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Pro-Obama Ad Features Donor To Democrats

From the Politico:

Priorities USA does the disappointment ad


Priorities USA Action is releasing a new commercial today spotlighting a woman who says she was “duped by Mitt Romney” – and not because of his work at Bain Capital…

In a commercial unveiled on the first active day of the 2012 Republican National Convention, Priorities USA spotlights Olive Chase, a former Romney supporter from Massachusetts who’s now on Team Obama.

“I’m an independent. I voted for him, I contributed to him,” Chase says in the ad. “Gov. Romney promised that he would bring jobs to this state. By the time Gov. Romney left office, we had fallen to 47th in the nation in terms of job growth.”

But wait, there’s more: “Gov. Romney cares about big business, he cares about tax cuts for wealthy people and I certainly do not believe he cares about my hard-working employees. I feel like I was duped by Mitt Romney. I’m going to vote for President Obama.” …

The ad is airing in Florida, Colorado, Iowa, Ohio and Virginia, according to a Priorities announcement.

Oddly enough, the journalists at the Politico fails to mention a few details about Ms. Chase, which could be uncovered with a couple of mouse clicks. First, according to the FEC, there is no record of Olive Chase ever having given to the Romney campaign, or any other Republican candidate.

Instead, there is a record of Ms. Chase having given to two Democrat candidates. She gave $1,000 to the Bill Keating, who is a Democrat Representative from Massachusetts. She also gave $600 to Erik Martin Dilan, who is a Democrat who is running to represent the Brooklyn, NY Congressional District.

Perhaps Ms. Chase did give actually money to Republicans and even Romney. But they must have been contributions under the FEC’s $250 dollars cutoff.

Still, that is unlikely, since Ms. Chase has been quite wealthy from her catering business, the ‘Casual Gourmet, on Cape Cod for several decades. She also owns a string of restaurants, and even dining facilities in hospitals.

In any case, we are right to be skeptical. Given that another Obama ad which was recently released claims to feature Republican women who were now supporting Obama. But it turns out that at least two of the women in the ad, a mother and daughter, are actually longtime activist Democrats.

Imagine our surprise at finding out that the Obama campaign would run dishonest ads.

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