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‘Poor’ Will Get Their Cut Of Climate Cash

From the Agence France-Pressee:

Small placards in different languages are placed on a delegates desk at Klimaforum, the peoples’ climate summit in Copenhagen, December 8.

Climate talks seek calm after fury at draft text

by Richard Ingham

December 9, 2009

COPENHAGEN (AFP) – Negotiators at the UN climate marathon tried to steer into calmer waters Wednesday after developing countries blasted an early draft accord as favouring rich carbon emitters and sidelining the poor.

"We should stay on course, we need a legally binding outcome that has strong content that preserves the planet and protects the most vulnerable," Dessima Williams, representing the Association of Small Island States (AOSIS) badly threatened by climate change, told AFP.

"That’s our agenda, that’s our mandate, everything else is distraction."

A leaked draft of an early preliminary text, proposed by conference chair Denmark, unleashed charges from poorer nations, green groups and aid activists that it had been cooked up in private talks and was skewed in favour of advanced economies.

The text is a "serious violation that threatens the success of the Copenhagen negotiating process," declared Sudan’s Lumumba Stanislas Dia Ping, who heads the Group of 77 bloc of developing countries.

He said poorer nations would not boycott the talks.

"The G77 members will not walk out of this negotiation at this late hour because we can’t afford a failure in Copenhagen," he told journalists.

"However, we will not sign an unequitable deal. We can’t accept a deal that condemns 80 percent of the world population to further suffering and injustice."

UN climate chief Yvo de Boer and Denmark tried to ease the row, insisting the text — apparently circulated to a chosen nation or group of nations — was informal and simply aimed at sounding out opinion among parties.

Several delegates told AFP on Wednesday that they were angry that an 11-day-old text — badly out of date, given the fast-moving pace of the climate negotiations — had caused such a kerfuffle.

"It’s caused a lot of anger among developing countries who fear they are not being included in the informal process," said the European source.

But in reality, "it’s a storm in a teacup, it’s a text that was dredged up from 11 days ago and was covered by the media at the time."

Another delegate said: "It’s an interesting sign of how far some delegations will go to undermine Denmark’s efforts to get an ambitious deal."

Underpinning the debate is the question of national sacrifice

The envisioned December 18 accord will also pump hundreds of billions of dollars in aid to poor countries, providing them with newer technology and the means to toughen their defences against the impact of climate change

We have had our doubts about this ‘Copenhagen Text’ flap.

We have skimmed the 13 page document, written in diplomat speak, and the best we can tell, the concern seems to stem from this section, poetically named: “Financial resources and investments to support actions on mitigation, adaptation, capacity-building and technology cooperation.”

From pages 6 – 7 of the report:

22. Recalling article 4 of the Convention, Parties decide that a Climate Fund be established as an operating entity of the Financial Mechanism of the Convention, which should function under the guidance of and be accountable to the COP as set forth in article 11 of the Convention. The Fund should be operated by a board with balanced representation, which will develop the operational guidelines for the Fund and decide on specific allocation to programmes and projects. The COP will formally elect members of the Fund Board and endorse the operational guidelines and modalities for the Fund. The Fund should complement and maximise global efforts to fight climate change through up-scaled support for climate efforts in the developing countries, including mitigation, adaptation, technology and capacitybuilding. Support from the Fund may be channeled through multilateral institutions or directly to national entities based on agreed criteria. Parties commit to allocate an initial amount of [$x] to the Fund as part of their international public climate support. Medium term funding should be based on a share of no less than [y%] of the overall international public support. Parties decide to operationalise [sic] the work of the Fund following the modalities set forth in annex/decision [Y].

23. In the context of the commitment in paragraph [14] Parties commit to global financing contributions from international aviation and international maritime transport generated through instruments developed and implemented by the ICAO and IMO respectively should be channeled through the Climate Fund from [2013], [mainly for adaption purposes], taking into account the principle of common but differentiated responsibility.

24. To enhance transparency and overview The Parties decide to establish an International Climate Financing Board under the UNFCCC to monitor and review international financing for climate action and in this context identify any gaps and imbalances in the international financing for mitigation and adaptation actions that may arise. The Board will consist of [x] representatives from developed countries and [y] representatives from developing countries. [Z] Representatives from international institutions will participate in the Board as permanent observers. Decision making will be by consensus. [If all efforts to reach a compromise have been exhausted and no agreement has been reached, decisions shall be taken by a two-thirds majority]. The UNFCCC Secretariat will serve as secretariat for the International Climate Financing Board. Parties endorse the further guidelines as set out in attachment D and decision X7/CP.15.

Who knows what it all means?

Except that we can be sure the US will have to pay – and quite a lot.

For the record, we don’t even understand this claim from the AFP article:

The envisioned December 18 accord will also pump hundreds of billions of dollars in aid to poor countries, providing them with newer technology and the means to toughen their defences against the impact of climate change.

What are the defenses against the impact of climate change? Air conditioners?

How can you buy off ‘global warming’?

And, if it is possible, why don’t we buy it off for ourselves and just keep on with business as usual?

By the way, seeing Sudan’s Lumumba Stanislas Dia Ping at the head of the Group of 77 bloc of developing countries, reminds us somehow of our President’s own sainted father.

This is exactly what the obdurate communist Barack Hussein Obama, Senior would be doing, if he were alive today.

Shaking down the rich colonial powers major emitters for the benefit of the oppressed climate change impacted — and of course, getting a little slice of the payoff for himself.

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2 Responses to “‘Poor’ Will Get Their Cut Of Climate Cash”

  1. proreason says:

    I’m skeptical that anybody below gazillionaire status worldwide will see anything but more pain and misery from this scam.

    It’s all about creating a permanent world aristocracy.

    And our future emperors certainly aren’t interested in seeing the lifestyles of any peoples but themselves improve.

    If the emperors can’t hoard it all, what good is it to be an emperor anyway?

  2. Petronius says:

    “We can’t accept a deal that condemns 80 percent of the world population to further suffering and injustice,” said Ping-Pong (or whatever-his-name-is), the delegate from the Sudan.

    The most important practical result of the guilt embedded in Liberal ideology and the Liberal psyche is that nations and peoples infected with Liberalism are morally disarmed before the have-nots of the world.

    When the Liberal’s guilt becomes obsessive –– as we see it is everywhere these days –– it leads him into his hatred of Western Civilization in general, and of his own country as part of the West.

    Thus deep in his twisted little soul the Liberal feels that our civilization is a Bad Thing. And that we deserve to be beaten and kicked about, bitch-slapped and spat upon by every two-bit savage and nasty terrorist.

    The final manifestation is the Liberal Death Wish –– that cold, deep, and bitter resentment harbored by the Liberal for Western Civilization in all of its aspects. It is the attitude of the Liberal who takes positive pleasure in seeing everything go to hell.

    Liberals are like savages, who take delight in torments and in all manner of destruction. They want to see the entire Western World –– and especially America, the strongest component of Western Civilization –– brought to its knees and humbled, to see it all fall apart, splinter and unravel, to see it destroyed, and to see its burned corpse dangling from a bridge in Fallujah, or its naked, bloody body dragged through the back streets of Mogadishu, where wild dogs will gnaw on its bones. Yes, this is every Liberal’s wet dream.

    The core of every Liberal seethes with anti-Western, anti-white racist resentment. This attitude was perhaps best expressed by the Jewish Liberal Susan Sontag in her memorable 1967 comment: “Mozart, Pascal, Boolean algebra, Shakespeare, parliamentary government, baroque churches, Newton, the emancipation of women, Kant, Balanchine ballets, et al. don’t redeem what this particular civilization has wrought upon the world. The white race is the cancer of human history.”

    And so it must be obliterated. Hence the Liberal Death Wish.

    Once you get past the Liberal power structure, past George Soros, past the Nerobamas, the Tigellinus-Holders, past Goodbye Emmanuelle, Nasty Pelosi, and all the rest of the boys and girls at the top of the heap, the new totalitarians and robber gangs, then we find that there is generally a substantial element of self-loathing involved in the Death Wish of the ordinary, orthodox white or quasi-white Liberal. Although I also imagine that many everyday, man-in-the-street Liberals believe they’re going to be saved in some way. Perhaps they think that their money will save them. Or that, even if they live on afterwards and are humiliated, they still win, because they’re masochists. They want the humiliation.

    Of course part and parcel of the Liberal Death Wish is the Liberal’s eagerness to forge alliances with the enemies of our civilization, whoever they may be –– Islamic terrorists and jihadists, MAJ Hasan, Soviet or Cuban communists, MS-13, Black Panthers, child molesters, atheists, partial-term abortionists, Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers, whoever –– and to push causes that undermine Western societies. For example, we have Sontag’s paean in The New Yorker (24 Sep 2001) to the 9-11 terrorists.

    So, to sum up, when Sudan’s Ping-Pong or whatever-his-name-is tells the Western delegates at Copenhagen that they had better grovel, and fork over more cash, then our Western delegates just love it. They’re going to be eaten right up by hungry cannibals, and they are going to love it, as fantastic as that seems.

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