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“Suicide Bomber” To Work On British Trains

From the Cambridge Evening News:

Train job for bomb stunt manFanatic ... train worker

17 February 2007

A Muslim protester who dressed up as a suicide bomber during a march is cleaning Cambridge trains.

Omar Khayam has been employed by First Capital Connect to clean the carriages at its Bedford depot that are used on the Cambridge to London line.

A convicted drugs dealer, Khayam wore a suicidebomber style vest at a London protest last year.

Fanatics around him waved placards supporting the July 7 London bombings and called for new terror attacks in the demonstration outside the Danish embassy.

Khayam later apologised for his "insensitive" stunt in response to cartoons of the prophet Mohammed printed in a Danish newspaper.

But he was sent back to jail for breaking his parole.

He has now been released early and is working the night shift cleaning trains.

A spokesman for First Group, which owns First Capital Connect, said: "We are subject to UK employment law and carry out all necessary employment checks. The safety of customers and employees is our main priority."

Mind you, this is from the self-same newspaper that reported how a Cambridge University student had to go into hiding after publishing photos of Omar Khayam and his fellow protesters in a satirical edition of a student newspaper:

Fears magazine could fuel racial tension

A Cambridge University student is at the centre of a race-hate probe after printing anti-Islamic material in a magazine.

The 19-year-old second year student at Clare College was in hiding today (Friday, 09 February) after printing the racist cartoon and other vile material.

The article is said to be so inflammatory the undergraduate has been taken to a secret location for his own safety

For his own safety and that of others, the student, who is British, has been taken out of his current accommodation and put in a secure place.

The paper had been renamed Crucification for a special edition on religious satire.

The front page included headlines stating: "Ayatollah rethinks stance on misunderstood Rushdie".

On page six, pictures were shown of Muslims holding placards reading: "Behead those who insult Islam" and "Freedom go to Hell."

Enraged students have bombarded the Union of Clare Students with complaints and vice-president of the university’s Islamic society described it as "hugely offensive" and "crude unabashed prejudice."

Meanwhile these are the photos of the demonstration in which Mr. Khayam participated, but which are forbidden to be published:


This protest was organized by Anjem Choudary, a terrorist organizer, who recruited his participants from the Regent’s Park mosque. (Which is the same mosque exposed by the UK’s Channel 4 "Undercover Mosque" documentary.)

It’s probably a safe bet that Mr. Khayam is also a parishioner at that mosque.

And yet it is more of a "crime" to publish photos of these radical Muslims than it is to be one.

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