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Powell Target Of Profiling ‘Many Times’

From his fans at the Associated Press:

Powell: Harvard scholar might have reacted quickly


WASHINGTON — Former Secretary of State Colin Powell was mildly critical Tuesday of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., whose angry response to a Cambridge, Mass., police officer touched off a national debate involving President Barack Obama.

Powell, interviewed by CNN’s Larry King, criticized the way Gates dealt with Sgt. James Crowley, a white officer who responded to reports of a possible break-in by arresting the black professor at his home on a charge of disorderly conduct. The charge was soon dropped.

Gates "might have waited a while, come outside, talked to the officer, and that might have been the end of it," said Powell, one of the nation’s most prominent African Americans.

"I think he should have reflected on whether or not this was the time to make that big a deal," he said.

But, Powell said, Gates was just home from China and New York and "all he wanted to do was get to bed." …

Powell said he was the target of racial profiling many times and he sometimes got mad.

On one such occasion, he said, he tried to meet someone at Reagan National Airport "and nobody thought I could be the national security adviser to the president. I was just a black guy."

Asked how he dealt with the situation, Powell said "You just suck it up. What are you going to do?"

"There is no African American in this country who has not been exposed to this kind of situation," Powell said.

But, he said, "when you are faced with an officer trying to do his job and get to the bottom of something, this is not the time to get in an argument with him. I was taught that as a child.

"You don’t argue with a police officer," Powell said.

Color us skeptical.

"There is no African American in this country who has not been exposed to this kind of situation," Powell said.

Er, except for Mr. Gates, who strongly implied that this was the first time it had ever happened to him.

From the Washington Post:

Scholar Says Arrest Will Lead Him To Explore Race in Criminal Justice

By Krissah Thompson
Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. has spent much of his life studying the complex history of race and culture in America, but until last week he had never had the experience that has left so many black men questioning the criminal justice system.

Gates was arrested outside his house in Cambridge, Mass., after a neighbor reported seeing two black men in the middle-class, predominantly white area pushing against the front door.

"I studied the history of racism. I know every incident in the history of racism from slavery to Jim Crow segregation," Gates told The Washington Post on Tuesday in his first interview about the episode. "I haven’t even come close to being arrested. I would have said it was impossible."

The charge against him was dropped Tuesday, but Gates said he plans to use the attention and turn his intellectual heft and stature to the issue of racial profiling. He now wants to create a documentary on the criminal justice system, informed by the experience of being arrested not as a famous academic but as an unrecognized black man.

Gates has come to see the incident as a modern lesson in racism and the criminal justice system

Mind you, Mr. Gates was talking about using his “intellectual heft and stature” to bring attention to “the issue of racial profiling” – not being arrested.

Oh, well. It looks like even Mr. Powell may be capable of making mistakes.

Though he’s always given us the impression of being omniscient in all things.

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17 Responses to “Powell Target Of Profiling ‘Many Times’”

  1. curvyred says:

    I am skeptical as well. I used to really respect Mr. Powell now he seems like all the other race-provocateurs. Very sad indeed.

  2. beautyofreason says:

    “[Yates] now wants to create a documentary on the criminal justice system, informed by the experience of being arrested not as a famous academic but as an unrecognized black man.”

    A noble thought, but perhaps his time would be better spent analyzing the arrest rates of men who yell and threaten the police, vs. men who comply with officer requests.

  3. proreason says:

    General Powell used to be highly regarded by a high percentage of the American public.

    I always thought it was because of his service and calm authoritative disposition.

    Now I know it was because he never really expressed any of his personal opinions.

    Kind of like Walter Cronkite.

    Hiding in plain sight.

  4. neocon mom says:

    Why does Powell assume that someone’s not letting him through because they can’t believe “some black guy” could be the National Security Advisor to the Pres.? Could we not chalk it up to mere ignorance (“Jaywalking”, anyone?) and caution or zeal on the part of those who work at Reagan? Seems to be the same problem from which Gates suffered, caused by his own overinflated ego, refusal to believe that someone doesn’t know who the illustrious Robert Louis Gates Jr. is. I see no evidence of racial profiling in either instance.

  5. GetBackJack says:

    Race Wars coming. We’re really and truly starting to fracture along racial lines.

    As directly stated by Christ when asked how will we know when the end of this Time (era) will be?

    Matthew 24:7 “For nation will rise against nation –

    Nation; Greek, ethnos.

    You don’t have to be Fellini to understand that.

  6. 4USA says:

    So, when I got stopped and harrassed by a cop, jailed for complaining, charged for disorderly conduct which was ultimately dismissed after paying a lawyer more than the fine, I was being profiled? Who’d a thunk it? The only difference is, I’m white!

    My point is obvious. Everyone gets popped like this if they run their mouth. Powell is an idiot if he thinks he’s the only one that gets second-guessed by the police. Afterall, that’s their job, to make certain. When you’re paid to make certain, that requires second-guessing. That sometimes requires the arrest of an innocent person. Believe it or not, alot of those arrests involve whitey. The difference is, we don’t usually scream like we’ve been raped. We usually accept the shame, realize we screwed up and try not to do it again.

    This kind of thing happens to EVERYONE!!!!! Stop acting like nobody gets arrested inappropriately except blacks! I’m so sick of this crap. Why don’t you “victims” just grow up?

    • proreason says:

      Good point.

      I was once threatened with jail because I politely asked a cop whether he was really going to give me a ticket for an inspection sticker 2 weeks out of date for a car that was 1 year and 2 weeks old.

      And he stopped me in pouring rain to do it.

      Guess i was profiled as a lippy white kid with a nice car.

    • Colonel1961 says:

      You had a nice car? ;-)

    • proreason says:

      it was a long time ago

  7. Rusty Shackleford says:

    I feel sorry for poor Colin.

    Having to be a general and all.

    And the damned white people who paid him ridiculous sums of money to be in their presidential cabinet.

    Bloody shame, that. Especially when it turns out he was unqualified for the jobs and was just a “house negro” to them.

    It’s really quite sad….how they profiled him when he would go to his office in DC, by letting him in…but….giving him “that look” all the time. (You know. The look they give when they think you’re gonna steal their television or something)

    Poor Poor Colin. Perhaps he and Mitchell Obama and Barry too should all get together with Gates and write a book about how hard it is to be a rich colored person in today’s society without also being either a rap artist, sports star or thug-movie actor.

    (that is dripping sarcasm, if you were at all wondering)

    • Consilience says:

      Well said, Rusty!

      I’m feeling the pain for Ol’ Po’ Colin; he’s a pathetic excuse for a retired general officer—but he get’s paid around $75K per speech…damn, must be tough.

  8. Liberals Demise says:

    All this time I thought it was me………being me!

    A white kid at the age of 17 (1971) ….. looking for a rung to reach for, just like everyone before me.
    I grew up during a war that had no end but I followed like those that went before me. Asking nothing more than to be an American because it was the right thing to do. I’ve asked nothing for my service but to be acknowledged.
    I too was labeled and spit on but continued to strive for nothing more but to me ….. an AMERICAN!!

    We Americans are at a precipitous………
    Do we follow are tried and true leg of law that says, “We hold the truths to be self evident …….”
    …….. or do we follow the soon to be law of, “We shall be constitutes who hold Government to be our beholders?”

    This is a sad day indeed!!

    Can and will a true American hold our truths to be self evident?


    AMERICA ……………….. BLEEDS ………. RED!

  9. Chris says:

    Powell has been running around bashing Bush, Cheney, the Republican Party and Rush. This is why liberals/the media love him. Has anyone of his buddies in the press ever asked why the good General did not go to President or Fitzgerald and say ” It was Richy Armitage that mentioned Plame to Novak (he told Powell within a day)? He knew the whole time and sat back watched the frenzy. Libby went through hell for nothing. This guy has zero credibility or character.

  10. Chinnubie says:

    Has anyone ever heard of African Canadians, African Englishman, African Mexican, how about Caucasian Mexican, or Mexican Irishman, Caucasian South African?? The point obviously is that the liberal establishment feels the need to label people in a country in order to divide them and turn these groups on one another. Why can’t we just be Americans, regardless of status?
    Rich, middle class, poor, whatever, we are all Americans!!!! I am so sick and tired of the Political Correctness.
    If Gates wants to look into race inside of the criminal justice system in this country he should begin with fathers remaining in the home of low income families. Crime would be cut in half if the welfare state in this country did not exist. This is why “Yo Mama” jokes are so offensive to blacks, their mothers are the only ones in their lives to give them morality, stability, & discipline. The government does a miserable job in instilling discipline in young minority children. The only thing the government does is show them how they can run around and shirk the responsibility of fatherhood, because they know the government will step in and help “Mama” raise their children.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Chin, the short answer to your question as to why we can’t just be “Americans” is that it destroys the perceived “struggle” that all the other races/nationalities/religions/sexual oreintations face.

      The fact that those struggles are really now just a perception on the part of the offended is immaterial.

      Recalling one conversation I had years ago with a black man who was asserting his being black and was quite offended, I simply responded, “Hell, I don’t care WHAT color you are, I thought we were friends and that was enough for me”. But his own insecurity took that to mean that I didn’t care about “the struggle”. Yet, he was an officer of equal rank and had the exact same job that I did.

      So…where does the problem lie, I ask you.

      Of course, you, and everyone here knows the answer. Ann Coulter’s piece today really spells it out.


  11. canary says:

    I am concerned that the Officer threatened will meet with two powerful individuals, who want to sue the police department. No good can come from it. He could be in for a set-up, for the law suit, the least is he will be bullied, will be on enemy territory.
    Gates plane fare should not be paid, nor should he be allowed to declare it as business expenses.

    I guess Gate’s mafia natured threats have always worked : “I haven’t even come close to being arrested. I would have said it was impossible.” …

    Not paying your taxes is just something all the liberals get away with.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Not to worry….. There’s gonna be more lawyers there than there are in hell!

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