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Poll: Obama, Hillary Are The Most Admired

From those relentless seekers of the truth, at Gallup:

Obama, Hillary Clinton Share “Most Admired” Billing

by Lydia Saad

December 26, 2008

PRINCETON, NJ — A remarkable 32% of Americans choose Barack Obama as the man they most admire living anywhere in the world today, putting him in the No. 1 position on Gallup’s annual Most Admired Man list. Hillary Clinton earns the top spot for Most Admired Woman, named by 20%.

The sad thing is that for once Gallup may be right.

Apparently, womanly words now trump manly deeds – for both sexes.

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18 Responses to “Poll: Obama, Hillary Are The Most Admired”

  1. 1sttofight says:


  2. Enthalpy says:

    Who said that we should never underestimate the tastelessness of the American public?

  3. bobbys says:

    The worst is not
    So long as we can say, “This is the worst.”
    William Shakespeare, “King Lear”, Act 4 scene 1
    Greatest English dramatist & poet (1564 – 1616)

  4. U NO HOO says:

    Remember, one half are below average.

  5. U NO HOO says:

    Didn’t people idolize Al Capone and John Dillinger and Bonnie & Clyde, etc.?

  6. curvyred says:

    “A remarkable 32% of Americans”

    Funny, I don’t remember being polled *sarcasm*.

    I know many people who admire Palin and dispise Clinton, seems to me (I know this is a shocker) the respondants polled have a liberally biased, ney Main Stream Media enhanced outlook.

  7. LewWaters says:

    Tells me where 32% of Americans put their heads.

    But then again, with the excessive bias and love bombing shown B HO by our lamestram media, it also could mean 32% have been brainwashed.

  8. pinandpuller says:

    I think that I was at work when they called-that could explain a lot.

  9. 64dodger says:

    I am sure in Hitler’s day he made the most admired list also. In fact didn’t he make the cover of Time Magazine as man of the year? So what is their point?

  10. LastconservativeinMA says:

    Curvyred and Lew Waters are right. These poll numbers are a direct result of the liberal media’s love affair with both Obama and Clinton. Brainwashed is right. It’s almost like the Borg on Star Trek (“Resistance is futile….you will be assimilated”).
    5% for the President? Ridiculous. Mistakes have been made, but what about keeping us safe for over 7 years. What about freeing over 50 million people from dictatorships in the Middle East? What about providing billions of dollars in economic relief to developing nations overseas? No, there’s no bias there!

  11. Liberals Demise says:

    Me thinks that Hilda and the Hafbro-American should switch positions in this Leftist poll.
    Hilda being the most admired Man of the Year!
    YEP….. Now I’m sure of it!!!

  12. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    They sure didn’t contact me for my two cents worth. But then again since I’m conservative I’m the voice of dissent that’ll now be censored my the MSM. The cult of personality begins to rear it’s ugly head.

  13. marya says:

    I don’t believe that Rush Limbaugh wasn’t in the top 20 of most admired men. How could that be?

  14. proreason says:

    it’s not a “most admired” list.

    it’s a “most famous” list.

  15. Colonel1961 says:

    Where’s Steve Gilbert on that list?

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