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Poll: More Lack Confidence In Obama-Care

From a concerned (for the Democrats’ election prospects) Reuters:

Americans confused about healthcare reform: poll

By Julie Steenhuysen Mon Aug 23, 2010

CHICAGO (Reuters) – Julia Wood, a 51-year-old mother of 12 from Chicago’s East side, has some health insurance through a state program — but is so worried she may lose it she asks not to give her real name…

Like millions of Americans, she is waiting for healthcare reform legislation signed into law by President Barack Obama in March to take effect. But like millions of Americans, she is not sure what it will do for her.

A Thomson Reuters poll of consumer confidence released on Monday shows Americans’ confidence in their ability to pay for and access healthcare has fallen by 5 percent since December 2009.

The Thomson Reuters Consumer Healthcare Sentiment Index, based on a monthly survey of 3,000 consumers, asks if they have had trouble paying for or had to postpone care in the three months prior. And it asks if they expect to in the coming three months.

On every survey question, responses were more pessimistic in July than they were in December.

"That’s a cause for concern to healthcare providers and policymakers," Gary Pickens, chief research officer at Thomson Reuters, parent company of Reuters, said in a statement…

"I doubt the average person really knows what has been implemented," he said. "They just know there is a lot of talk and there has been a lot of negative publicity."

Ah, yes. It’s the media’s fault. The media has been so negative about Obama-care.

David Kendall, a senior fellow for health and fiscal policy at ThirdWay, a centrist think tank [sic], said dissatisfaction with the current health system likely reflects a letdown after the reform debate subsided.

You know how “centrist” think tanks named “ThirdWay” tend to be.

"The healthcare debate raised people’s expectations and there is now disappointment as a result that the problem isn’t solved," Kendall said.

He said growing dissatisfaction with healthcare may help Democrats who supported health reform a little. But it may also be polarizing

Exactly how will dissatisfaction with Obama-care “help Democrats”?

Kendall, however, thinks concerns about the economy will overshadow any concerns about health reform in the midterm elections.

"What matters more to people right now is their concern about the deficit and the economy and their own jobs," he said.

Notice that before they voted, Democrats were assured that ‘healthcare reform’ would be the winning issue for them in November. And now flacks like Mr. Kendall are hoping that people will forget all about it.

Stephanie Washington, a 50-year-old clerk for the Chicago Public Schools, said she hopes healthcare does become an election issue.

"We are in a recession. Anybody who thinks because the president is trying to reform healthcare and they don’t think one day it’s going to benefit you as well as the next person can go and vote Republican," she said.

Spoken just like the recently paid-off public union Democrat foot soldier that she is.

This article was posted by Steve on Monday, August 23rd, 2010. Comments are currently closed.

11 Responses to “Poll: More Lack Confidence In Obama-Care”

  1. Melly says:

    First we are ignorant, then bigoted and now confused.
    How do I even dress myself in the morning?

  2. canary says:

    People need to read where Obama wrote in 2006 America could no longer afford to pass Universal health care; the opportunity was lost do to the war, which Obama is certainly spending more money on, so further reason for Obama to stick to his original take, which included he (Obama) did not have the answer on how health care could be passed.
    Recall it was dire it be passed immediately in order to save the economy, but he took his time allowing the liberals to change the bill & add to it, for a week so it’s Obama’s fault
    the country goes bankrupt

  3. confucius says:

    What have we come to?

    Ms. Wood is worried what a freebie “will do for her”? What a selfish, self-absorbed ingrate.

    If she wants to worry about something, how about keeping her legs closed?

  4. proreason says:

    Redistribution hasn’t been instantaneous.

    How disappointing.

    Perhaps there is another criminal who can be even more thuggish. Stalin comes quickly to mind.

    Mr. Obama is ready to take his billion-dollar lifestyle and move over to the Unitied Nations, where he can lie to an audience 20 times the size of the USA.

  5. Rusty Shackleford says:

    I can’t “lose confidence” in something I didn’t believe in to begin with. It’s a moral travesty. It’s a crime. The 2,000+ page bill is being leaked to us in dribs and drabs but that doesn’t matter; Everything in it is bad. Bad for the people, bad for the nation and bad for everyone it touches. And it will touch everyone.

    What was needed was careful, measured corrections to a system that was vacuuming money out of people’s pockets, even though the VAST MAJORITY were happy with their medical plans. Again, the socialists think they can do it better by appointing committees, study-groups and more bureaucrats. Never in the history of the world has such activity resulted in “better”.

    I just had surgery last month. My bill was itemized from the hospital. Most of it made sense however, over half of the total cost billed to my insurance came under the vague heading of “supplies”. From plastic eating utensils to my bedsheets, no doubt, just call them “supplies”. The pencil or pen the charge nurse used to update my blood pressure chart…probably $235.67 under “supplies”. But hey, it helps pay for those who cannot afford insurance so me and my insurance company get to pay for that.

    Instead, though, the new deathcare program will save more money by just not treating me in the first place. Wow, 20 grand—saved Just like that! But then there’s the fee for the cremation. Well, perhaps the answer to that would be a camp…with lots of ovens, manned by those who are forced to live there.

    • proreason says:

      Not only isn’t health care the #1 problem in the country, it’s a national triumph.

      The issues are minor; cost and a handful of access challenges. As for cost, even though there is considerable disfunction, the magnitude of the problem is wildly exaggerated. It will self-correct. People simply won’t forego food, shelter and transportation for more and more expensive procedures that have a 1% chance of unearthing the next obscure health problem. How cost possibly be a major problem when 90% of it goes toward stuff that didn’t even even exist in the 1970’s is beyond comprehension.

      And the access challenges are so simple to correct, it would have taken a 10-page law.

      Meanwhile, Iran has gone nuclear.

      It’s probably the worst mis-allocation of energy and resouces in this country’s history. I can’t think of anything that is even close to it. At least Medicaid help some people.

      I can think of something equivalent in another country. The Maginot Line. We all know how that worked out, don’t we.

      But of course, I flap my jaws. ObamyCare isn’t about improving health care, it’s about consolidating power.

  6. hokeymcdokey says:

    I can’t “lose confidence” in something I didn’t believe in to begin with.

    Well said.

  7. tranquil.night says:

    “We are in a recession. Anybody who thinks because the president is trying to reform healthcare and they don’t think one day it’s going to benefit you as well as the next person can go and vote Republican,”

    They will. Then, as we attempt to save our economy and healthcare system from the depths of destruction specifically for you people, (since it is you who always end up suffering the most by your own hand), you will scream bloody murder that we are greedily taking away your freebies.

    But it’s okay, we forgive you because we understand how lead astray you’ve been. We understand it’s not you that really desires what is happening, just that you are too mind-blind at this point to see that you and your like-minded ilk are causing it. So we will save you and unlike your dear leader, we won’t be expecting you to thank us.

  8. Knuckle Dragger says:

    This article lost me at “Chicago’s East Side.” Most Chicagoans would say the city has no east side, except for the multi-million dollar high-rise lakefront condos just east of the Loop. You will not find mothers of 12 living there. Do I dare say they made the whole thing up?

  9. wardmama4 says:

    How can a 51 year old mother of 12 even wonder for a nano second that she is going to lose her healthcare? Let’s see Medicaid & SChiP probably cover 99.9% of what she needs and she can pay the other out of her welfare, housing or other gov benefit check, which she has been doing for decades – perhaps this particular mother is an illegal – which might be the only grounds for her losing her healthcare under Uncle Obamacare. The JournoLists really do think we are stupid.

    -‘and they don’t think know one day it’s going to benefit tax you to death as well as the next person can go and vote Republican’- there fixed that one for Ms Woods (who probably was a contributor to The Won’s wonderful, historic and most magnificent campaign).

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      The true conservative would painfully weigh the option of how to provide for the 12 children. Well, the true conservative would not have 12 children to begin with, rendering the whole exercise academic, but that’s beyond the obvious here. So, given the single mom (pronounced “victim”) is already too stupid to keep her legs together or say “no”, the rest of America is burdened with providing sustenance to raise 12 future residents of the penal system. Great. Permanent drains on the cash of decent, intelligent, working people who really aren’t interested in funding your stupidity, lady.

      Enter “Captain Socialism” aka “barry the wunderkinder” whose very existence is testimony as to why abstinence is the best birth control. And who is his daddy anyway? I’ll bet a DNA test would be most revealing.

      I love it when a socialist plan comes together. Reminds us all as to why it fails. Over and over and over again.

      But the real comedy comes when the socialist come up with how to fix the problem. 1)throw (someone else’s) money at it and 2) make it ridiculously complicated (and thus equally ridiculously more expensive) through more bureaucracy.

      This is why socialists hate and detest capitalists because capitalists have long since arrived at the elegant conclusion that the simplest, least expensive solution is usually the best answer. Unfortunately, the socialists find this answer to be the best as well, but at the wrong end of the equation and always at the wrong end of the calendar. The capitalists come to the conclusion early, in a preemptive manner (As in–abstinence) while the socialists find it much later in a cleanup fashion as in death-panels and denial of care. To put it more bluntly, the elderly have to suffer in terms of denial of care of cutting off of care in order to pay for “Miss Legs-Always-Open-For-Business” and her 12 thug-hopefuls.

      Therefore the communists then come in with the best answer of all. Cut off all funding (the way China does– punishing you if you have too many children) in a preemptive manner AND deny costly care. So everyone’s happy, right? This will naturally be the end result. Destroy the ability to insure yourself (thus punishing the capitalists) and prevent the large expenditure of money to those who cannot produce to feed the taxes to the proletariat. Hello USSA. United Soviet Socialists of Amerika.

      The perfeckt utopia, with the RIGHT people doing it THIS time.

      See how easy that is?

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