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Pro Pols Try To Spin Joe Biden’s Remarks

From the Politico, which has opened a new feature called “The Arena”:

Arena challenge: Explain Joe Biden’s “not gonna be apparent that we’re right” comment.

Maria Cardona, Democratic strategist and public affairs executive:

Joe Biden is one of the most experienced leaders on foreign policy in this country. He has forgotten more than many of us will ever know on the subject.

He was talking about the stark reality that will greet whomever the next president is, and since he believes that person will be Barack Obama, he was describing the critical challenges that Senator Obama will undoubtedly face as president. More…

Lanny Davis, Attorney and Democratic strategist:

I admire and love Joe Biden for over 35 years. But this statement shows needs to get some sleep. He can’t explain this statement nor can anyone else. He needs to rest and recoves [sic] from temporary OPSS (Over-Political-Stress-Syndrome.)

He should be saying “it’s not apparent” what I meant or what I said or why I said it. So hit the delete button and write it off as the result of sleep deprivation anmd [sic] OPSS.”

Michael B. Coleman, Democratic mayor of Columbus, Ohio:

I have no doubt that Joe Biden will be an excellent vice president, but he does not always express himself on the camapign trail as clearly as he would probably like. Sen. Biden was trying to make several points at once, which is one reason his message got muddled. More…

Even Lanny Davis can’t spin this!

There is more hilarity at the Politico link.

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5 Responses to “Pro Pols Try To Spin Joe Biden’s Remarks”

  1. Liberals Demise says:


  2. Gila Monster says:

    “Joe Biden is one of the most experienced leaders on foreign policy in this country. He has forgotten more than many of us will ever know on the subject.”

    Wh-wha-whaaat…..??? Surely, she must be kidding, right? And stop calling me Shirley..!!

    Criminy, these polbots have more spin settings than a new Maytag washing machine. ;o)

  3. Icarus says:

    “mark my words – tested within 6 months” Tells me that they have pretty good sources for the who, what , when, where, and maybe… the how . The why, we all know!

    But this particular declaration “not gonna be apparent that we’re right” within the same context of the above mentioned, is even more telling… and very disturbing

    For me the only place that statement would make any sense, is if Israel hits Iran’s Nuke facilities; quickly followed by a combined retaliation (and land invasion) from Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas, Fatah, Egypt, etc While Obama sits back, merely denouncing the attack, offering and sending aid, but doing practically nothing militarily. Then “not gonna be apparent that we’re right ” would make perfect sense to a world wondering …why is the U.S just sitting back?

  4. platypus says:

    Assuming that Icarus is correct (and I do), then we should expect that Israel will strike in November if Obama is elected so as to avoid Icarus’ prediction.

    But what if McCain is elected? Will Israel still strike before inauguration day?

    I think so. I think Israel has already told President Bush that they are going to strike before he leaves office and gotten a commitment for support in return for the advance notice. Bush, following tradition and good sense, duly notifies the two contenders and their running mates. But I am willing to bet that Bush failed to tell them of his commitment to support the war Israel starts.

    Mr. Anti-military decides that he will not start a third war and Slow Joe goes out and damn near spills the beans on classified information.

    My speculation is that Obambi and SlowJoe misunderestimated what was said, similar to the claims that Bush used the term “imminent threat” in the run-up to the Iraq invasion (which he did not).

    Obama isn’t smart enough to handle foreign affairs and Israel knows it, so they will pre-empt Obambi.

    They might even attack Iran before the election but I think it’s unlikely because they won’t want to deal with the blowback accusing them of trying to manipulate the American election.

  5. buzzhead says:

    Liberals Demise – ALRIGHT………SEND IN THE CLOWNS!!!

    They already did.

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