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Prof Obama: Mary And Joseph Of Bethlehem

It’s clear Professor Obama thought he was amusing when he peppered the characters in his Constitutional Law exams with names that referenced real people.

But Mr. Obama also claims to be a longtime committed Christian.

Would a committed Christian write such a question using the names he used in his December 1997 Constitutional Law final examination:

Mary and Joseph, a married couple in their early fifties, are residents of Bethlehem City, which is located in Futura, a state in the United States of America. Last year, their 23 year old daughter, Dolly, a second-year medical student at Futura State University, was in a serious car accident. Dolly sustained severe head injuries as a result of the accident, and was already unconscious when removed from the wreck. Despite the best efforts of the doctors at Bethlehem Medical Center, Dolly has been in a persistent vegetative state for the past year. She survives only with the assistance of respiratory, feeding and hydration tubes, and shows no sign of brain function. Doctors have indicated to Mary and Joseph that Dolly has no prospects whatsoever for recovery, and that the removal of the life-support system currently in place will cause Dolly’s death…

Would a committed Christian name the child of Mary and Joseph of Bethlehem “Dolly”?

(Did Mr. Obama mean “Dolly” as in ‘baby doll’ — an inanimate representation of a human being, a plaything? Or was he cleverly referencing “Dolly” the cloned sheep who was in the news at that time?)

Would a committed Christian then go on to have “Dolly” sustain an injury that puts her in a vegetative state?

Would a committed Christian write a examination that sub-textually deals with the cloning of the Christ child?

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What does this tell us about Mr. Obama? About the depth of his religious beliefs?

About his seriousness as a person?

By the way, Professor Obama was so proud of this examination that it is the only one out of the four posted at the University Of Chicago’s law school where he posts his comments on the students’ answers:

Constitutional Law III Professor Obama

Exam #1287

December 13, 1997

Question #1: (Part A) The success of this family’s Constitutional claims will hinge on the specificity with which the right at issue is described. The broader descriptions of rights (right of association, right to privacy, etc.) appear more well-founded in the traditional fabric of liberty which shapes our Constitutional jurisprudence, while the “right to homosexual sodomy- is more of a stretch. In this case, the “right to clone” was not even possible to exercise until recently, but the “right to procreate” has been recognized as a fundamental right since Skinner in 1942 and has an even longer history of support under the common law. The unique facet of this case is that there are two sets of people who may claim that the right to procreate allows them to clone Dolly — Dolly herself and her parents, Mary & Joseph. Mary & Joseph are the parents of the genetic material that would become the cloned Dolly, but the vegetative Dolly would provide the actual cells, seemingly placing her too in the role of “parent.” Additionally, the right to procreate may be seen as a right to pass on your characteristics, to have a progeny, which Dolly would accomplish in a sense by being cloned. This is, in fact, her only chance to reproduce since she is in a vegetative state and about to be terminated…

Mr. Obama goes on for another 5 pages, which you can download here (pdf file).

As usual with him, it’s hard to tell, but it would appear he comes down on the side of cloning.

But it is clear he has no problem with blasphemy.

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9 Responses to “Prof Obama: Mary And Joseph Of Bethlehem”

  1. imnewatthis says:

    If he really meant the Dolly thing to be a joke on “Lamb of God”, that’s more like something someone like Bill Mahar would say, not a Christian. An elitist.

  2. Searcher says:

    Obama’s interest in cloning is not isolated to his law school examination. Rather, it is part of his horrible record on life issues which makes him a grave danger to the poor should he be elected. See the Obama Nation flyer at http://www.cirtl.org.

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