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Prof Gates Has Used ‘Yo Mama’ Before

From MSNBC’s Hardball and LexisNexis:

HARDBALL – July 27, 2009 Monday – Transcript

MATTHEWS: … What do you make of that, Eugene? Is it possible, Eugene, that this firefight began over one guy projecting and another guy, well, seeing somebody projecting and he didn’t like the sound of it?

EUGENE ROBINSON, "WASHINGTON POST": I cannot imagine in this universe Skip Gates saying, I’ll speak with your mama outside.


ROBINSON: This is one of the preeminent academics in — in America, you know, one of the most prominent professors at our nation`s most prestigious university, at the top of his profession, at the top of his game. He — he — you know, he — he rolls with kings and queens and Nobel Prize winners

MATTHEWS: But I wonder why a white police sergeant, an Irish American, would think — Jonathan, I have got to find some jocularity in this for at least one minute in our conversation.

Do you think he just projected what he thought was street talk, jive talk, whatever you want to call it? I know, in the Major Leagues, the one thing you can’t do is mention the other fellow’s momma. We know the words that might have been used in a baseball game that get you thrown out of a game.

Do you think this is just one guy projecting attitude that wasn’t there, or what?


MATTHEWS: I don’t know.

CAPEHART: … you know, I can’t get into the mind of Sergeant Crowley, and I can’t get into the mind of Professor Gates in that situation.

And I think what we’re seeing, here from the — the 911 tapes that you just played, from the — the person who reported what she thought was a burglary, to Sergeant Crowley`s comment about keep the cars coming, to, you know, who said what when, we have seen this before, where we have these incidents that are a whole lot more complicated than what they might seem, than the black-and-white issue that we thought at first.

And, so, I think, you know, to try to get into Sergeant Crowley’s mind about whether, you know, he was projecting yo momma talk is something…

MATTHEWS: He said, he went after my mother.

I mean, this is street corner. This is…

ROBINSON: I just — again, that does not ring — not ring plausible to me.

But, you know, I — I just find this whole thing really, really fascinating. And — and this extra element — you know, Skip Gates is a — is a big cheese. He’s an important guy. And I lived in Cambridge for a year.

And, you know, meeting a famous Harvard professor who is arrogant is like meeting a famous basketball player who is tall, right?


ROBINSON: I mean, it`s not exactly a surprise.


ROBINSON: So, you know, if — if you believe the police report, aside from the yo mamma thing, which I don’t believe, but if you believe the rest of the police report, you have Professor Gates acting in a high-handed manner, confronting Sergeant Crowley.

And I find this — I find this aspect of it fascinating, because, of course, that`s the way big cheeses act. That’s the way they have acted since time immemorial…

At about 3:06 minutes into this clip from a 1996 speech on race relations, you will hear Mr. Gates mention ‘yo mama’ (and ‘yo daddy’):

At this same appearance Mr. Gates also made watermelon jokes and dropped the N-Word.

Indeed, as we have previously noted, in 1994 Mr. Gates wrote a book ‘Colored People,’ which he himself described as “a book about black vernacular culture.”

So it should not be too surprising if these expressions might spring easily to his lips.

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8 Responses to “Prof Gates Has Used ‘Yo Mama’ Before”

  1. curvyred says:

    Does Chrissy also have a tingle running up his leg for the Good Prof?

  2. proreason says:

    “one of the preeminent academics in — in America”


    Get your tents ready. We may not even live in houses 10 years from now.

  3. catie says:

    There really is two Americas. Here we have that clown Robinson saying Gates is a “Big Cheese” and we must all kowtow to the “Big Cheeses” we run across. And of course Crowley is lying about that “yo momma” thing even though other minority officers heard it too, but they’re just sticking up for whitey because you know, he may come down from the big house and whip his butt. What’s happened to my country?

  4. TwilightZoned says:

    There’s just so much wrong in his thinking. If Gates still believes what he conveyed in this speech, he is a bitter man with a big chip on his shoulder.

    Regarding his referencing Affirmative Action…

    Sure I suppose there was a need and people benefited from Affirmative Action when it first began, but now it seems to be a crutch. As long as a group, or individual, see themselves as victims, refuse to assimilate, perpetuate and ingrain racism into future generations, and have an entitlement mentality; that group, as a whole, will never be able to compete on merit and the individual generally considered less competent. Doesn’t every one deserve the very best people a profession has to offer? People who are awarded a job they are not qualified for due to quotas, which if we’re honest happens way too frequently, generally cost businesses more money. There is usually of the need for additional training beyond the norm, constant error corrections doubling the work and taking the task twice as long to complete, or the need to assign another person to oversee the incompetent. Talk about a waste of money which is always passed on to the consumer, including the government in the form of taxes.

    “…yo mama and daddy criticism which we blacks have mastered for 250 years…” or something to that effect. Yes, he definitely mastered that criticism; may even have a PhD in it.

  5. canary says:

    Gates challenging the police man with fighting words “Yo Mama” along with his other threats and yelling throwing a tantrum, were just that. He was doing everything to bully and scare the police officer.
    I think with racist mentality of Obama and Gates ongoing obcession with racism being one way, need something simple before they understand and can feel a tiny fraction of the violent man the police were forced to deal with. A tiny fraction could be understood if police officers around the country, wore “YO Mama, O bama” t-shirts.

    • JohnMG says:

      I said this back in November of ’08. Obama has set race relations in this country back 50 years. I, for one, am not going to roll over for these hucksters. Every black of any influence who uses the accusation of racism as a bludgeon will preside over a self-fulfilling prophesy.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Now we are seeing the “WE ARE OWED” dictated from the oval office and those that ruffle feathers are labeled “TEA BAG” unAmerican right wingers.

      Next …….. AmeriCorp brown shirts and ACORN door pounders!!

  6. Chinnubie says:

    I’m mystified by the way he used the contradicting remark of Clarence Thomas, a black man admittedly claiming he was able to get into Yale because of affirmative action, and by their actions on stage were making him (Thomas) out to be an “Uncle Tom”.
    Wasn’t affirmative action brought about to give the minority an ability to stand on equal footing with the “White Man”? This guy could care less if minorities are given that boost up, unless when you get to where you are going you must continue to keep the chip of racism on your shoulder.
    A minority is worthless to have the ability to think any other way than to claim racism at every chance they get.
    Plain & simple Gates saw an opportunity to fuel the flames of racism, although the officer that arrested him wasn’t a racist, which is why this entire episode has blown up in his face.
    Parting thought, where is Gates significant other through all of this? I didn’t see a wife or girlfriend there. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Was the GUY that was with him, breaking into the house, a “Friend”? Just curious……

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