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Pro-Life Casey Backs Pro-Abortion Obama

From those champions of the little guy (except babies), the Washington Post:

Democratic presidential hopeful, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., speaks at the Compassion Forum held at Messiah College in Grantham, Pa., Sunday, April 13, 2008.

For Obama, Unexpected Support

Antiabortion Lawmakers’ Backing May Help in Pa., Ind.

By Shailagh Murray
Monday, April 14, 2008; A01

As strong and consistent abortion foes, Sen. Robert P. Casey Jr. and former congressman Timothy J. Roemer are anomalies in a Democratic Party that has overwhelmingly advocated abortion rights. Yet both are backing Sen. Barack Obama, whom one conservative blogger dubbed “the most pro-abortion candidate ever.”

As firmly as Casey (Pa.) and Roemer (Ind.) have adhered to their opposition, Obama has never supported a single measure that would curtail access to abortion — even under controversial circumstances. But Casey and Roemer have chosen to ignore Obama’s legislative record, and are promoting the Democratic presidential candidate to their antiabortion allies as someone who could achieve a new consensus on the issue. “He has the unique skills to try to lower the temperature and foster a sense of common ground, and try to figure out ways that people can agree,” Casey said, although the freshman senator added, “On this issue, it’s particularly hard.”

The endorsements send a powerful signal in two critical battlegrounds: Pennsylvania, which will hold its primary on April 22, and Indiana, which will vote on May 6. Both states have sizable segments of socially conservative Democrats who reject the party’s orthodoxy on an issue they have long viewed as troubling and complex…

What a shock that Democrats would put politics above principles.

And, once again, we have to ask why anyone thinks Mr. Obama would bring consensus on anything?

He is one of the most partisan politicians of our age. As we have previously noted, he is only 0.6% less partisan than the notoriously partisan Hillary Clinton.

And he is easily the most pro-abortion politician on the national stage.

So why the consensus fantasy?

And speaking of fantasies, did abortion even figure in the discussion between Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama at their “Compassion Forum”?

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