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Pretend Spy Testifies At Dem Show Trial

From a highly outraged Associated Press:

Plame: My cover was ‘recklessly’ abused

By MATT APUZZO, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON – Valerie Plame, the CIA operative at the heart of a political scandal, told Congress Friday that senior officials at the White House and State Department “carelessly and recklessly” blew her cover to discredit her diplomat-husband.

Plame, whose 2003 outing triggered a federal investigation, said she always knew her identity could be discovered by foreign governments.

“It was a terrible irony that administration officials were the ones who destroyed my cover,” she told the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

“If our government cannot even protect my identity, future foreign agents who might consider working with the Central Intelligence Agency and providing needed intelligence would think twice,” Plame said in response to a question…

“It’s not our job to determine criminal culpability, but it is out job to determine what went wrong and insist on accountability,” Committee Chairman Henry Waxman , D-Calif., said at the outset of the hearing.

The man who led the criminal investigation, Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, was not on the witness list. He told lawmakers Wednesday that federal law prohibited him from offering his thoughts on the case

Nobody from the White House involved in the leak was scheduled to testify. Neither were officials from the State Department, where the first leak of Plame’s identity occurred, or the CIA…

“My name and identity were carelessly and recklessly abused by senior officials in the White House and State Department,” Plame testified. “I could no longer perform the work for which I had been highly trained.”

Plame said she had no role in sending her husband on a CIA fact-finding trip to Niger. Wilson said in a newspaper column that his trip debunked the administration’s prewar intelligence that Iraq was seeking to buy uranium from Africa.

I did not recommend him. I did not suggest him. There was no nepotism involved. I did not have the authority,” she said.

That conflicts with senior officials at the CIA and State Department, who testified during Libby’s trial that Plame recommended Wilson for the trip.

Plame also repeatedly described herself as a covert operative, a term that has multiple meanings. Plame said she worked undercover and traveled abroad on secret missions for the CIA.

But the word “covert” also has a legal definition requiring recent foreign service and active efforts to keep someone’s identity secret. Critics of Fitzgerald’s investigation said Plame did not meet that definition for several reasons and said that’s why nobody was charged with the leak.

Also, none of the witnesses who testified at Libby’s trial said it was clear that Plame’s job was classified.

However, Fitzgerald said flatly at the courthouse after the verdict that Plame’s job was classified.

The issue was not clarified during the trial because the defense persuaded U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton to keep that information out of testimony because Libby wasn’t charged with leaking classified information.

Rep. Tom Davis, the ranking Republican on the committee, said, “No process can be adopted to protect classified information that no one knows is classified. This looks to me more like a CIA problem than a White House problem.”

Plame said she wasn’t a lawyer and didn’t know what her legal status was but said it shouldn’t have mattered to the officials who learned her identity.

“They all knew that I worked with the CIA,” Plame said. “They might not have known what my status was but that alone — the fact that I worked for the CIA — should have put up a red flag.” …

Ms. Plame “abused” her own cover when she had an affair with a married man and told him she was “a spy.” (Just having such an affair should have been enough to get her booted from the agency.)

Whatever her classification was in recent years, it is clear it did not meet the requirements of the Intelligence Identities Proctection Act and so it is irrelevant to any violations of the law.

But the Democrats got their show trial. And the stupids (which is a large percentage of the general population, unfortunately), will accept their presentation as fact.

It is the age of Orwell.

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