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Pope Francis Called For Ceasefire During World Cup Final

From the Agence France Presse:

Vatican calls for global ceasefire during World Cup final

Vatican calls for truce in conflicts around the world during World Cup final with hashtag #pauseforpeace

11 July 2014

The Vatican on Friday called for a truce in wars around the globe during Sunday’s World Cup final, taking to social media with the hashtag #pauseforpeace as a conflict in the Gaza Strip escalates and killings continue in Ukraine.

We wonder why the Pope left out ISIS taking over Iraq and Lebanon? Or any of the other Muslim jihads going on all around the world? Maybe he was afraid of offending them during Ramadan.

"Adherents are asking for a moment of silence around the Sunday, July 13 match to remember those stricken by wars and unrest worldwide," the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Culture said in a statement…

Given how the many off the wall things Francis has been saying lately, maybe the people were actually asking for a moment of silence from the Pope.

A Vatican source on Friday said he "excluded categorically" the prospect of pope emeritus Benedict XVI watching the final. "It’s really not his thing, he is not a fan.

"It would be like inflicting an infinite penitence on him at the age of 87," the source said, adding: "He has never been able to watch a football match from beginning to end in his life"…

We are missing Benedict XVI more and more!

Speaking of the need for a Papal moment of silence, we have this from Reuters:

Pope says about two percent of priests are pedophiles: paper

By Philip Pullella | July 13, 2014

ROME (Reuters) – About two percent of Roman Catholic clerics are sexual abusers, an Italian newspaper on Sunday quoted Pope Francis as saying, adding that the pontiff considered the crime "a leprosy in our house".

But the Vatican issued a statement saying some parts of a long article in the left-leaning La Repubblica were not accurate, including one that quoted the pope as saying that there were cardinals among the abusers…

Boy, he gets misquoted and mistranslated a lot.

"Many of my collaborators who fight with me (against paedophilia) reassure me with reliable statistics that say that the level of paedophilia in the Church is at about two percent," Francis was quoted as saying. "This data should hearten me but I have to tell you that it does not hearten me at all. In fact, I think that it is very grave," he was quoted as saying…

We’re not quite sure what the problem is with this quote. Is he lowballing the problem?

The Vatican issued a statement noting Scalfari’s tradition of having long conversations with public figures without taking notes or taping them, and then reconstructing them from memory. Scalfari, 90, is one of Italy’s best known journalists.

While acknowledging that the conversation had taken place, Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi issued a statement saying that not all the phrases could be attributed "with certainty" to the pope…

Perhaps we’ll never know.

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One Response to “Pope Francis Called For Ceasefire During World Cup Final”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Jesus: “What is that to thee? Follow me ..”

    Pope: “Hang on, I’m watching the game ..”

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