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Pro-Healthcare Dems Won’t Suffer At Polls

From the DNC’s Politico:

Gang of 34 may dodge payback

By: Alex Isenstadt
March 29, 2010

In the days after the House passed landmark health care legislation, the 34 Democrats who voted against the measure were targets of sharp criticism within their own party, and from organized labor and liberal groups vowing to punish them by withdrawing support or, worse, running primary election challengers against them.

But for all the threats and gnashing of teeth, the vast majority of those members aren’t likely to pay a heavy political cost for their apostasy…

Add it all up and the odds are long that many — or even any — of the gang of 34 will be denied the Democratic nomination.

“So much of this primary talk is overblown. Now that health care has passed, Democratic family feuding is unlikely to continue at the same fever pitch until primaries,” said David Wasserman, an analyst for the Cook Political Report. “Many of these Democrats cast votes that were necessary for survival in a general election, and others have time to mend primary fences. Let’s be honest: no matter what outside groups say now, the health care issue won’t cost Democrats like [South Dakota Rep.] Stephanie Herseth Sandlin or [Pennsylvania Rep.] Jason Altmire renomination.” …

Several Democratic strategists said that euphoria at health reform’s passage has ameliorated some of initial hostility…

In New York, where an August filing deadline and a September primary leave plenty of time for top-flight opposition to take shape, several potential challengers to Arcuri and McMahon have already surfaced.

Brooklyn attorney Stephen Harrison, who lost a 2008 primary to McMahon, said last week he is considering another bid against McMahon, and liberal leaders and county-level party officials have approached a prominent epidemiologist, Columbia University professor Les Roberts, about a possible bid against Arcuri.

Both freshmen Democrats have already lost the support of the influential Working Families Party, which is not allowing either to run on their ballot line in November — a significant setback for the pair

Is it not amazing?

The selfsame media that is telling us that the right is so furious about the passage of Mr. Obama’s ‘healthcare reform’ that they want to kill, are also telling us that those who voted for it somehow won’t suffer at the polls.

It is to laugh.

And speaking of violence, the aforementioned “Working Families Party” is nothing more than an offshoot of ACORN.

And, as we were the first to note, they were the bravos who threatened those evil AIG executives on their very doorsteps up in Connecticut.

Funny how our intrepid reporter neglected to mention that. Perhaps he didn’t know.

After all, it’s not like there are any real journalists anymore.

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2 Responses to “Pro-Healthcare Dems Won’t Suffer At Polls”

  1. proreason says:

    The chucklable article is all about the Democratic primaries…..as if there isn’t even a general election.

    It must have been written during a euphoric liberal dream.

  2. Perdido says:

    That crew smokes stuff, you know? lol.

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