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Prize Winning O-Care Ad: ‘Forget The Price Tag’

From the Daily Caller:

Video called ‘Forget About The Price Tag’ wins HHS grand prize for promoting Obamacare

By Vince Coglianese | December 4, 2013

The Department of Health and Human Services has crowned a YouTube video entitled “Forget About The Price Tag” as the grand prize winner in a contest meant to encourage young people to sign up for Obamacare.

The video contest, announced in August — in partnership with a group called Young Invincibles — encouraged participants to produce clips filled with pro-Obamacare messaging.

HHS’s grand prize-winning video, announced Monday by the White House, features a young woman named Erin McDonald singing an Obamacare-loving version of Jessie J’s hit single, “Price Tag.”

Where are the cries of copyright infringement? Oh, that’s right. This is for a good (liberal) cause.

(For the record, it’s is supposed to be against US law for the government to propagandize its citizens. But that’s another quaint old law that has bitten the dust under Obama.)

Without a hint of irony, McDonald sings her chorus: “Ain’t about the, uh, cha-ching cha-ching. Ain’t about the, yeah, bla-bling bla-bling. Affordable Care Act. Don’t worry ’bout the price tag.”

McDonald, of course, is referring to the reasons young people should buy health insurance without worrying “’bout the price tag.” …

McDonald won $2,000 for her efforts, according to the contest’s website.

This is a rare example of truth in advertising. Granted it was inadvertent. But young people are going to get soaked if they sign up for Obama-Care. Because they are subsidizing the oldsters. So they had better forget about the price tag.

In fact, since Obama-Care is going to end up costing the rest of us a fortune in higher premiums and US taxpayers untold trillions, it’s good advice in general.

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