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Powerful Mullah Has Died From Cancer

From Iran’s Press TV:

Abdulaziz Hakim dies in Tehran

Abdulaziz Hakim, the head of the Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council, has died at 60 of lung cancer in a hospital in Tehran.

Earlier his son, Ammar, said that he was in ‘critical health condition’ due to lung cancer.

The death of Hakim will add to political uncertainty ahead of national polls in January and after a series of devastating bombings.

Hakim was hospitalized in an advanced medical faculty in Tehran last month.

Mohsen Hakim told IRNA that his brother, Ammar Hakim, arrived in Tehran and attended at his father’s bedside.

The Shia political figure, who heads Iraq’s most powerful party, was diagnosed with lung cancer in a Texas hospital in the United States.

Following the diagnosis, he made several trips to Iran for chemotherapy before being hospitalized.

We know what you’re thinking.

How odd it is that this rich and powerful man came to the US for treatment.

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8 Responses to “Powerful Mullah Has Died From Cancer”

  1. 64dodger says:

    Why was he even allowed into the United States?

    Don’t we torture Muslims?

  2. ilzito guacamolito says:

    I wonder if he received the bad news in Texas from a female doctor.

  3. proreason says:

    As we prepare to outsource our healthcare to 3rd world physicians, as does the UK, our own doctors will outsource themselves to people around the world who are actually willing to pay for longer life.

  4. catie says:

    Isn’t that sad?/sarc off
    I also thought it referred to Teddy as well.

  5. Clarissimus says:

    Why didn’t he go to a hospital in Cuba? Everyone knows their health care is the best in the world!

  6. Liberals Demise says:

    When I first read the By-Line I thought you was talkin’ about Teddy!
    He was a powerful mutha…..ah…..moola……you know what I mean!

  7. canary says:

    Obama’s mom, came to America for health care after a stomach ache in Indonesia. It wasn’t just education she came to America whose people she disowned.

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