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‘Protesters’ Attack France’s Fuel Supplies

From a cheering Associated Press:

Oil workers, youths, truckers defy French govt

By Greg Keller, AP Business Writer
October 18, 2010

PARIS – French oil workers defied the government’s demand Monday to get back to work and end fuel shortages, stepping up their fight against President Nicolas Sarkozy’s retirement reforms, as youths faced off against riot police and truckers joined the protests.

You know how ‘youths’ obsess about their retirement packages.

Airlines, meanwhile, were told to drastically cut back their flights into France on Tuesday, when the next national street protests are planned, and severe disruptions to air travel, public transport, schools and other facilities are expected.

Strikers have blockaded a dozen French refineries and numerous oil depots in the last week as part of the widespread protests over Sarkozy’s plan to raise the retirement age to 62, which the French Senate will debate on Wednesday.

Fearful motorists have flocked to gas stations in panic and found many empty, while aviation authorities told short-haul planes coming in from other European destinations to bring enough fuel to get back.

Striking workers piled up tires and set them ablaze Monday in front of a refinery at Grandpuits, east of Paris, after authorities issued a legal order insisting that some strikers reopen the facility. Workers said they would refuse, as curls of heavy black smoke wafted into the air.

Other employees and residents formed a "human chain" to prevent the refinery workers from entering the plant, and union leaders said they expected police to intervene.

Dozens of oil tankers remained stuck in the Mediterranean, anchored outside Marseille’s two oil ports, where workers have been on strike for more than three weeks to protest a planned port reform as well as the retirement changes.

Wouldn’t Al Gore be proud?

Still, isn’t it interesting how the communist, anarchists revolutionaries who want to bring down France’s economy are targeting its gas and oil sources. It’s just like in our country. Only they are a little less subtle.

Prime Minister Francois Fillon pledged Sunday to do what’s necessary to prevent fuel shortages, saying the government won’t allow such shortages to hurt the French economy. The head of France’s petroleum industry body said fuel reserves were "enough to keep us going for a few weeks."

Jean-Louis Schilansky, president of the Petrol Industries Association, warned however that if the strikers continue to block fuel depots and if the nation’s truckers join the movement, "then we will have a very big problem."

Truckers did join the fray, staging organized slowdowns Monday aimed at snarling highway traffic. French TV showed images of cars and trucks on a "Snail Operation" – driving at a snail’s pace on the main highway between Paris and the northern city of Lille, with red union flags waving out the windows

Red "union" flags. 

French youth burned tires and cars, set up blockades and clashed with riot police Monday outside some high schools in Paris and nearby suburbs.

Students from Lycee Joliot Curie in the Paris suburb of Nanterre tried to blockade their school, with about 100 facing off against police, who responded with rubber bullets. In all, 261 schools were blocked Monday, the education ministry reported.

Rail unions, which have been on strike since early last week, have prolonged their walkouts through Tuesday to coincide with more than 200 street protests – the sixth nationwide protests in about a month.

Union leaders also called for support strikes from other sectors, including energy, postal workers and private commerce, as well as from employees at Eurotunnel, which runs freight and passengers under the English Channel to London

Have they gotten the Muslim terrorists on board, yet? Though, come to think of it, that is a distinction without a difference, if there ever was one.

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10 Responses to “‘Protesters’ Attack France’s Fuel Supplies”

  1. NoNeoCommies says:

    The Socialist are getting desperate in the EU.
    They put the Golden Goose on life support, now they are cutting off the IV flow because the goose is making noises about reducing the size of the malignant tumor known as Socialism.

  2. Adam Moreira says:

    Par for the course in Europe (general strikes) – what else is new?

  3. fallingpianos says:

    Students from Lycee Joliot Curie in the Paris suburb of Nanterre tried to blockade their school, with about 100 facing off against police, who responded with rubber bullets.

    Real bullets get better results.

    • Adam Moreira says:

      But do you want Tiananmen (sp?) Square all over again?

    • fallingpianos says:

      Context is everything, Adam. Read the entire article. It’s abundantly clear that these “youths” are not peacefully demonstrating for freedom. Last I checked, France does not have a totalitarian dictatorship.

      There is no comparison.

  4. GetBackJack says:

    I vividly remember a Farmer’s General Strike a decade or so ago. When France stopped price-supporting a wide variety of crops in order to make the European Union more competitive, France’s farmers went knucking futs. Besides blocking all major highways and shutting down food distribution to Paris, eventually they became so enraged there were hundreds of incidents of armed farmers assaulting police, truckers and anyone on a highway …. with rifles and hand guns.

    That’s … what happens when the Socialist Hand stops spoon feeding its dependents. The dependents immediately go into full bore violence, because it’s the only card they can play.

    Like unions, eco-terrorists and every Democrat every to crawl out from under the rocks they inhabit. “Violence” is something they whine, moan and get the shivers over, but one moment of Reality seeps into their shuttered existence and they go Armageddon.

    Threats, death threats, beatings, torchings … just a normal day in the world of Democrats.

    • proreason says:

      The reasons spent a few days in Paris in 2006. A general strike in progress which was a pain, but we managed to get around anyway.

      The day we left, we set out hours ahead of time because we knew the trip to the train would be a challenge.

      In the lobby of the hotel (fairly nice place. 4 stars), the “strikers” were demonstrating. Dozens of them banging pots and drums and screaming at the top of their lungs. No police. I was focused on staying calm and completing the checkout business, since the lines were long and time was short. The missus (who is handicapped, uses canes to walk) was seated in a chair somewhere to the rear of me. We got checked out, the manager persuaded a (striking) taxi-driver to take us to the station, and after a harrowing ride, we got to the train as it was beginning to roll out. Made it.

      Later, I learned that during the 1/2 hour in the lobby, the “strikers” would come up to the missus and beat their pots directly in her face. Sweethearts. Maybe it was best I didn’t know, since I would lose weight in jail.

      A few days late on the trip, a skinny little bus driver tried to physically throw me off his bus in Brussels, but I just laughed at him.

      Fun times in a socialist utopia.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      As Rush has pointed out and I already knew, socialists or whatever code name they use to identify with their politics are perpetually unhappy, often miserable people. It’s a fatal flaw. They never reach contentment by looking around and seeing all that is good. They see only the bad and think that it’s someone else’s fault and thus, must be repaired/fixed/altered/adjusted/corrected/analyzed/graphed/funded or otherwise meddled in.

      Ask yourself, as I’m sure you have, if all the utopian dreams were realized…everything was just as they said it should be, would they sit and be happy? You can bet not. With each step towards more socialism, their demand is for MORE socialism. It happens in stages but the ultimate ending is always the same…rule by a totalitarian and their drooling lackeys and the people suffer. How many times does it have to happen in all its permutations to be recognized while it’s occurring?

      We see it now..and we don’t like it and know the obvious conclusion if it is not stopped making November 2nd this year of paramount importance, if not supremely so.

      But, one problem with our government…aside from the repeal of prohibition, it’s not very good at going in reverse and undoing things. Usually elected politicians can only see “forward” to new laws and new legislation rather than recommending that existing legislation simply be enforced. And, they’re also not good at recognizing laws that came first trump laws that came after. In other words, take the “hate crime” bit. If existing laws were simply enforced, no new “hate crime” laws need be written. I call that kind of legislation, “fashion lawmaking”.

      And it dovetails into the socialists belief that the Constitution is a “living document” and the words must be interpreted in modern context. Oh….bulls—t!

      Seeing how socialists behave when the money river dries up is not pretty. However I am reminded of how Ronald Reagan dealt with the air traffic controller strike. And if you’re a state/federal employee and hold the people hostage over some ridiculous “grievance”, you deserve to lose your job. There’s more to collective bargaining than shutting things down to get your way. But, one has to assume that adults will come to the table.

    • proreason says:

      “I am reminded of how Ronald Reagan dealt with the air traffic controller strike”

      If they tell you it is impossible or an unsolvable problem, you know that the solution is the easy, common sense one.

      Reagan knew.

      Consider that while contemplating the following intransigent problems that are just “unsolvable”.

      1. Afghanistan
      2. Iran
      3. The deficit
      4. The budget
      5. Social Security
      6. Medicare
      7. Health Care

      And here are the common sense solutions that will never be implemented.

      1. Cross into Pakistan and obliterate the enclaves. Then leave. Do it again, as needed.
      2. One conversation.
      3. Repeal Stick-it-to-us. Repeal Obamyscare. Dissolve the last 4 Federal Cabinet Departments. Freeze federal spending and hiring. See problems 5 and 6.
      4. Cut the budget 5% per year each year for 10 years.
      5. Link SS payouts to SS taxes. Gradually increase retirement age for people under 55 to 70.
      6. Whatever the receipts from Medicare taxes are in any year, pay them out as health insurance premiums.
      7. Not a problem. Repeal Obamyscare. Do tort reform. Allow interstate competition.

      Why won’t any of these be implemented? It doesn’t have anything whatsoever to do with the ‘problem’. They won’t be implemented because without ‘problems’ congress criminals won’t have any bases to become wealthy beyond imagination.

    • Petronius says:

      Pro, I am sorry to hear about Mrs Reason’s bad experience in Paris. Paris is full of bad experiences these days. But at least you missed The Great Heat Wave of 2003.

      It is such a tragedy, the loss of France and Belgium. Belgium used to be a delightful place to visit. There are few towns so lovely as Bruges, for capturing the true spirit and beauty of European civilization. But Brussels has become a horror show; it has become a dusky place, like Paris, a colony of central Africa and Islam, and now an unpleasant, smelly –– and yes, hostile –– place for Europeans. I wish the Vlaam Belangs the best of luck; I should love to return someday, should they succeed in recapturing and cleaning up little Belgium.

      “Sound of Music” in Antwerp railway station :


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