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Press Blocked From Coverage Of Michelle In China

From the Washington Examiner:

Press covering Michelle Obama shoved, screamed at, blocked from events in China

By Paul Bedard | MARCH 24, 2014

First lady Michelle Obama’s Spring Break trip to China with her daughters and mom has received some glowing news reports, but not because her press corps has had an easy time covering the event-filled trip.

Reporters say that they have been blocked from events, screamed at by officials, held back with red tape and told not to move from prepositioned lookouts, possibly to avoid taking embarrassing photos.

On Monday, the New York Times filed a pool report about the first lady’s tour of Xi’an, a city dating to the 14th century. “Event below marred for press by obnoxious Chinese advance man screaming and shoving us behind his ever moving red tape line,” said the report.

We are surprised that there is even a ‘pool report,’ since reporters had been prevented from accompanying Michelle and her mother and the girls on their vacation.

Another from Friday said that officials wouldn’t dish what the first lady and Chinese President Xi Jinping talked about or even ate during their dinner.

Probably because it was too high in calories.

On Sunday, reporters were rushed out of the first lady’s meeting with educators, students and parents for one of her big events to discuss education inside the U.S. embassy.

“Although pool photographers were allowed to take pictures of the roundtable, the names and bios of the participants have so far been withheld by the White House, and the pool was only allowed to hear roughly four minutes of opening comments by [U.S. Ambassador Max] Baucus and Obama,” said the pool report from the McClatchy Newspapers reporter. “News officers said they were not releasing names so participants could talk candidly with Obama about education issues.” …

Reporters aren’t allowed to hear Michelle off script. That could be embarrassing.

And for that photo opportunity on the Great Wall, reporters and photographers were prepositioned to catch the first family walking toward them. “Photographers and reporters covering the visit were sent ahead to Tower 15, and told they could not move from the top of the tower until told to do so. After a while, we could see Ms. Obama, Malia and Sasha walking down the steps, through Tower 14 and down toward Tower 15,” wrote McClatchy’s Beijing bureau chief.

“Had photographers been able to shoot from Tower 14 as the family walked north, the photographs would have captured them walking the wall with a massive rock inscription on the hillside above them to the north, which read in Chinese characters, ‘Loyal to Chairman Mao,’ ” he added…

Which, of course, is much too close to the truth.

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3 Responses to “Press Blocked From Coverage Of Michelle In China”

  1. canary says:

    Rats are a delicasy in Chinese. I’m sure the wealthy eat domestic raised on organic food rats.

    No matter, I’m sure every food they served listed “ingredients, calories, fat content, and nutrition information.

    Did she lecture China they shouldn’t make their students go to school year round.

  2. yadayada says:

    “the new york times filed a pool report” – typo
    should have read – “the new york times pile of fools report”

  3. Astravogel says:

    Why does anyone care what the woman and her chllins do?

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