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Poll: 68% Angry At Obama Over Gas Prices

From an embarrassed (at their poll results) Reuters:

Americans angry with Obama over gas prices

By Patricia Zengerle
March 27, 2012

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – More than two-thirds of Americans disapprove of the way President Barack Obama is handling high gasoline prices, although most do not blame him for them, according to a Reuters/Ipsos online poll released on Tuesday.

Sixty-eight percent disapprove and 24 percent approve of how Obama is responding to price increases that have become one of the biggest issues in the 2012 presidential campaign.

They are "angry with Obama over gas prices," but they "do not blame him"? How does that work? (Only professional news media pollsters can distort the English language like that.)

Still, they can’t hide the fact that this puts the lie to all of their previous polls that have claimed nobody holds higher gas prices against Obama.

In the past month, U.S. fuel prices have jumped about $0.30 per gallon to about $3.90 and the Republicans seeking to replace the Democrat in the November 6 election have seized upon the issue to attack his energy policies.

Republicans are so opportunistic. When gas prices went up under President Bush you never saw the Democrats ‘seize upon the issue.’ At least it was never reported that way.

The disapproval reaches across party lines, potentially spelling trouble for Obama in the election, although the online survey showed voters hold oil companies or foreign countries more accountable than politicians for the price spike.

It’s all about Obama all the time. Meanwhile, it’s too bad oil companies won’t be on the ballot in November. Unless the news media finds a way.

"Obama is getting heat for it but people aren’t necessarily blaming him for it," said Chris Jackson, research director for Ipsos public affairs

"People are unhappy that they are having to pay $3.90 a gallon. They want somebody to be able to lash out at and the president is as good a person as anybody," Jackson said.

But in reality Mr. Obama is blameless. And bear in mind, this is from one of the people making up the questions.

Still, think how awful Mr. Jackson must feel about their push poll backfiring on them like this.

The most common reason cited by voters of all political stripes for the rising cost was oil company greed.

That’s better.

Overall, 36 percent of respondents said "oil companies that want to make too much profit" deserve the most blame for higher energy prices. Twenty-eight percent of Republicans said so, as did 44 percent of Democrats and 32 percent of independents.

It’s clear we should nationalize them, just like Maxine Waters said.

Previous spikes in fuel prices have not affected U.S. presidential election results. But economists warn that higher gas prices could slow the overall economy, which would toughen Obama’s chances of winning re-election

It always comes back to job number one with our media watchdogs: getting Obama re-elected.

Nothing else matters.

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6 Responses to “Poll: 68% Angry At Obama Over Gas Prices”

  1. Tater Salad says:

    This President does NOT care about gas prices one bit. It only bothers him “IF” it affects his re-elecions opportunities. Barack Obama wants to bring algae, wind, solar and electric based products to America which are all controlled by the federal government……….much like communism. Oh, by the way, the owners of these companies pay momage to Barack with campaign donations while shinning his shoes like good little comrades do in Russia. This is called………….”Flexibility”!

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      I’m fairly certain that D’oh-bama knows that “green” energy projects are a wast of money. In fact, he counts on that. Why? To drain the coffers quickly of cash while also making it appear he supports the green agenda. He’s conning the conners. The conners think they have duped him out of cash but what they don’t know is that he’s more than happy to find a way to burn trillions of dollars on things that don’t work. It helps shatter the US economy. His media minions are happy to absolve him of any blame because of his “good intentions” but if they knew the truth which is he’s just looking to burn money, then they might change their attitude. They run cover for him because it appears that he supports green-ness.

      Yet every bit of evidence is to the contrary. Even Jimmah curt back his usage of AF-1 for green reasons. D’oh-bama has surpassed usage of the presidential jet and helicopter by a huge margin. Notice though that the newsies don’t often show him getting in/out of the big 747 or the helicopter. Ever wonder why we used to see Bush, Reagan, other republicans so frequently shown getting into/out of the flying limo? Yup, to tick off the left-wing. Yet Captain Skidmark, by my estimation has surpassed any user of the fleet by at least 4 times. I’m sure actual numbers are hard to find without a FOIA request but they have to be out there somewhere.

      Green? My ass. He’s just burning cash on purpose because he believes it will hurt the economy, not save it.

  2. P. Aaron says:

    Obama campaign: “…to save money, cut down on your driving, eat less, and then you’ll be able to afford those pain pills.”

  3. tranquil.night says:

    When the trickle down poverty of Statism finally starts effecting everyone this directly, it becomes nigh impossible for Pravda to keep the wool over their eyes with the level of comfort they normally enjoy, at least here still in the US. Liberty hangs by a thread, but it’s still breathing.

  4. beautyofreason says:

    “People are unhappy that they are having to pay $3.90 a gallon. They want somebody to be able to lash out at and the president is as good a person as anybody,” Jackson said.”

    I love how the journalists pick quotes based on what they believe. Usually the press isn’t this obvious. But it makes sense with gas. Although the government can tweak the finer data in things like the CPI and job rates, a the price of gas is obvious to everyone with a car. The media doesn’t want to fan public outrage or hurt Obama’s re-election chances. But they apparently have no problem inciting mobs and racial tensions if it will get more AA to the polls this year.

    Speaking of bias, I remember the days when the media told us not to hate on Bush for high gas.
    Oh wait, I don’t.

    According to Gallup Obama’s approval rating is 48%, over 44% disapproval.
    Looks like a lot of people are still inhaling the smoke.

    I don’t know which way the election will go in November, but it seems to me that we reached a turning point in 2008. If we cannot get some of Obama’s policies reversed after the next election then the country will remain in the economic doldrums and its best days will be behind it.

  5. Candyman says:

    The oil companies make a lot of profit because they sell a lot of product. Their profit margin is only 6 – 8% ( I think Google runs about 19 – 20%). One of the biggest reasons for the rise in oil / gas prices is the decline of the dollar. Oil is pegged to the value of the dollar, and with Obama / Burn-yank-me running the printing presses 24/7, it takes more devalued dollars to buy the same amount of oil / gas. We do need to drill more, and work with our allies like Canada, but we need to control our governments out of control spending.

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