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President of LA NAACP Resigns Over Sterling Awards

From Reuters:

Civil rights leader resigns, caught in scandal over NBA team owner’s racist rant

By Sharon Bernstein | May 2, 2014

(Reuters) – The president of the Los Angeles chapter of the NAACP resigned Thursday in ongoing fallout over racist comments made by the owner of the Clippers basketball team, who had been slated to be honored by the organization with a lifetime achievement award.

Not to mention the previous awards the NAACP has bestowed on Mr. Sterling. (And not to mention that the LA NAACP still plans to honor Al Sharpton with its first ‘Person Of The Year’ award.)

Citing the scandal over team owner Donald Sterling’s anti-African-American rant on a widely circulated audio recording, Leon Jenkins said in a statement posted on the civil rights organization’s website that he had caused the NAACP "negative exposure."

"Please be advised that the legacy, history and reputation of the NAACP is more important to me than the presidency," Jenkins wrote. "In order to separate the Los Angeles NAACP and the NAACP from the negative exposure I have caused the NAACP, I respectfully resign my position as president of the Los Angeles NAACP." …

Why has this resignation gotten next to no media coverage? Are they trying to sweep the NAACP’s relationship with Sterling under the rug?

The NAACP said on Sunday that it would not honor Sterling at its annual dinner in the wake of his comments. But controversy grew over Sterling’s relationship to the Los Angeles chapter, which had honored him before, and to which he had donated money…

And the controversy grew despite the news media’s efforts to ignore or downplay the LA NAACP’s history with Sterling.

Lorraine C. Miller, the interim national president of the nation’s oldest civil rights organization, said in the same statement that she had accepted Jenkins’s resignation.

(Cough) ‘NRA.’

The national office of the NAACP is developing guidelines for its branches to help them in their award selection process.

Meaning, their rates are going to go up. That is, you will now have to give them more than a measly $45,000 to get lifetime protection from any charges of racism.

By the way, since they brought up the subject, how come the NAACP isn’t considered to be a racist organization? Aren’t they trying to advance a race. Isn’t that racism?

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One Response to “President of LA NAACP Resigns Over Sterling Awards”

  1. chainsaw says:

    Remember when LeBron jumped ship (oops, that maybe considered a racial expression) for Miami and The Rev. Jackson came out and said that owner Gilbert treated LeBron like a run-away slave?

    “Forty Million Dollar Slaves”, that’s the title of a book written by a former NBA player Bill Rhoden. Look, if you dare go where few dare to, read this blog about an interview between Chris Matthews and the author of this book. It’s…er…enlightening? (idfk)

    (please delete if I’ve strayed too far off-topic)

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