Ann Jordan at the Farm Neck Golf Club with about 150 guests, including Bill and Hillary Clinton. President Obama gave the first toast, followed by Hillary Clinton and Vernon Jordan.

This entire Politico article reads like a typically over the top obsequious report from a North Korean newspaper, chronicling the daily earth-shaking activities of their dear leaders. Of course, so much of our media’s reporting on Obama and Hillary sounds that way.

Which, we suppose, is why there was so much consternation in the media when there appeared to be a schism at the top. But thankfully, it was quickly ironed out, and the people can once again sleep safely in their beds.

It was unclear if the two actually hugged, as a statement from Clinton press aide Nick Merrill had joked they would. But they certainly made clear that they were moving past a controversy that both sides described as overblown by the media…

Oh, so now it was just a joke about something that was overblown by the media. We can now rest easy.

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