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Poll: Hillary Better At International Crises Than Obama

From YouGov:

Hillary Clinton and the Benghazi aftermath

by Kathy Frankovic | June 11, 2014

Americans are more negative than positive about Hillary Clinton’s handling of the Benghazi attacks, but remain more positive than negative about Clinton herself – and more positive about her than they are about President Obama…

Americans also disapprove of President Barack Obama’s handling of Benghazi – and there is more disapproval of the President than there is of Clinton on Benghazi. Despite the criticism she has taken for Benghazi, Clinton’s overall tenure as Secretary of State still gets a net positive assessment. Half approve of the way she handled that job…

In fact, Clinton scores better on handling foreign policy crises in general – and somewhat better on the likelihood she will fix the problems that led to the Benghazi attacks – than does President Obama…

In fact, this Economist/YouGov poll found that 50 percent are “uneasy” about Obama’s ability to juggle an international crisis, versus 37 percent who are confident in him. Meanwhile, 43 percent are confident Clinton would do a fine job, and 42 percent are uneasy.

Still, you have to wonder if the families of those killed in Benghazi were polled.

The difference is Clinton’s greater positive ratings on her ability to handle crisis from Democrats and Independents. 29% of independents are confident in Barack Obama’s ability to handle an international crisis; 37% are confident in Clinton’s ability on that. And while 16% of Democrats are uneasy about the President’s approach, just 7% say that about Clinton. Republicans are overwhelmingly negative about both Democrats.

As for fixing the problems that led to Benghazi, Clinton scores slightly better than the President on that as well.  And once again, it is Democrats and independents who make up most of the difference…

In fact, 48 percent said they are “not confident” that Obama is taking the right steps to prevent a future Benghazi, while 46 percent said they are “confident” Clinton would fix the situation. Which is appalling.

As the article notes, that the Republicans polled were overwhelmingly negative towards both Obama and Hillary. But that so many Democrats and (precious) Independents think Hillary would do any better than Obama in foreign affairs is simply a disgrace.

But that is what you get with the purposeful dumbing down of the citizenry and a one party news media.

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