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Protesters Burn Cars Over Global Warming

From Euronews:

Geneva ravaged by anti-capitalism protestors

November 28, 2009

Anti-capitalism protesters have brought havoc to central Geneva during a demonstration against the World Trade Organisation.

They burned cars and faced up to riot police in a zone near the central bus station of the Swiss town.

They also smashed the windows of shops, bank and cafés.

The violent protesters were a fringe minority on an otherwise peaceful march of some 2000 people ahead of a three day conference of the World Trade Organisation which starts on Monday.

They accuse the WTO of not doing enough to tackle climate change, claiming it is a mouthpiece for the interests of multinational corporations.

Notice how ‘global warming’ is this year’s excuse to wreck things.

Of course the Warmers are no different from these people. Just a little less energetic.

But their goals are the same.

Needless to say, none of this has anything to do with the weather.

And everything to do with destroying capitalism.

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11 Responses to “Protesters Burn Cars Over Global Warming”

  1. catie says:

    I really don’t understand their thinking but that’s just me.

  2. U NO HOO says:

    What will they burn next to protest burning?

    Warmers are just stupid, and poor losers.

  3. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Haves vs. have-nots. Human jealousy is one of the most dangerous of emotions. When people cannot understand what it is they are angry at (themselves) they act out and force others to notice them. The Germans used this against the wealthiest Jews first.

    Obama is using it against the wealthiest Americans first. Remember berating the CEO’s for flying to DC in their “private jets”? And Bank CEO’s making too much money? And, Barry ever-the-a-hole gained ground by making them take money which gave him leverage to further control and manipulate them. They became lackeys.

    Again, as a reminder, Barry is an angry little boy. He is just smart enough to cause enough problems to do enough damage to really hurt this nation and he’s doing it on purpose. A tantrum. Hitler had a similar tantrum, as did Mussolini. I don’t think it will result in mass murders but once the anger of the public is unleashed, who knows that won’t happen? Or, very possibly, if and when it does happen, Barry will sit in his office and grin his little SEG and know that his hands are “clean”.

    The times that we are in call for extraordinary leadership. There is none to be found right now. Several decades of consistent national growth with little to no hardship has taken leaders from the public eye to the private sector to exploit those skills. And, they are, to some extent, in the military. Add to that, a HUGE segment of the population that is similar to the post crash of 1929 who think anyone with a dollar is a crook. I would dare to say that the vast majority of people with money are making it honestly still.

    Eventually, there will come a tipping point. How it will play out is both scary and unpredictable. But it will definitely be bad. In a year’s time, this administration has undertaken to shut the American people out entirely. They have said as much. They have shown as much….they have done as much. So to what end do we, the American people, have as a recourse to lack of representation in the halls of the people’s government?

    I’m already fed up. They are already too big for their britches. They have already overstepped their bounds.

    How do the American people stop it? By voting.

    However, inasmuch as we are seeing “unprecedented” (sorry) unmitigated glaring disregard for the nation’s laws, 2012, or even 2010 may see some very interesting and violent results in the polling stations. This past presidential election was a test run, of sorts…and mark my words, the blacks are not going to stop. They will be out there and scare away white voters who don’t vote for “their” candidate.

    Hopefully they will fail at their attempts to manipulate but when one illegal operation is uncovered, rest assured there are many more operating in the background. The sole drive is to destroy white America and the whole illogical premise is to take it all over and run it themselves and everyone, even they, know how that will all end.

  4. P. Aaron says:

    When LGF was readable, Johnson posted an article that said Europeans burned cars as a form of protest and that in France in a typical year there were almost a 1000 car burnings.

    The number of ‘burnings’ was high, it might not quite be that high, but it was well into the hundreds fro France alone.

  5. ptat says:

    Doesn’t burning cars contribute to globaloney warming? Isn’t a burning car, especially those burning tires, extremely polluting?

  6. puhiawa says:

    Car burnings: On a bad night in France up to 1,400 cars will burn. on average it is over 300. virtually all by Muslims. The rate of car burnings in France in a month is more than that of the USA in a year, and this country that includes accidents, house fires, insurance fraud, and evidence concealment. It is not clear that France even categorizes arson as a crime because it does not show up on its annual tabulations as such. The crime rates in Britain and France dwarf those of the USA in every category excepting death by firearms, in spite of European efforts to minimize the same by not keeping appropriate records, discouraging reporting the same, disqualifying Muslim on Muslim crime in the statistics, and, in Britain, threatening the victim with persecution if a claim is made that a Muslim was the perpetrator.Something that seems nascent here in America.

  7. Proof says:

    I’ve been up close and personal to a couple of car fires. There’s nothing like that thick, billowing black, toxic smoke when you’re burning oil, plastic and rubber all at once!
    Burning a car for global warming is like shooting a pacifist for peace!

  8. mr_bill says:

    Oh the irony! Gotta love it.

  9. ptat says:

    Ahh-Come to France! Famous for our cheese, wine, art, beauty and now, thanks to our new immigrants, exotic, gourmet car burnings. Come for the grape, stay for the spectacle! You and your special one can warm yourselves by the romantic fires of our extraordinary Renaults and Peugots as you view the Parisian skyline, enshrouded with the hearty, bold aroma of “burning oil, plastic, and rubber”. It is our diversity that makes us strong! Bon appetite!

  10. Liberals Demise says:

    Maybe if the Tea Party set cars on fire instead of cleaning up after ourselves, they would take us more seriously.

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