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Pressure On Akin To Step Aside By 5pm Today

From a white knuckled Associated Press:

Deadline intensifies pressure on Mo. congressman

By JIM SALTER | Tuesday August 21, 2012

ST. LOUIS (AP) — Rep. Todd Akin vowed to fight on in his embattled Senate campaign, but a significant deadline loomed Tuesday that was bound to intensify pressure on the Missouri congressman to abandon the race over his comments that women’s bodies can prevent pregnancies in cases of "legitimate rape."

Akin has been frantically trying to salvage his once-promising bid against incumbent Democrat Claire McCaskill in a race long targeted by the GOP as crucial to regaining control of the Senate…

According to reports, Mr. Akin had a 65% chance of beating McCaskill as recently as Sunday morning. That is, before his ‘gaffe.’

Early Tuesday Akin posted an apology video online, but made no mention of the race. He went on two conservative radio shows Monday, pledging to keep the campaign alive, even as some people in his own party urged him to step aside.

The decision has some urgency. Missouri election law allows candidates to withdraw 11 weeks before Election Day. That means the deadline to exit the Nov. 6 election is 5 p.m. Tuesday. Otherwise, a court order would be needed to remove a name from the ballot.

"I was told the decision has to be made by 5 tomorrow, but I was calling you and letting you know that I’m announcing today that we’re in," Akin told radio host Sean Hannity.

In a radio interview with former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, Akin repeatedly apologized for the remarks but also vowed to stay in the race.

"The good people of Missouri nominated me, and I’m not a quitter," Akin said…

That is unfortunate. We believe Mr. Akin should step aside. And not just for the good of the party, but for the good of the country. This isn’t just another Senate seat, and this isn’t just another election.

The future of our country really does hang in the balance this time around. The control of the Senate is too important. And if Akin insists on staying in the race, he could hurt other candidates up and down the ticket. They will all be smeared with the same brush.

It’s grossly unfair and preposterous, but that is the way it is in today’s un-level playing field.

The uproar began Sunday, when St. Louis television station KTVI aired an interview in which Akin was asked if he would support abortions for women who have been raped.

"It seems to me, first of all, from what I understand from doctors, that’s really rare. If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down," Akin said.

Later Sunday, Akin released a statement saying that he "misspoke" during the interview. In the interviews with Huckabee and Hannity, he apologized repeatedly, acknowledging that rape can lead to conception.

"Rape is never legitimate. It’s an evil act. It’s committed by violent predators," Akin said. "I used the wrong words the wrong way." …

If Mr. Akin were a Democrat we would have never heard one word about his comments.

If Akin were to leave, state law gives the Republican state committee two weeks to name a replacement. The new candidate must file within 28 days of Akin’s exit…

The runner-up in the Republican primary was John Brunner. Sarah Steelman finished third. Then there are two former senators, who could be available: Kit Bond and Jim Talent. Any of them would be a good choice.

And any other Republican candidate will still have a very good chance of beating McCaskill. Heck, according to the latest polls, even Akin is still ahead of McCaskill.

From Public Policy Polling:

Akin 44 McCaskill 43

August 20, 2012

Missouri voters strongly disagree with the comments Todd Akin made about abortion over the weekend, but it hasn’t moved the numbers a whole lot in the Senate race. Akin leads Claire McCaskill by a single point, 44-43. That’s basically identical to our last poll of the contest in late May, which found Akin ahead by a 45-44 spread.

It’s not that Missouri voters are ok with or supportive of Akin’s comments. 75% of voters, including even 64% of Republicans, say they were inappropriate to only 9% who consider them to have been appropriate. 79% of voters say they disagree with what Akin said, including 65% who express ‘strong’ disagreement with him. 51% of GOP voters say they strongly disagree with him.

All of that is taking a toll on Akin’s image. Only 24% of voters have a favorable opinion of him to 58% with a negative one. He’s pretty universally disliked by Democrats (3/85) and independents (21/61) and even with Republicans (43/34) he’s on only narrowly positive ground.

So Claire McCaskill must be wildly unpopular.

But for all of that the overall numbers in the race have moved very little. When we polled in May McCaskill was getting only 8% of the Republican vote, and even with the controversy around Akin she’s only pushed up to 10% of it. GOP voters dislike McCaskill so much they’re not going to vote for her no matter what their nominee does. Independent voters haven’t moved at all either. In May they supported Akin 45-41, and even though they don’t like him on tonight’s poll we still found him leading 45-41 with them.

So this scandal has not even changed the minds of the precious Independents. That is amazing.

The lack of movement speaks to a couple of things. One is the hyper polarization these days in American politics. Voters just aren’t inclined to vote cross party lines with their voters regardless of the circumstances. And the other thing it speaks to is McCaskill’s continued unpopularity. Only 41% of voters approve of the job she’s doing to 53% who disapprove and for many voters their dislike of McCaskill trumps their concerns about Akin.

That is really saying something. Apparently, a head of lettuce could beat Claire McCaskill right now.

Akin has certainly been damaged by this whole thing- a Survey USA poll last week showed him up by 11 points in the wake of his primary victory. But he’s by no means out of it- it looks like Missouri’s increasing Republican lean over the last few years would give him a decent chance at victory in spite of this major controversy.

This poll was conducted between 6 and 9 PM central time tonight.

Remember, this is from the very liberal PPP. They do polling for the Daily Kos. And we strongly suspect it could be a hoax. Since, for once, PPP has chosen to oversample Republicans, and by a whopping 9%!

The Democrat/Republican/Independent breakdown for their survey is 30/39/32. When the Republicans only had a 3 point advantage in the exit polls in Missouri in the 2010 midterms.

So this looks like it could just be PPP’s attempt at ‘reverse psychology.’

This article was posted by Steve on Tuesday, August 21st, 2012. Comments are currently closed.

8 Responses to “Pressure On Akin To Step Aside By 5pm Today”

  1. Chinnubie says:

    What I don’t understand are the feminists coming out all enraged about him saying women can’t get pregnant from rape and in reality we all agree that’s a boneheaded statement. I mean people say stupid things all the time, he’s apologized for being a retard, so lets move on, but they won’t let it go for obvious reasons. So my lack of understanding comes in against feminists who are all outraged about a wrongheaded statement, but refuse to the nth degree to never come out against or say anything bad about Muslim men stoning their wives and daughters for being raped in real life, not just making a stupid statement about it. See, I can not agree with the treatment of Akin from feminists on this issue, because their hypocrisy knows no bounds. It’s the degree that this story has taken, versus the substance, I have a real problem with. I mean he could have said water is dry and the statement has the same degree of invalidity saying women can’t get pregnant from rape. He was attempting to avoid the abortion question and got himself all tied up and in a worse position. I think McCaskill knew this all along and planted the question in the press but she should have waited until the election got closer because the way it looks any of the runner ups will end up beating the pants off of her anyway.

    • Right of the People says:

      The difference is Akin won’t hit back, the Mooselimbs will. The feminazis must be terrified of them.

    • finebammer59 says:

      “I mean people say stupid things all the time, he’s apologized for being a retard, so lets move on, but they won’t let it go for obvious reasons.”

      the obvious reason:

      the fool played right into their trap. this ‘war on women’ thing had passed. it had cycled out. then this idiot has to run his G D trap. yes, he is that tin eared. someone who’s that freakin’ stupid doesn’t deserve to represent the people of missouri.

      think he would be there had he said this before winning the republican primary??? if you do, you’re a fool just like him.

      the idiot is putting himself before the cause.

      the cause:

      getting our country back before these fools ruin it.

      (there’s only one thing worse than a democrat: republicans acting like democrats)

  2. tranquil.night says:

    Agree 100% with everything you assert Steve. Sad all around. Lots of tough lessons. Now that race is limbo. Can’t do much but pray Akin searches his soul a bit more and listens to the rational voices asking him to think about the circumstances he’s now put everyone in.

  3. canary says:

    Akin was just speaking about decades ago the argument by doctors that the stress from rape rarely leads to a pregnancy. The reason Akin said if it’s a “legitimate rape” is because in Roe vs Wade the woman who claimed to be raped, decades later became a Christian and admitted she lied about being raped.

    And while a woman rapped can become pregnant, there was a girl in class that mentioned this about abortion in my son’s govt class, and there were some that had heard the same thing as the govt class discussed this in class. I wished they had not. My son said he believed it was okay to have an abortion
    until the baby is formed. It blew him away when I got an book from 71 and showed him pictures. I just hope that it makes him think of the seriousness of unprotected sex, and why he should not be very careful.

    And so what Akin said is being said by young teen girls who were raised that way. And while this was shown in the class the next day, it is irrelevant as abortions were allowed for rape, incest, and a danger to a women’s life. This is not relevant to day so Akin should not have spoken about it.

    Just as in class aborting a baby growing in a women’s fallopian tube was not relevant because it’s not an abortion. Without surgery the women will die without any doubt and the growing embryo.

    And so in the bible belt this is not such a big issue what he said.

    There are women raped and get pregnant and so Akin is out of touch. I think there are those that understand this and as the teacher told the class, abortions are here to stay.

    I am glad he apologized which is more than Obama or Clinton will ever do by allowing partial birth abortions. Even Hillary differed with her husband. Why she stayed with him is beyond me.

    And I think most voters know that the laws would never confirm to Akin’s beliefs so he’s not a threat in that way. He never said they could not get pregnant, but the mistake was to say the woman has a way to shut the whole thing down is ignorant. Maybe he didn’t mean those words, Akin was ignorant for this day and age, and hung himself.

    • canary says:

      Rape can destroy girls and women for the rest of their lives. It’s heart breaking.

    • finebammer59 says:

      yes, and the idiot akin has dealt a serious blow to winning back the senate, the presidency and repealing obamacare. (which in itself is bad for women)

      where in god’s name do we find these boneheads???

  4. canary says:

    Akin shows he is not familiar with foreign affairs such as in Africa and Middle-East countries where women are raped and have children. Just like that poor 13 year old Obama’s grandfather hunted down and raped fathering 2 children.

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