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Philly Pool Kids Booter Is Obama Fan

You may by now have heard the heart-breaking story of how 60 kids were turned away from a Philadelphia swimming pool because they were black.

If not, here are the details from the Philadelphia TV affiliate NBC 10:

Pool Boots Kids Who Might "Change the Complexion"


Wed, Jul 8, 2009

Dymire Baylor says he overheard a woman ask, "What are all these black kids doing?" when he and his freinds showed up.

More than 60 campers from Northeast Philadelphia were turned away from a private swim club and left to wonder if their race was the reason.

Kids at Creative Steps Day Camp were thrilled to go swimming once a week at the Valley Swim Club. But after only one trip to the private club, they were…

"I heard this lady, she was like, ‘Uh, what are all these black kids doing here?’ She’s like, ‘I’m scared they might do something to my child,’" said camper Dymire Baylor.

The Creative Steps Day Camp paid more than $1900 to The Valley Swim Club. The Valley Swim Club is a private club that advertises open membership. But the campers’ first visit to the pool suggested otherwise.

"When the minority children got in the pool all of the Caucasian children immediately exited the pool," Horace Gibson, parent of a day camp child, wrote in an email. "The pool attendants came and told the black children that they did not allow minorities in the club and needed the children to leave immediately."

The next day the club told the camp director that the camp’s membership was being suspended and their money would be refunded.

"I said, ‘The parents don’t want the refund. They want a place for their children to swim,’" camp director Aetha Wright said.

Campers remain unsure why they’re no longer welcome.

"They just kicked us out. And we were about to go. Had our swim things and everything," said camper Simer Burwell.

The explanation they got was either dishearteningly honest or poorly worded.

"There was concern that a lot of kids would change the complexion … and the atmosphere of the club," John Duesler, President of The Valley Swim Club said in a statement.

While the parents await an apology, the camp is scrambling to find a new place for the kids to beat the summer heat.

What has not be so far reported is that the heavy in this story, Mr. Duesler (actually Dr. John G. Duesler, Jr) is apparently a big Obama fan:

(Click to enlarge.)

And there are more Mr. Duesler links to the Obama bandwagon here and here.

Which, we think, puts a slightly different (ahem) complexion on this story.

(Thanks to CGardner for the heads up.)

This article was posted by Steve on Wednesday, July 8th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

31 Responses to “Philly Pool Kids Booter Is Obama Fan”

  1. caligirl9 says:

    This news item made me sick. Crap like this is what keeps the “Reverends” in business, and they’ll need new business now that they’ve laid Michael Jackson to rest.

    Actions speak louder than words. There is a pocket of white parents in Philadelphia who are raising racists. It would have taken only one person in a management position at that swim club to stand up for those kids.

    Methinks Mr. Duesler was one of those people, in an effort to “prove” he’s not a racist, voted for an unqualified man for president based on color.

    Shame on everyone affiliated with the Valley Swim Club!

    • GetBackJack says:

      Hmmm. Regime? That sounds like a CPUSA talking point. It’s also a CPUSA talking point to always refer to skin color. And sex. Conservatives never do.

      The job of President, heading the Executive Branch of our federal government is more complex than any other position in the world. Period. If the CEO of GE decides to capitalize a failing cable news program and then staff it with jabbering loons, talking head babes and drooling codpieces for a particular political party that’s their business. As in B-U-S-I-N-E-S-S.

      But when the CEO of the States united makes a decision, people can, and often do, die, are ruined financially, families broken, babies hoovered, faith in God diminished and every other possible definition of trouble and sin empowered. There’s no other position in the world like the CEO of America. You’re absolutely right, Americans have the Right we reserved unto ourselves to elect whom we choose. The current choice, a clearly rigged election so enshrouded in fraud, deceit and criminal acts of such epic nature as to shame banana dictatorships … is proof positive that we have indeed the right to elect even the most unqualified to ‘represent’ us.

      But a smart people would elect a candidate qualified to oversee what John Adams said “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

      That pretty much describes why Barry Otero is currently occupying the Big Chair as an interloper and impostor dictator in waiting. The tipping point has been reached. We are no longer a religious and moral people.

      God have mercy on us.

    • srshaver30 says:

      ……and George Bush was qualified with his C, D average. America has spoken get over it. Your statement makes absolutely no sense. You have no knowledge why he voted for President Obama. You are only assuming that he voted based on color. So only state facts dear.

    • Liberals Make Great Speedbumps says:

      “Your statement makes absolutely no sense. You have no knowledge why he voted for President Obama. You are only assuming that he voted based on color.”

      srshaver30, I guess the 90+% of blacks who voted for the Halfrican-American wonder boy had some other mysterious reason for doing so also?

  2. proreason says:

    Obamy’s negatives in Rasmussen now exceed his positives, and his overall likability is sinking fast.

    Something has to be done about that.

    All hands on deck!!

  3. BelchSpeak says:

    Great. Now these inner city kids are going to start demanding 40 acres and a pool.

  4. Liberals Demise says:

    I’m thick skinned so being called a racist won’t dent this jarhead!

    One only need go to a public pool to understand why they were terminated. Open spitting, cursing out words that would make a sailor blush, pulling down shorts exposing male genitalia, pushing, shoving and disrespect to everyone not their skin tone. This I witnessed last year when I took my teens to the public pool and payed $3.00 per person. The last straw was when they yelled to one another using the “N” word. When I asked for my money back I was told to live with it, it is their pool too!
    Sooooooooooooo ………… build them their own pool camp dude or run a sprinkler. Better yet, include the cost in your request to Nobama for ACORN taxpayer funds.
    “It’s their pool too!!”

    **************JOKE TIME*************

    lifeguard : Sir……no peeing in the pool.
    swimmer : Why not? Everybody else does it!
    lifeguard : Not from the diving board they don’t!!

    • Colonel1961 says:

      Great joke, LD!

    • neocon mom says:

      “I heard this lady, she was like, ‘Uh, what are all these black kids doing here?’ She’s like, ‘I’m scared they might do something to my child,’” said camper Dymire Baylor.”

      This is a red herring to me. Projection, wishful thinking, a reading of body language? Dunno, but I know I’ve encountered this phenomenon of “why are you looking at me like I’m going to steal something/hurt you, white lady?” before.

      L.D. I’ve had to do the same thing at the park, particularly in the Summertime, particularly when Summer camp busloads of kids show up. And the counselors are often the worst; overweight, angry, slovenly, foul-mouthed and treating the children like little inmates.

    • srshaver30 says:

      Teens are way different from elementary school kids. Your kids are noooooooooooooo better just because they are white. God created everyone equally and did not put white people on a pedestal. You may want to try and get right with Jesus, cause it has been rumored that he is colored. However, you may be just fine in hell. The devil may be white you never know…… so you may fit right in. Maybe it’s time you get yourself out of the trailer park and view the world around you. This is the year 2009 and not the 60’s. You condone this racial behavior, then I pity your kids. I will continue to pray for you, your kids and others like you.

  5. Right of the People says:

    My God! This reminds me of the late 50’s/early 60’s. This liberal snotball who doesn’t mind voting for the TOTUS based sole on race sho’ don’t want dem darkies in his pool. And people wonder why there is still such a divide in our (formerly) great country. I rioting next?

    I truly fear for my country. Time another Wild Turkey.

  6. Howard Roark says:

    What??? Open racism in the North?

    And I thought it was only fashionable for blacks to be racist against us whites in Pennsylvania, like Barry reminded us with his estimation of the mostly-white population in the rural parts of that state who cling to their guns and Bibles, and dislike people who don’t look like them!

    • bronzeprofessor says:

      Well, HR, the good news is, you can always cite this article as a counterpoint when people start throwing the conservative=racist charge at you!

      And to think, the guy involved goes to Rittenhouse Square, a swank little neighborhood in very blue philly.

  7. Howard Roark says:

    “There was concern that a lot of kids would change the complexion … and the atmosphere of the club,” John Duesler, President of The Valley Swim Club said in a statement.

    Just check out this laughable report about the good doctor John Duesler, Jr, as he leads a “peace festival at the Philadelphia Ethical Society at Rittenhouse Square. He is chairman of Peace Action-Philadelphia, the sponsor.” http://peaceactionpa.org/Ethnic_Peace_Fest_20Jan08.html

  8. canary says:

    As the story is told and shown, it is a sad story. They looked like nice well-behaved kids that handled the demeaning situation well.

    • Howard Roark says:

      I hear ya’, Canary. It is indeed sad. Not to sound too protective of my heritage, but I honestly can say that you wouldn’t hear of a case like this in our much-maligned South these days. We’ve been so stereotyped and degraded that the residual affects will be with us for a few more generations, I’m sure.

      Check out the flame war that’s starting on the comment section of this story’s site that Steve linked above:

      Keil 20 minutes ago
      If black children would behave themselves and play nicely, they would be welcome. Sadly, though they mostly behave like savages and no wonder whites exit the pools. They are ill-mannered, do not share, are not nice to others – in other words they are half-savage, which is how they are sadly raised by their parents. I have a membership in a public pool in south Jersey, and sometimes blacks swim there. If they would behave civilized, I would never have a problem. But they are rude and push around small children, are foul-mouthed and over-bearingly loud and annoy all around them. The whites leave because we aren’t allowed to smack the little brats. It’s not their fault they are brats – it’s how they were raised, but who wants their children around them all the same.

      And the latest response to the above:

      Ericka 3 minutes ago
      To Keli-the person that posted the ridiculous, racist and ignorant statement on this site, let me explain something to you. First of all it only makes sense that you would state an ignorant, backward and just plain stupid statement on an ANONYMOUS site. You don’t have the integrity to tell anyone what you wrote here, and I don’t blame you. You sound stupid, backward and ignorant. secondly, I have worked with children of all ages, from k-12, from the suburbs to children that have been in detention centers, for over 7 years. What I can tell you is, ignorance knows no color. Childfren are a reflection of their environment, that is true, but to suggest that becaus they are blac, that they are rude and do not share is not only a racist and prejudicial inaccuracy, it’s discriminatory. How many children do you know of different races? Some of the most thoughtful and kind children that I have worked with are Black and Latino children, from the city. Being poor and of color is not a tag of social inadequacy. Some of the most disrespectful and rude children that I have worked with have been from the suburban areas as well as upper class communities of Philadelphia and beyond. Don’t forget that it was suburban, non-Black indivicuals that were not willing to share, and an institution that works with a predominantly minority population that openend up it’s doors. But before you start to retort that you are not a racist let me beat you to the next statement that usually follows I bet “some of your best friends are Black” too.

    • bronzeprofessor says:

      To tell you the truth, I’ve done extensive research in Virginia, West Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Tennessee. It just dawned on me — I never had a single racial incident happen to me in any of those five states. But when I was teaching in south Jersey, just across the Delaware from Philadelphia, I did get a lot of hostility from white students and sometimes suspected racism. It was in the Philly area that I first had to deal with a blatantly racist white secretary who did everything she could to sabotage me. I usually don’t like crying “racism” because who wants to be paranoid in life? But just in a general sense, to be honest, all the racism I have encountered in life has come from Democrats in blue states.

      In the military I have yet to experience any kind of racial hostility at all, and the Army is full of white Southerners as well as every other race in the world.

    • canary says:

      HowardRoark, I was thinking the same as I am from the south too, and have never seen something like this happen. The pool has the means to give a child a time-out, or call to parents to pick up a misbehaving child, or call the police.
      This is a daycare and usually the cut off age is 12, and it’s normal to have summer outings, go skating one day, swimming another, and under supervision. It would be funny to see Dr. Duesler with a rope wrapped around his neck, the other end tied to rock, and thrown into the deep end of the pool.

    • catie says:

      My Mother is from a town about 30 miles north of Mobile in AL. She said that when she was growing up in the 30’s, the whites and blacks all helped each other out and there never was or has been any racial problems in her little town. Her family had a cross burned on their lawn in 43 when she was 11 because her father had given a black man one of his two suits to get married in and to go north to look for work. Yet when she tells people she’s from AL even today, they tend to ask if her father was in the Klan. But these are generally folks from NJ, PA, NY, etc. Having grown up in NW Indiana I truly believe there is much more racism up north. But it is rich that this guy is a Messiah supporter.

    • jobeth says:

      Catie, I couldn’t agree with you more. People in the south, especially the deep south, all lived within walking distance from their white/black neighbor. Even and especially in the country.

      Was there racism in the south…yes….just like there was in the north, but in the north the b/w neighborhoods were very much divided. Much more so than in the south. And it was more inforced.

      It was nothing to see black families living next door or down the road from you in the south. The kids did play with one another because their may not be other kids closer. Back in those days, you were made to be polite!

      I know racism is in the south. But having lived outside of Baltimore during my younger years, I saw some of the worst meaness there.

      It may be that people in the south, used to be more polite…black and white. Things are achangin’ as they say.
      Seems like few have a decent raising now.

      I still want to correct a little one when they call me simply by my first name without putting Miss in front of it. Just old fashioned I guess. Kids treat their elders like their peers. Even their parents!

      BTW… I wouldn’t be going to a public pool now a days. No matter who is going in. The thought of all those kids in there peeing is enough to make you a bit sick.

      We put up our own pool! And I kill if I find anyone peeing it it! :-D I’m very good at noticing “that look” one gets on their face when they are up to no good! LOL

    • GetBackJack says:

      Catie, Canary, JoBeth … as a son of the Deep South back in the 50s I testify that we never saw anything like this. People of both colors were neighbors, often attended each other’s churches, and were just all around Okay with each other. As God is my witness, I swear on a stack of Bibles it was only after Liberal Academic Socialist agitators got down there did everything turn to (bad word).

      My memories of beautifully dressed black women in church or at the store are something else. Black men carried themselves with pride. There were no shattered families. If they had a car it was spit shined every week. The kids dressed when going into town and there wasn’t any of this welfare., abortion and drug business. The black kids often had the best grades because of how their parents were so determined. Read Clarence Thomas’ biography.

      It was so different than what modern myth tells us it’s like being from another planet.

      I won’t disagree that there was stupid violence by whites on blacks, but the only time I saw it was some idiot football players harassing a young black man at a drive in. And the local men let it go on a little too long before they stopped it. But that’s the only instance ever saw. I had a friend in high school who swore his grandfather had been lynched in Dekalb County, GA when he was little but I can’t say for sure.

      The real hateful awful racist violence was always up North. The endemic, pattern violence.

      Until the liberal academic agitators came South and got the whole damn thing rolling. Then it most assuredly got ugly. But Down South, it was an exact repeat of the North coming South to sow bloodshed and horror upon us.

  9. Dangerous says:

    This is an odd week.

    Here’s the second story in a short time span that leaves me hoping some civil litigation will begin soon.

  10. Colonel1961 says:

    The children interviewed seemed very polite. What a sin that someone would treat these young folks with such disrespect. Clearly, they have more class than the clown (and perhaps the children and parents) at the Valley Swim Club.

    p.s. $1,900.00 for pool privileges? Yikes. Wal-Mart has those blow-up pools for about two hundred bucks!

  11. wirenut says:

    Didn’t Frank Sinatra say to the effect,”How did everyone get into my room”? On stage it was a great gag, in real life it may be a bit more cumbersome.Children will be children. The lack of adults is what’s missing or “catering” here.

  12. GetBackJack says:

    …. and Ruth “I’m Sleepy” Ginsburg is now on record stating that it was her understand that Roe v Wade was meant to keep down the population of undesirables.

    And you and I are the racists.

    This is the kind of shiat that gets you smote by God.

  13. heather08 says:

    I don’t believe this story. If it were true, they would be complaining in court, not in the newspaper.

  14. dronetek says:

    I just wanted to point out that it wasn’t only black kids in the group. There were many white kids too, which is conveniently left out of the story.

  15. CKO1986 says:

    Funny, I would have figured Duesler was more of a Lyndon LaRouche type.

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