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Politico (Via Surrogates) Tells Snowden: Shut Up!

From the Politico:

The leaker who won’t stop talking


Edward Snowden is milking it.

The briefly anonymous leaker has leaped into the public spotlight — and now he’s risking overexposure in a big way. Public relations pros and image makers say Snowden’s repeated interviews and growing number of claims are making him look like someone who’s exploiting his sudden worldwide fame for personal glory, and that threatens to undermine the very privacy crusade for which he said he’s willing to give his life.

“If I was advising him, the first thing I’d say is shut the hell up ’cause you’re not helping your cause,” Jim Manley, a senior director at the D.C. public affairs firm Quinn Gillespie & Associates, told POLITICO.

“I think he’s doing a pretty poor job,” continued Manley, a former spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. “I don’t think his Q&A [Monday with The Guardian] made him any more sympathetic than he had been in the past. I think he is coming off as — leaving aside some of the issues he’s raising, which are fascinating — he’s coming across as petulant and arrogant and more than a little bit full of himself.”

Crisis management expert Eric Dezenhall quipped, “It’s almost as if he’s writing a screenplay at the same time he’s blowing the whistle.”

“I’ve noticed this trend of people generally saying out of one side of their mouth, ‘it’s not about me,’ but using ‘it’s not about me’ as a device for further making it about them,” added Dezenhall, of D.C.-based Dezenhall Resources. “Well, if it’s not about you, why the hell are you doing interviews? To me, there’s something very packaged about him. I think that that’s intentional. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t have points to make, but a lot of what I’m seeing at this stage in my career, 30 years, there’s a more cinematic quality to whistleblowers than there used to be.” …

So here we have a supposed ‘news organization,’ with supposed ‘journalists,’ finding surrogates to tell a real life news source to shut up.

Remember all the articles demanding ‘Deep Throat’ to shut up? We don’t either. But that was then (and a Republican President) and this is now and (a Democrat in the White House).

Strategists and crisis management experts say they’re not buying Snowden’s professed annoyance. With all of his media exposure, there’s a sense that Snowden is fully embracing his moment as an instant, global celebrity.

Marina Ein of Washington-based public relations firm Ein Communications told POLITICO that Snowden’s high-profile commentary looks like it’s just for show.

“He obviously was looking to create a situation where he could instantaneously be famous, and he certainly has done that,” she said. “I think he’s accomplished exactly what he wants to accomplish — another version of Julian Assange syndrome, it’s leaking for fame.” …

We have actually been saying this from the start. But we have never said he should stop talking. The more he talks, the more truth comes out. About himself, as well.

But the Politico and the rest of the Democrat operatives in and out of the press are noticing that his charges are hurting Obama, after all. (Witness that CNN poll from two days ago.) So they want him to shut up.

And, if they can’t get him to stop talking, they will settle for discrediting him as a ‘celebrity wannabe.’

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3 Responses to “Politico (Via Surrogates) Tells Snowden: Shut Up!”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Boy, this is turning into The Emperor’s New Clothes

    Which is fleshing out the infamous Courtier’s Reply.

    Which is revealing the Elephant in the Room.

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    “I’m not being defensive; You’re the one who’s defensive:


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