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Poll: Republicans Have Biggest Lead In Two Decades

From USA Today:

Poll shows biggest advantage for Republicans in 2 decades

By Susan Page, Kendall Breitman | May 4, 2014

WASHINGTON — Democrats hoping improvements in the economy’s course and the Affordable Care Act’s implementation would level the playing field for the fall elections should brace themselves.

A nationwide USA TODAY/Pew Research Center Poll shows the strongest tilt to Republican candidates at this point in a midterm year in at least two decades, including before partisan "waves" in 1994 and 2010 that swept the GOP into power. Though Election Day is six months away — a lifetime in politics — at the moment, Democrats are saddled by angst over the economy, skepticism about the health care law and tepid approval of the president.

Huh. We thought the economy was booming, Obama-Care was working great and Obama is loved by all.

By more than 2-1, 65%-30%, Americans want the president elected in 2016 to pursue different policies and programs than the Obama administration, rather than similar ones.

Then that rules out Hillary. But, honestly, when have Obama’s policies ever been popular in the polls?

In the 2014 elections, registered voters are inclined to support the Republican candidate over the Democrat in their congressional district by 47%-43%. That edge may seem small, but it’s notable because Democrats traditionally fare better among registered voters than they do among those who actually cast ballots, especially in low-turnout midterms…

Their lead in the congressional ballot is the biggest at this point for Republicans in the past 20 years.

Where were these people in November 2012? Nothing has really changed since then.

In 1994, when the GOP would gain control of the House and Senate, Democrats held a 2-point advantage in the spring of the election year. In 2010, when Republicans would win back the House, the two sides were even…

Other findings help explain the Democrats’ woes. By more than 2-1, Americans are dissatisfied with the direction of the country. They remain downbeat about the economy. They aren’t persuaded that the Affordable Care Act is going to help them and their families. Even the president’s supporters worry he is a political liability for fellow Democrats.

Don’t they watch the evening news? Don’t they read the NYT or the AP?

The president’s job approval rating remains anemic in the new survey, at 44% approve, 50% disapprove… As usual, the economy matters most.

Except that it sure didn’t matter in 2012.

Voters say the most important issue affecting their vote for Congress this fall is the jobs situation, cited by 27% of those surveyed. Health care is first for 21%, followed by the federal budget deficit, named by 19%…

Though economists report an economic recovery is underway, most people say they aren’t feeling its benefits. By more than 2-1, 40%-17%, they assess the nation’s economic conditions as poor, not excellent or good. That’s essentially unchanged from a year ago.

Nor is there evidence of increased optimism about the future. One in four predict the economy will be better a year from now, but another one in four predict it will be worse. Half don’t expect it to change…

Which means our one party news media will have to become even more relentless in telling us how well the economy is doing, thanks to Obama. Although it’s hard to imagine them being able to ratchet their spinning any higher than what they’re already doing.

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One Response to “Poll: Republicans Have Biggest Lead In Two Decades”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Yes, this is a most unusual piece.

    The one thing that grabbed my notice though was this:

    “… including before partisan “waves” in 1994 and 2010 that swept the GOP into power.

    My cynical instinct tells me that this is the focus line and that’s why it’s up near the top of the article because the average fifth-grade level reader will somehow believe that the GOP is running the government rather than a socialist majority in the senate.

    This feeds into the “obstructionist” notion that the republicans are preventing Obama Bin Ladin from “getting anything done” because the congress won’t let him because, primarily, they’re racists, you see.

    Now, I’m not so sure subtlety works on the morons of the general population. But then, the media doesn’t like to take chances and has plenty of creative-writing hacks to pump info out there to elicit desired effects. Goebbels was the grandfather of BS propaganda, Stalin made it a science and this current claque we have now embraces BS like flies.

    I guess it was bound to happen. They don’t teach what socialism is anymore with the movies about Russia, or North Korea or Cuba. Morons like Mr Spicoli only believe that socialism can be a good thing because “everybody’s equal” which non-thinking people cannot separate from their own personal emotions as having anything but the best intentions for everybody.

    They don’t experience it so it cannot have any effect on them.

    Thus, they incorrectly assess that it’s good for all.

    Loose logic, poorly engaged and disastrous results. ALWAYS

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