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Pool To Be Heated By Burning Corpses

From an approving Reuters:

Crematorium to heat water for town’s swimmers

Tue Feb 8, 2011

LONDON (Reuters) – A local authority in England has given the go ahead for a swimming pool to use energy created by the next-door crematorium to heat its water.

The plan, the first of its kind in Britain, will see waste heat from the incinerator chimney used to warm up the neighboring leisure center and its new pool.

This gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘recycling.’ But just wait until we start being judged by Obama-care bureaucrats as to whether we are worth our weight in fuel.

"The cremation process is a sensitive matter and we wanted to be sure our proposals had widespread support," said Councilor Carole Gandy, the leader of Redditch Borough Council in central England.

Eighty to 90 percent of people who contacted the council had backed the scheme, she said.

Still no word from the ‘silent majority’ also known as the dead.

By the way, according to Islamic scholars, cremation is forbidden under Islam. Just wait until some of the more pious burk-ini wearing Muslims in the area get wind of this practice.

"Throughout we have been careful to explain how the technology would work, that it is tried and trusted, and that the practice is quite common in parts of Europe and especially in Sweden," she said.

It might be poor salesmanship to go into what has been "quite common in parts of Europe."

"We already support our residents to insulate their homes and be energy-efficient, so it seemed only right for us to explore this re-use of energy."

These ‘greens’ are just so touchy feely. But just imagine how shocking this would have been even ten years ago. But we have been so desensitized that nothing fazes us anymore.

However, local trade union officials are less than impressed with the plan, saying it was a reflection of the massive public spending cuts being implemented by the government.

"These proposals … are sick and an insult to local residents," said Roger McKenzie, regional secretary for Unison, Britain’s biggest public sector labor union.

Besides, they are using non-union stiffs. Once they get ‘organized,’ however, there won’t be any more objections from the unions.

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10 Responses to “Pool To Be Heated By Burning Corpses”

  1. River0 says:

    Excellent! A new source of energy! And it’s renewable and sustainable! Maybe we’ll get Soylent Green next….

    • JohnMG says:

      Sooooooo……….Hitler was way ahead of his time??

      And just think. With the proper manipulation, the pre-corpse corpses could become a renewable source of energy, although early in life you couldn’t let on too much.

      These people are clear off the end of the “Disgustometer”. I say we use them first. Right now!!

    • canary says:

      John, thanks for the laugh. heh heh.

      It’s been on my mind how barbaric the partial birth abortions are and how it’s lead to heinous problems of torture and inhumanity. And I wonder what other countries think of the U.S. when Obama made the same acts that Hitler; slaughtering new born babies.

  2. TerryAnne says:

    Uh…Brave New World, anyone?

    Remember how the giant creamtoriums became the center of the city for all of the energy they produced? And how they were touted as the early stages of “green technology”.


  3. Rusty Shackleford says:

    It’s all part of Obama’s “Green Corps” (using his own pronunciation)

  4. canary says:

    OH! The crematorium was forced to go along with cities plan, by being told they’d have to buy new equipment to lessen the smoke that goes into the sky. To remove the toxins from the dead body, the heat must be cooled from 1000 to 150 thingies which is about right. Plus, the crematorium will save on their own heating bill.


    I’m guessing this part of the UN Agenda 21 plan that is being enforced in the U.S. (which is unconstitutional in the U.S) but gives a guideline how to get more federal stimulus money handed out, by going green.
    This is like whats happening here, where they lead test the elderly old homes, to tear them down and replace them with something that would make the government happy, like brand new public housing or an Art Center to cheer you up while you starve. Don’t commit paint disturbance. It’s a $35,000 dollar crime. Better for the elderly to sell their homes for a little financial offer from those running the town, as they can’t possibly make the changes that the EPA is now requiring. http/www.good.is/post/idea-heating-a-pool-with-cremated-bodies/

  5. Melly says:

    And after those civilized Brtis go for a dip thanks to roasting Na Na, they can hop over to Naples Italy and have a slice of pizza baked in brick ovens fueled by stolen wood from coffins dug up by thieves,


  6. wowdaveiscool says:

    that give a new meaning to the phrase “sleeping with the fishes”

  7. beautyofreason says:

    And next month – sustainable, biodegradable lampshades made of lacquered skin. Mattress pads produced with eco-friendly, hypoallergenic human hair box stitched in organic cotton.

    I see the benefit of not letting stuff go to waste- but dead people, really ? Dead people?

    “This swim brought to you by your great aunt Polly.”

  8. Liberals Demise says:

    This is Alice Cooper kinda bizarro!

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