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Post Office Wants Out Of Gov’t Health Ins.

From CNS News:

US Postal Service Wants Out Of Government-Provided Health Insurance

By Patrick Burke
March 30, 2012

(CNSNews.com) – The United States Postal Service (USPS) is currently working towards delivering a private health insurance plan to its employees and wants to opt out of the Federal Employee Health Benefits Plan (FEHBP.)

“If provided the authority to do so, we believe that we can provide our employees and retirees with the same or better health coverage for significantly less cost, ” said Postmaster General and CEO Patrick Donahoe during his testimony to the House Oversight Committee

Private insurance can provide cheaper plans than government? How is that possible?

Donahoe claimed a private health plan for the USPS will result in annual savings of approximately $7 billion and will function like any other health insurance plan in the private sector

That is, until Obama-Care destroys it.

By Donahoe’s estimates, the USPS could implement a fully functional health insurance plan by 2014

You can understand Postal workers not wanting to have healthcare like the Post Office. But this actually sounds more like the USPS management is trying to offload the cost for insurance by first opting for private insurance.

Then later, down the road, deciding they would rather just pay the 8% Obama-Care fine/tax, and not pay for any employee coverage at all. Which would save them untold billions.

However, health care expert Walton Francis testified to the Oversight Committee following Donahoe and advised against a USPS private health insurance plan. Francis said the withdrawal of postal workers from the FEHP program would have a detrimental effect on the other federal workers who depend on FEHP for their health insurance.

“The proposal before you is essentially a proposal to dismantle the federal employees’ health benefits program. That program covers eight million people—probably half the plans in that program will be forced out effectively. All people in all those plans will be forced to move to new plans,” said Francis.

“A lot of those people are elderly—don’t want any change. They’re going to be faced with massive change,” he added

Tough luck. Most Americans will lose their health insurance plans anyway, thanks to Obama-Care. Why should federal employees be spared?

Besides, aren’t we constantly told that the Post Office has nothing to do with the federal government, anyway? Why are they even in their health insurance system in the first place?

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5 Responses to “Post Office Wants Out Of Gov’t Health Ins.”

  1. River0 says:

    Does the government ever really provide anything? No. Excepting national defense and State Department services, all the government does is decree that others provide goods and services. Factoring in the bloated, unproductive bureaucratic drain on our national wealth – which burns up about 40% of every dollar paid to the Feds in taxes – we productive citizens essentially are dragging a ball and chain everywhere we go.

  2. GetBackJack says:

    The United States Post Office morphs into the quasi-semi-sort of-but not really official Postal Service. The they screwed the pooch as politician after politician dipped his mitts into the service’s coffers (shhh – don’t tell anyone)

    Kinda like, no … really exactly like this thing called the Federal Reserve.

    State operated non-governmental organizations is the newspeak for State Fascism.

  3. Anonymoose says:

    Is this the same postal service that’s dropping offices in small rural areas, wants to cut days of service, and still has too many chiefs and not enough Indians?

    I got into an argument recently and ended up severing a friendship over this healthcare stuff; it’s just getting more polarized and it’s only going to get worse–if even the post office wants to get out of government healtcare it’s bad.

    People who drank the Kool-Aid only see that everyone will have insurance and ergo everyone will get covered, and how could you be so heartless to see someone denied healthcare? Plus, there won’t be any deadbeat patients, as everyone has insurance!

    I see it as an insurance mandate, not a healthcare one, and doing almost nothing to address why healthcare is so expensive. Private insurance is already unaffordable to all but the wealthy without it being subsidized by an employer.

    What we’ll get under Obamacare is companies dropping everyone as it’s cheaper to pay the fine–which might as well be another tax. We can’t afford private insurance so we go with government mandated, and we HAVE to buy it rather than be fined for not having insurance.

    The same deadbeat people will still be there, just in a backlog of legal cases–if they don’t care about being bankrupt or going to jail now, why will they change?

    The working people will have even worse health coverage than now–mandatory screenings for prevention but lower quality care when something does go wrong, andt we’ll be paying more money for Obama and the government to squander as they see fit and be tracked and logged at every turn just in case one of us makes too much money or doesn’t pay enough. Welcome 1984, it’s dressed like a nurse but the clipboard says IRS.

  4. canary says:

    Oh, where are the Post Office Union thugs voice on their members they pretend to work for? Will they save their brothers and sisters from quacks.

    The PO doesn’t want a private health insurance. They want to increase the number of contracted doctor’s they hire who have lost their licenses and get hired anywhere else. This way if a postal employee get’s injured, shot, or anthraxed, the quacks will do the care. Recall the postal workers exposed by anthrax after 9/11 who were not informed they were exposed. They played the 911 tape of one that handled the envelope’s last words on the news. 911 tape Something like “well I handled this envelope with powder they took, but they said it was negative, but ya know. I don’t trust those people. ya know.”

  5. canary says:

    Bleep the WSO’s who don’t even know why their protesting. They should be protests that demand all Federal leaders, lawmakers, workers, and the POTUS on Obama Care, and if they consider Obama Care constitutional, then they, the Supreme Court all of them should be forced the low cost poor quality Obama Care.

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